Who is ZaKaiRan?

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Quien es ZaKaiRan?


Who is ZaKaiRan?

ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan


Mayan (Pleiadian)/Arcturian Light-Body Activator-Healer and Master Attuner. Cosmic Planetary Transitioner. Ascension Instigator. Cosmic Human Inventor. Sacred Geometrist. Planetary Healer - Geobiologist. Limitation Structure Releaser. Disembodied Spirit Releaser. Divine Union/Relationship Master. ET/Angelic Essence and Origin Connector. Divine Mission Activator. Prosperity Consciousness Activator. Ascended Master Channel...





This biography is a declaration of my uniqueness and magnificence, as an individual expression of the wholeness of All-That-Is. It is provided as a guide to remember the essential aspects of your divine beingness, to help you possibly realize the unique magnificent awesome being that you are and remember/realize your divine Essence, Function, Connections…. , and what you came to planet earth to do and experience through these specific aspects of your divine nature. They are also provided for you to know who and what you are dealing with in relation to me, and the ascended masters, on a cosmic and human level.

As my friend Beautiful All has told me time and time again, "no matter how awesome you could describe yourself, you are infinitely so much more, and you haven't even begun to describe how awesome you truly are",
and this applies to you too!

Please see Our Deepest Fear - By Marianne Williamson

The Truth is, there is absolutely no difference between us in any real way, only illusions separate us, and our perception of ourselves as being separate, unworthy, lesser than… And I can assure you that wherever I am in my spiritual growth, however "high or low" I am, however awesome I am or know myself to be, or wish to become, there is so much more still to come, so much more of me (my God Presence) to embody. I have had many ascension experiences, but am always ascending, or more accurately, "Inscending". Every day, every moment is an Ascension/Inscension Experience. The Journey continues infinitely and though no predictive dialer can say for sure where the journey will take us, it will be worth every step we take. Every day, every moment is an Ascension/Inscension Experience. The Journey continues infinitely and though no predictive dialer can say for sure where the journey will take us, it will be worth every step we take..

Blessings on your Divine Inscension
and Realization of your Awesome Magnificence!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


As you read this biography, please know that you are just as magnificent and may be very similarly related, as we are all part of the same soul family in one way or another. And whatever you know about yourself, regardless of how awesome you know yourself to be, you are so much more, and everything about you, all of your Mastery, will be revealed to you in divine timing, and be fully embodied to fully function as the Divine Master that you truly are!

If anything comes up for you while reading this, such as "boy this guy sure thinks he's something", or "who does he think he is"? Or "real master's don't boast about who they are"..., then Please see Our Deepest Fear - By Marianne Williamson

I AM ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan

ZaKaiRan is an emissary of love and light completely dedicated to the awakening of humanity to their full mastery, and the co-creation of heaven on earth!

With the help of my God Presence, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Dolphins, Whales… and the Family of Light, I delight in creating a sacred, joyful, playful & accelerated space of unconditional love and divinity. And I offer rapid acceleration, through divine universal teachings, guidance and energy assistance, which evokes a beings Divine Presence, Mastery and Divine Gifts, and awakens them to their awesome magnificence.

My Keepership is Soul Travel through MerKaBa Technology. I am also a karmic record healer, with direct access to the Akashic records (past life experiences). And by healing the karmic records held in the soul and the MerKaBa (Light Body), this enables the healing of past energy blockages and karma that are blocking your access to your divine gifts. It also facilitates the healing of your past, and what you feel you may have lost, given up or sacrificed, and the core “wounds” that you need to forgive to complete your journey to experience fulfilment and joy.

This is facilitated through Transmissional Meditations, Interdimensional Journeys & Sacred Geometry Presentations…, which enables a being to receive amazing keys for their divine evolution, and embody their divine gifts, to apply this mastery, to create the empowered joyful & prosperous lives that we all deserve.

I am also a Sonic Alchemist, channeling divine sounds, encodements, harmonies, overtones, frequencies…, from all aspect of life and dimension, to heal, clear, activate and harmonize our energies and frequencies. I delight in channeling messages and sounds from ancient civilizations, galaxies, universes and star systems, fairies, whales, dolphins, “the ancient Tibetan” and other masters, and all manner of alchemical sound.

Also, through my “acting” training, and the opening of my feminine “emotional” pillar and creative body, I love leading groups to free and embody our divine nature as spontaneous, sensual, creative masters of manifestation, art, song, music, acting, dance…

Another aspect of ZaKaiRan’s teachings and presence is the path of androgyny. Every being is on the masculine path, the feminine path or the androgynous path. And every being traverses those three paths, in that order, on their journey of awakening, eventually healing and balancing enough of their masculine and feminine energies, to traverse the final path of androgyny. This enables a being to fully embody their divine presence and truly experience joy. Through successfully opening and balancing the masculine and feminine, ZaKaiRan is able to guide beings to balance the energies they need to balance their divine feminine and masculine energies and be in these pillars fully.

ZaKaiRan’s name means “the pure light of innocence and truth that sings the joys of the wonders of Creation, and who causes one to remember god”. And this name encompasses the divine wisdom that he provides through his divine function of honor and inclusion, where all aspects of life are unconditionally loved and allowed, (not judged), providing a space and energy of healing for those aspects of us that judge themselves and desire forgiveness. And through his open heart, open mind and undying dedication to the co-creation of heaven on earth, this allows him to be a divine anchor for new and accelerated teachings that assists humanity’s spiritual and soul growth as individuals and as a species.

And the most amazing part of this journey of awakening my own mastery and leading Divine Mastery Playshops, has been meeting & communing with the amazing and beautiful divine souls around the world. Because this is why I am here, to play with my divine family and help each other remember our awesome magnificence. Because the journey is all about you, you are the most important thing in the whole universe, you are amazing, more amazing than you can possibly imagine, and I always encourage this realization, to remember and support your continuous embodiment of your divine presence. We are all individuals and we are one being, this is the highest realization, the essence of divine presence. And divine family is the most important thing of all, and through the presence and teachings of the MerKaBa, we are connected to group soul, through group MerKaBa, activating our Monadic Presence, that is always connected to every being and all life.

ZaKaiRan is now offering divine teachings, wisdom and healing, through amazing events called the “Power of Joy” and “Magnificent Journey”, and MerKaBa (Flower of Life) personal and phone sessions.

You may find all about ZaKaiRan at: Earth Ascension Times – A Transformational Space of Love Light & Laughter - www.ZaKaiRan.com
To Infinity and Beyond!

ZaKaiRan at ZaKaiRan.com - Aus: 02-6684-5247 / Int.: 61-2-6684-5247


More about ZaKaiRan

I AM ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan. A Christed Being. A Unified Being of Unconditional Love. I completely live my life from unconditional love and divine allowance, (to the best of my human abilities). Hey, I'm still in a human body. This is something that we all must remember about all masters that are in human bodies, we are all working with the "limitations" of these bodies, this dimension and this society).

I AM an Ascension Master. This is my "job", as a divine presence, that is being embodied by this human self. I am enlightening this human by embodying my divinity/God Presence, and in turn, I am helping to ascend humanity through this experience.

I AM a Planetary Ascender. I Ascend Planets. When Planet Earth/Mother Gaia sent out the call that she was ascending as a planet to the higher dimensions (into a star), and that