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Love and Peace to you my Brother! :)

I have a quick enquiry. I am EXTREMELY electrosensitive. I can't use mobiles or microwaves. In the past I've purchased a Purple Plate pendant to try help with this. But after a few weeks I could not bear to wear it, I felt like it was dragging me down. Thanks to you I now kno why!

My question is how do I know your Pendant won't do the same? I've tried even the Power balance bracelets but they resonate at 7.5 Hz and Ground me rather than raise my vibration. So will your plate raise my vibration or ground me? Will it help me to be near Microwave EMR and not feel agony.

If your product was slightly cheaper I'd by it without hesitation BUT everything I've ever bought has failed me..they all ground me.. So I'm reluctant to spend $75!! Unless I'm sure it will work.

Blessings, Johannes.

HI Johannes,

thanks for your enquiry, it is highly unlikely the these pendants will drag you down because they are designed to vibrate at a vibratory rate that is just above your current vibration thusly bringing you up, they are not set at a specific frequency like the purple plates. your pendant will raise your vibration and ground you, or at least that is my experience with them, your experience may be different, but I suspect it will be the same.

the pendants will help with microwave EMR because your auric field and immune systems are strengthened and you are in a harmonic field, but some EMR fields are so strong that we need extra help especially to directly harmonize those fields, this is why we have the other plates to take care of this. Unfortunately, unlike the other plates, there is no money back guarantee on pendants because wearing them attunes them to that persons energy and then they are unwearable to others, but this gives you a hint as how personal they work and how they raise a persons vibration.

my guidance is to you is to use your guidance. If you naturally breathe from your belly, you can guide yourself by asking, "should I buy a tesla pendant", and see where you breathe, tummy breathing means yes, chest breathing means no, but to be accurate at tummy testing, you must first open up your breathing so that you are breathing from your belly naturally. In regards to the price, our pendants are quite cheaps, other harmonizing pendants, such as the Qlink are considerably more expensive, it all boils down to how much you care about yourself, if the answer is yes, then price is meaningless when it comes to your health, and the long term health benefits make these pendants and these products absolutely priceless.

I look forward to sending you a pendant and you writing me back saying how pleased you are with it.




Hi ZaKaiRan ~ what's your sense of the similarities/differences between the Tesla pendants and the Q-Link? I have a Q-Link, and like it quite a lot .... though also feel very curious about the Tesla products.

love, ___________

I have tested the Q-Links with kinesiology and just feeling, and I feel that they are very good personal pendants and help alleviate EMR stress, and everyone I have met loves them. So, all good there from Q-link. but just ask our pendants are primarily designed to harmonize our bodies and harmonize em radiation we come in contact with, we still need extra support. the personal pendants are the bare minimum in protection, but for optimum energy harmonization, we have big plates that go to work directly on emf and emr.

For certain, we all need phone tags on our phones, as they are really bad, and pendants only help with microwave radiation. when I test people if they need a phone tag, when wearing a tesla pendant or qlink, they always need one. and if sitting in front of computer a lot, being in high rise buildings, driving in cars.... we are always being bombarded by negative energies, so extra help is neeeded for optimum health and destressification.

I have tested many of the products out there, and when they first started coming out, many of them were not that great when compared to the tesla stuff. but they seem to be getting better, but I don't think anyone has the full range of goodies that we have, and I still feel that ours are the best and the strongest, and they came right from the source, and they channel prana/life-force energy, and I'm in to anything that does that.

I hope you will try out our products, I know you will like them and they will help your life be more harmonic and healthy!

infinite blessings!


thanks zakairan.
not too sure if i've a virgo mind but can see what you mean. i'd like to see how i get on with the products i've ordered and hope that it'll make me feel a difference at work and home! i feel i've ordered the appropriate products and at the least, will help with the electrical exposure (computers, tram wires nearby at home etc).
i do have a question about the electron stabilizer. does this work in conjunction with a house plate? or would the house plate be sufficient? we have a household here at present that uses computers in all their bedrooms (as well as a 12 yr old at the computer) and one of the computers, although turned off at the computer is left on all night plugged into the power point.
your thoughts would be appreciated!

yes, they work together, but they do completely different things.

an electron stabilizer is an absolute must for everyone, and a person only needs a house plate if they have the things listed below.

Electron stabilizer works directly on all electricity, appliance, computers, tvs, etc, and radiation from the electrical wires and motors...

house plate works on electromagnetic radiation from wireless internet, phones, TV and radio waves, also EMR from high tension power lines, microwave transmitters etc. and also works for any underground geopathic stress from underground water ways, or radiation from the earth

you might not really need a house plate, and you might want to trade your house plate in for an electron stabilizer. if you can afford both, then I recommend getting both. a house plate is also handy for traveling, as the radar is really bad when traveling. they're also great to keep the whole house harmonized, great for harmonizing water...

I hope this has clarified things for you

infinite blessings!


Hi, am trying to stretch dollars to get the Tesla plates I think are best:

QUESTION: cell phone tag can go on a portable CD player I keep under my pillow and use every night?

I’m sure a phone tag will work fine on a cd player, or a pendant.

PHONE has a base and five mobile extensions in the house - where do I put the phone tags? How many do you recommend?

Unfortunately, you need one on each hands set, so you would need 5


Absolutely! And any additional products you will naturally get for a 20% discount

I'd like to get TWO COMPUTER PLATES, UNKNOWN # OF PHONE TAGS, ONE HOUSE PLATE, ONE ELECTRON STABILISER, ONE CAR PLATE, TWO PERSONAL PENDANTS. How soon would such an order be sent? I am moving from above address in 7 weeks or less.

Normal mail takes 7-10 days, and we can get it to you in a matter of days via express.


Thank you so much for the wonderful response! Indeed you are a kind and generous person and I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet someone as knowledgeable and as self giving as you!

Looking at the pendants first, your website says “Octagonal Pendants are heavy on EMF.” So therefore, I should choose this design when ordering? Also, the pendant seems to be the cornerstone or building block, and one could wear it 24/7? How does it react to water? What is it made out of? Does it “wear out” or is it capable of providing its energetic qualities for life?

About the computer plate, would that go on top of a desktop computer, or how does that work? Again, same questions above also apply.

About the phone tags, I purchased aulterra products awhile ago and have been using them. I am not sure how different they are to your products however.

Hi __________!

Thank you! you're very welcome!

yes, an octagonal is good for you if you want it to take care of EMF. for some people it's too strong for them, but I swung my pendulum, and it's fine for you.

yes, all pendants are designed to be worn 24/7. they love water! and you can harmonize water with the plates.

they're made of titanium.

They don't wear out, they last forever, and your pendant attunes to your vibration after being worn to 12 hours. no one else can subsequently wear your pendant.

computer plate is placed on the back of a screen or underneath. they harmonize the EM radiation emanating from the screen.

I don't know anything about austerra products. there are many products on the market, but few or none others that were designed by Nicola Tesla, the "inventor" of alternating current. I believe these products to be superior to all others. I have not encountered anything that comes close to these in affectiveness to harmonizing frequencies. You can use your guidance, or swing a pendulum, or use kinesiology to ask about the affectiveness of technologies, such as these. I asked my pendulum how affective the aultera phone dealio is, and got 30%.

So I leave it with you beloved!

infinite blessings!


I've attached the phone tag to my phone. I'm wearing my pendant 24x7 and gave the other one to my wife, who is also making good use of hers. However, in hindsight I probably should have ordered one of the other shapes (i.e. 14-sided or octagonal). The reason I say that is because I read on your website on the weekend that the shape of the pendant can influence its harmonics. I suffer from MS and probably would have benefitted more from a pendant for the nervous system or one that is heavier on EMF.
Anyway, I look forward to using the computer plate because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Hey Vince,


my guidance is that the pendant you have is perfect for you. the 8 and 14 would have been too strong for you.

if you want some extra help for your health, I suggest a small pracititioner plate, or if you want extra super duper help, get a large practitioner plate, (you can see a picture of my perfect aura while sitting on a large practitionr plate on my website, or a house plate. this will also help sitting in front of computers in high EMF/EMR environements, like at work, to keep you centered, balanced... they're also handy for meditation, clearing.... I love the practitioner plates and the house plate, they're both amazing balancers. the house plate is good for work environments as well, especially if you work in a high rise building.

Infininte blessings!


Hello ZaKaiRan,
Regarding placement of the computer plate, I assume that I can place it concave up at the base of my flat screen desktop monitor.
correct, just put it under it

Please confirm that this is correct.
Also, where do I place it if using a laptop or perhaps a laptop and an additional monitor (i.e. laptop screen and desktop screen in a dual screen setup)?

you can just put it under the laptop if it will fit, or just stick it under it as best you can in front or just behind the screen. for two screens, well, similar to putting it to the side, it will be less affective. They're really designed for one computer. in the future, you might want to invest in an electron stabilizer, this will take care of all computers and all electronics, TVs etc and all electricity in your house. you could also take it to work with you, which will harmonize all electricity, computers etc. in the work place, then everyone's happy!

I plan to use the computer plate to energise my water at work as well. I just use a desktop computer at work. Can I place the computer plate to the side of the monitor with a bottle of water sitting on top? Will the computer plate still be able to counter the EMF from the computer screen in this position?

cool, that will be fine, but the plate will work best underneath your screen, rather than to the side. it will still work, as it's field of influence will extend into the screen, but you don't need to leave your water on their for long to get it energized. just energize your water for around 20 minutes, then you can move the plate under your compy.

Computer Love!

Hello again To further extend on my previous email, I should mention that i suffer swelling/arthirritis of the left knee and right elbow.What is my best option for permanent carrying?Thanks again,Dominic

For specific ailments, placing a tesla plate directly on the problem is recommended. I just swung my pendulum and asked which tesla plate would be good for your knee and elbow, and got a personal pendant. So you could use the one your going to be getting. a house plate would also be good. I asked if the practi plate would be good for direct healing and got no.

so carry the practi plate in your pocket or wherever, just as long as it's on your body, in your auric field.

Arthritis recommendations: colloidal copper (available on my website), and an alkaline diet! arthritis is from too much uric acid in the joints, from too acidic of body system.

so you must drink water and eat alkaline food.

I also recommend a colon cleanse, and good intestinal flora. links for product recommendations below.

there are also herbs that you can make into teas for this, but I don't have my herb book handy to check it out.



Light-Body Health Products
NACLO2 - Colloidal Silver/Copper/Minerals

Prill Beads - Water Energizing Beads

ONEgroup Certified Organic Health Care Products

IN-LIVEN Probiotic Super Food - The Only Certified Organic Probiotic in the World.
FAST TRACT - The World’s First Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Probiotic Liquid

AIM Health Products
Herbal Fibre Blend® - a mixture of fibre and herbs, to cleanse and maintain a healthy digestive function by cleansing the body of waste, toxins and parasites

Hi there My name is Dominic and I have just ordered a small practitioner tesla plate and one octagonal personal pendant.I have a few questions - Can the practitioner plate be used also as emf protection just by carrying it around?

absolutely! all of the plates are very versatile in that regard. It will certainly help with emf stuff, because your auric field will be so harmonized that emf in your vicinity will be no problems! Would this plate and the personal pendant work against the EMF of a mobile phone being used by the wearer? they will help but only in an indirect way, because you will be stronger energetically, but you will still be being bombarded by chaotic microwave frequencies, so it is best to harmonize these frequencies directly. You also need them on portable phones which are as bad, possibly worse, than mobile phones. the personal pendant is not designed to directly affect EMF or EMR, it is designed to energize your immune system and auric field, so that you are less adversely affected by EMF & EMR. Similarly with the practitioner plate, it is primarily designed to keep you harmonized while in other people's energy fields, and not picking up their "stuff" while working on them. but as I said, they are all quite versatile.

Can both myself and my partner use the practitioner plate, or does it attune to an individual? no worries! you could both use it I'm sure, it's not like the personal pendants that harmonize specifically to your vibration. I'm sure your practitioner plate will love you both equally!

Many thanks - I had your site recommended to me by author Daniel Reid. fabulous, Blessings to Daniel!!!!!!!!! please thank him for me if you contact him! Let me know if you want a phone tag too so that I can send it with this order. Kind regardsDominic

> Hello,
> I am seeking information into what sort of device I should purchase to
> protect the mind and body from the effects of EMF. I have also noticed
> that I am sensitive to flurescent lighting sources and have done some
> research.
> Apparently these lights run at different frequencies which can distort
> ones perception.
> I was wondering what sort of device you could recomend that I wear on
> my person to balance out these energies.
> Regards,
> Luke

Hi Luke,

well, it kind of depends on your budget. the electron stabilizer takes care of all EMF in a house. But if you want something to take with you to help your body while in other environments, I recommend starting out with a pendant, this energizes your immune system to better be able to withstand EMF etc. But this is really just for you body and immune system. It helps your body withstand EMF, but it doesn't directly affect EM Frequencies like the other plates.

So if you want added protection I recommend a practitioner plate or a travel plate. Computer plates are also good, and helpful of course, for computers.

so check them out and see/feel what would be the best for you.

Infinite blessings!



Good morning ZaKaiRan! Question for you....I have thought about these pendants for a while and wanted to try it it. I did want to find out what they are made of, however, as I have an allergy to diffferent metals...especially nickel. I'm guessing they are made out of copper, but I wanted to check. I honestly don't know if I'm allergic to copper or not. Thanks for the info!

Hi Erin,

They are made from Titanium. Titanium is one of the "pure" metals, in similar lines as silver, gold, platinum..., that generate charge. other man-made metals, tend to leak charge, or suck charge from us when we touch them. this might be one reason you're allergic to copper, or perhaps it's an imbalance in your system, or past life something.

I have never heard of anyone having any reaction to titanium. please let me know if you have any more questions.



Hi ZaKaiRan,
Is it heavy? What's it made of?

they are very light. they are made from titanium, that has been energetically altered to be in tune with harmonic frequencies, and to harmonize energies.

titanium is a pure metal, not an alloy, which is good. we shouldn't really be in contact with alloys/man-made metals. the metals to actually use/touch etc., are gold, silver, platinum, titanium... the pure metals

Titanium is used by the medical industry to make artificial limbs, because it's really tough and very close in chemical structure to human bones. they're also using titanium to make teeth implants. most of the titanium on the earth is coming from Australia, and is controled heavily by the US government as it is used on space ships for nasa shuttles and planes. they also do not set off metal detectors in airports!

titanic love!


Hi ZakaiRan, Thanks for your loooooong answer after such a looooooong gap. I've heard of colours energizing people, but not heard of reducing EMR/EMF. With so many unbelievable things emerging everyday, it's hard to believe these things can really change people's lives. Anyway, What happens if I don't wear personal pendant daily.

I am wearing another pendant as well. Is it ok to wear it together with personal pendant? Is it ok to wear with gold, silver or stones jewelry?

Does the personal pendant need to touch my skin?



it's alright to wear it with anything. the metals that are most beneficial to us are gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and of course crystals!

personal pendant doesn't have to touch your skin, but it should optimumly be worn directly over your thymus gland, the high heart chakra.

it is designed to be worn 24 hours per day. you may take it off if you wish, but your body is going to want you to put it back on.



Hi, I was thinking about buying one of your products to try. But I found out that they are so…..expensive. Beside I found it hard to believe that it works. What are the signs or feelings that I should get when I wear one of your Pendants or if I stick little one on my mobile. How can you prove that it works? Is there any other ways to prove that it works? Or aura is the only way to prove? The auras are not visible with naked eye. What is required to see those auras' changes? Regards, Kal Sydney Australia

Hi Kal,

And thank you for enquiring about my Tesla Pendants.

In answer to your question, I always recommend following your guidance! If you have a pendulum, you could ask your divine presence to give you a yes or no. If you feel guided to get a pendant, then you should follow that guidance.

If you are sensitive enough, you will feel the pendant immediately on your thymus gland and feel it being energized. you may feel more energized in general, (some people are so energized by their pendants that they have to take them off at night to sleep). you may feel that you "pick up" less psychic energy out there in the world. You may also feel less affected by electromagnetic frequencies, and hopefully you will feel stronger energetically in general, as the pendants are designed to energize your immune system, by energizing your thymus gland.

I could show you the affectiveness of them with kinesiology, and I can attach some aura photos that I have had taken that are due to go on my website, or perhaps I should just put them on a page on my website and send you the link. there are also graphs and other information about various tests that have been conducted on the products, using the Ryoduroku, kirlian photography and aura photography, and they all show a harmonizing affect, but the affect can also be tangibly felt, which many people remark about. I just recieved a rave review about the House plate, which I will send to you. I have also many other rave reviews that I have yet to put on my website. If you scroll down at the bottom of the page and click various information links, you will see those graphs and information.

Some people are able to see auras, but usually only those beings who have a very open and activated third eye. As far as what is required to see auras, well, that is one of those million dollar questions, but I can tell you that it requires a great deal of openness and chakra clearing, or it can just happen sponstaneously for those beings who have mastered psychic energies from past lives.

I hope this has answered your questions. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have. I'm sorry it took so long to respond, I was out of town sailing with the whales in Hervey Bay.

Infinite blessings!


> Hi again, ZaKaiRan,
> thank you for your benign mail. To be honest, I ceased believing in
> EMF-stress-phenomena since realising that for me it was fear of EMF that
> made me sick not EMF itself. However, since moving from the countryside to
> a small city, all my stress-symptoms reappeared heavily. Out of this
> unfortunate situation, I'd like to give a pendant a try. Out of your
> experience, does a personal pendant reliably protect from all sorts of
> EMF/EMR/geopathic related stressors? I've learned from it from a book by
> Daniel Reid which I liked a lot.
Thanks a lot for your help! May you also be blessed again and again by our
> all-embracing Lord for all your future journeys!
> With every good wish!

Hi ____________

the pendants mostly help energize your immune system, so that your body will be better able to withstand EMR/EMF and other debilitating energies. They don't work directly on these frequencies, we have other technologies that put out a much larger field of energy to take care of these energies directly.

If you have a pendulum or are able to ask for guidance, you will be guided as to what other technologies might help you and your home to alleviate stress from geopathic or electromagnetic energies.

all of the products are here:
Tesla Products - http://www.zakairan.com/TeslaZWebPages/TeslasProducts.htm

I look forward to placing your order, and please don't hesitate to ask me any more questions about the technologies.

infinite blessings!


Hi ZaiKaiRan, I forgot to ask in the previous email if you have any information on wireless broadband internet and the if it causes negative health effects. I am guessing it does, but how bad? I am unable to get ADSL where I am and wonder if it is safer to plug along with super slow dial-up?

yes it does. how bad? well, I just swung my pendulum and it says that it's not as bad as portable phones, but it's still bad. it's a radio frequency similar in a way to TV/radios signals coming into your house, but it's stronger than that.

you can test with kinesiology how it is affecting you by turning it off, test, then turn it on, test...

when you get your house plate, it will take care of that too. you should position it concave side down (70% of harmonizing energy), and the convex side (30% of harmonizing energy), will take care of the wireless broadband.

dial up will just drive your crazy and probably create more stress than the wireless. your pendants will help.

I don't know what ECT treatment is. If a mental health facility is promoting it, it couldn't possibly be good.



question about water kit

Hi Jana

the water kit will take care of all the water in your house, but I like to super duper whammy jammy treat the water that i drink. I collect rainwater, than we soak the water we are going to drink in prill beads, with all kinds of other helping assistance of love, like stickers and geometries (flower of life/seed of life) etc, on the glass that we soak the water in.

You wouldn't really need an extra plate, but it wouldn't hurt either. the tesla plates are multi-taskers, and having a plate is handy for travelto energize store bought water or tap water (if it's an emergency), even though there's a travel water kit as well.

is distilled water good to drink? I'm not so sure, because a high amount of heat was used to create the disilling process. obviously chlorinated water would not be good, but I'm just not so sure about distilled water. there are many excellent water filtration systems.

have you read any of Dr. Masaru Emoto's books? "messages from water"...

more answers below!

infinite blesssings!


Ciao Zakairan,

Thanks for the feedback regarding water! This helps me alot and I will order the water kit and prill beads. One question I have is that you said to treat drinking water with a tesla plate, another water kit or filter it somehow. I think that I will buy the the kit for the whole house and then treat any water that we drink (currently I buy distilled water and shake/spin it and say loving things to it) with a tesla plate unless you think that the water kit will do the job for us.

I also saw the information on the AIM supplements--I think that I suffer from adrenal burnout of some sort and I didn't see a vitamin supplement of any sort but since I do not like nor take regular vitamins I am interested in food based supplements. If there is anything you recommend I surely would appreciate it.

the AIM products are excellent, especially for the generations of people that are now "getting older" and needing whole food assistance, rather than fractionated vitamins, which, in my opinion, are treated by the body as a toxin, and are generally synthetic... the only thing I don't like about the AIM products is that they are not certified organic.

I'm not sure what to recommend for the adrenals. I'll have a look at the products. other than that, I highly recommend getting Japanese acupuncture to balance out your adranals, and I highly recommend lots of pampering and massages and hot tubs...

World Branches: http://www.toyohari.org/Branches.htm
US – Branches: http://www.toyohari.org/U.S._Members.htm#U.%20S.%20Branches

Another thing, not to sound too awkward, but I saw somewhere in your articles that you are Pleiadian. It was the first thing I thought of when I stumbled upon your site a few months back! Thanks for all the great information you have put out. Helps me (another fellow Pleiadian) try to figure how to this thing called life on Earth!

Greetings fellow Pleiadian sister!!!!!!!!!



Hi - I need more info on the water kit. does this magnetize the water?? And if it doesn't do you recommend that I do that as well? info out there is very confusing and wonder if this is all I need? Then how do I energize the water before it comes out of my shower head?? Thanks! Jana

Hi Jana,

yes, there are many types of products out there, so it can be very confusing. the Tesla Water Kit doesn't magnetize the water, it uses a much more powerful method of energizing the water. It uses Tesla technology, with energetically altered titanium plates that harmonizes the water back to it's original state before it was screwed with by well meaning but ignorant people. It also harmonizes any disharmonic electromagnetic radiation the water may have picked up.

the water kit does not filter the water, it treats it energetically (more info below). it does not filter the chlorine out it energetically makes the chlorine inert. The water kit treats the entire water supply coming to a house. I don't know of any product that does that. I recommend filtering drinking water as well as treating it with a water kit or another Tesla Plate, although it can be drank very safely with just the water kit, and it is very safe to shower with because the water has then been harmonized, and chlorine rendered inert. the water kit also negatively ionises the water, which is beneficial to our bodies, and lowers the ph of the water so it is more alkaline.

I know that magnets are pretty good, but really, magnets are a very limited technology.

there is a lot to the whole water issue. especially drinking water. you want it to be low in ph, but not too low. (alkaline). you also want it microclustered. Now I imagine that the tesla water kit might microcluster the water, but we haven't tested it for that. I use Prill beads to accomplish this. Microclustering makes the water easier for your body to assimilate, they are available here: AIM Health Products

Also see my article on my website: Water and Food Lovergization - www.zakairan.com - articles...

If you have any more questions, I am currently in the US until June 8th, at: 303-727-0044

Infinite blesssings!


The Water Kit treats both magnetic & electrical fields that have been picked up by the minerals in water, in addition to introduced toxic chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. It puts life force back into the water, which is evident in the improved taste and obvious increased plant growth. The resultant soft energized water may appear crystal clear with a reduced chemical taste, and can taste & feel like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies – Energy Harmonizers for EMR/EMF, Geopathic Stress, computer…protection, Immune System Support…

Tesla Products

Teslas Phone Tags (mobile/cell phone protection)

Can you direct me to any studies or research about the Tesla products or how to test that they do work. I have heard differing opinions. Also regarding the Tesla water kit, any studies relating to its ability to remove or alter fluoride. Thanks Sandy

Hi Sandra

Below are some links with additional information about the affects of the products.

I have never heard of any "differing opinions" or anything contradictory about the Tesla products. Nor do I know of anyone that has written anything contradictory ,disproving that these products work. And because I know that they do work, I wouldn't believe any one's opinion anyway.

There is details in these links of various ultra sensitive technological instruments that have registered their affects. we have also tested them with kirlian and auric photography.

I have personally tested them with auric photography on myself and other people and the affects are very apparent, especially to persons who can read auric photographs.

I have also personally tested, and regularly do so, on prospective clients, using kinesiology. Which you can do yourself, or have some one else who knows how to do kinesiology to test their affects.

the best advice I have for you is to follow your heart and divine guidance as to whether these products are right for you. We do have an unconditional money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, except for pendants.

If you would like to speak to me personally, I can also try to answer any questions you have about the products.

there have been a few writers that write about EMR effects, that have written about the products in their books, which I may have referred to in my article EMR/EMF (link below), but I can't recall who those were off the bat. I have an audio CD from one of them that remarks about the affects of the products.

the water kit does not filter the water, it treats it energetically (info below). it does not filter the chlorine out it energetically makes the chlorine inert. The water kit treats the entire water supply coming to a house. I don't know of any product that does that. I recommend filtering drinking water as well as treating it with a water kit or another Tesla Plate. I also use Prill beads which makes the water easier for your body to assimilate. AIM Health Products

I hope I have answered your questions.




The Water Kit treats both magnetic & electrical fields that have been picked up by the minerals in water, in addition to introduced toxic chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. It puts life force back into the water, which is evident in the improved taste and obvious increased plant growth. The resultant soft energized water may appear crystal clear with a reduced chemical taste, and can taste & feel like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies – Energy Harmonizers for EMR/EMF, Geopathic Stress, computer…protection, Immune System Support…

Tesla Products

Teslas Phone Tags (mobile/cell phone protection)

Hi Marianne

and thank you for your interest in Tesla products. Here are the answers to your questions:

Tesla Personal Pendant - any different to Q-link pendant?

I have not worn a Qlink pendant, so I can't really say how what the difference is. I don't even know the technology that Q link uses. If I had a Qlink, I could test it's affectiveness with kinesiology. You can do the same if you know how, or if you have a friend that knows kinesiology, you can ask how affective it is.

I have although tested many different phone tags that are available for cell/mobile phones. none that I have tested, come close to the affectiveness of Tesla's phone tags. many do work, some quite well, but some also have a shelf life of affectiveness, which the tesla products do not, they last forever, and never wear out.

Water Kit - does this make water alkaline? How does it compare to ION-life waterfilters using UV++?

the water kit does not filter the water, it re-harmonizes the water, back to it's original intended, energized state. chlorinated/flouridated water is positively ionized, and therefore picks up electromagetic radation. scientifically, what the water kit does is reionize the water to have an electrical charge. it also, harmonizes any electromagnetic radation that the water may have picked up on it's journey to your house. having an electron stabilizer in the house, ensures that the water never picks up any EM radiation.

I will send you the info that is in the instruction manual.

Electric Equalizer - anything to do with the 8Hz "vibration of creation"?

the planet used to vibrate at a frequency of 8hz. this is no longer the case. it now vibrates from 16 to 22 hertz. the tesla products harmonize frequencies, so that they are in this frequency range. so, not only does the electron stabilizer work with the "vibration of creation", but all of the tesla products do. This is the technology they were created to mimic. and they are also designed to change with the planet, rather than being set at a certain frequency. the personal pendants are designed to always operate at just above our current frequency, thusly entraining us to ascend higher.

House Kit - Do you custom make the selection adjusted to actual house needs?

there is only a choice of house plates. the rest of the items are standard. more information about the house plates below. You may choose any number of items that reach $1248 to recieve a 20% discount.

Tesla Watch - do you believe in them?

I do not know what this is. any information you can provide me about this would be lovely.

I hope I have answered your questions! Any additional help you may need, please let me know.

Infinite blessings!


...How does one which product one needs? By what others have said, namely the following mentions, I am wondering how is it possible that a product can do what it has been claimed to do. Rory

Hi Rory,

Well, I have provided links to the products that I use to protect myself from EMF and other negative energies. These products help harmonize the local energy field, surroundings, or work directly on the radiation to harmonize it. I have been introduced to many other products that are supposed to help harmonize EM radiation, but nothing compares to the Tesla products, as far as I am concerned. you can test the affectiveness of these types of products with kinesiology, dowsing rods, pendulums, and your own divine guidance. There are some very esoteric scientific instruments that can also register the affectiveness of these and other products, but I have no access to the. we have tested the tesla products with some of these products. info on my tesla webpages.

it is really not as difficult as some people think to harmonize chaotic frequencies. crystals and sacred geometry serve in this regard. also working with the devas and fairy kingdom. Christian hummel teaches this.
infinite blessings!

1. Do the "Tesla's" Energy Harmonizers provide protection from 100% of the EMF radiation around you and I?
2. If you and I can wear a personal EMF protection device to protect us from the EMF radiation all around us, why would we need any additional devices around our home?

the pendants are personal pendant, designed mostly to energize your immune system and to strengthen your aura, and provide an energy field around your body that harmonizes energies in your energy field. they only affect the EMR that is your immediate vicinity, they do not directly go to work on emr in the larger area, that would be too strong to wear as a personal pendnant. the energy fields we are surrounded by are too strong for a little pendant to handle. no personal pendant will take care of the EMR in the area, so specfic technologies are designed for this task.

If you had an electron stabilizer, a house plate, phone tags, and a personal pendant, 100% of all chaotic frequencies in your house will be harmonized.

and depending on the energies you are surrounded by, will be what plates you need. plus there is electromagnetic frequencies, and there is electromagnetic radiation. radiation is in the air, emanating from various electronic devices, or from telephone/tv towers, wireless internet, wireless phones... frequencies are in the appliances/computers directly.

the electron stabilizer takes care of all electricity in the home. but for people that cannot affford one, I recommend at least getting a computer plate for computer work and this can also be placed under TVs, or used as a personal extra whammy jammy harmonizer, and can be taken on the road with you. I also recommend the personal practioner plates, they are excellent extra personal harmonizing devices.

and of course, all phones must be outfited with phone harmonizers! cells phones use microwave frequencies, and portable phones have a very fast frequency, that is as bad or worse than mobile/cell phones. once again, a different technology.

3. How do you know the products work?

i know the products work because I can feel it, I can also test that they work with kinesiology, my pendulum, my guidance... also, I have personally taken aura photographs of their affects, and I get numerous rave reviews about these technologies, and only one return after many years of sales and hundreds of orders.

4. What if the Harmonizers were subjected to the emittances of a microwave oven?

if you have a microwave oven, throw it in the trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a toxic destructive instrument of death!!!!!!!!!!! these technologies will help alleviate the stress of microwave radiation, but why would you even have one in your home? do not eat microwaved food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! microwaved food is dead and will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Who came up with the term "harmonize" for what the products do to EMF radion frequencies?

I am the one who uses the word harmonize, because that is what they do, harmonize frequences from chaotic to harmonic. The brand name of these products is Tesla's innvational technologies, I have coined the phrase tesla's energy harmonizers, for my business.

6. How can one verify that these are really authentically based on the research of Tesla?

I personally know the creators of these technologies, and have heard the story of how the technology for these "innovational technologies" came about. Aside from talking to this person, there is no way to authenticate the source of the technology. Trust and faith my friend. and what does it really matter? as long as the work.

Product companies are always going to say that their products work, or even work better than others. I have tested many of these products with kinesiology, and many of these work well. some work less than others. the only real way to determine if something or a company is true, is to go by your own guidance, because unfortunatly, people don't always tell the truth, but your God Presence will always tell you the truth!

I am requesting on what sources/materials would be a recommended starting point on learning about EMF radiation. With so many socalled "authoritative" sources/experts on the subject, it can be confusing trying to understand which are pros and which are cons and what is fact and what is fiction without a basic understanding of the topic.

there are zillions of articles and books on the subject. I have many links to many articles on my website. there are many books as well, but I can't think of them off hand.

infinite blessings!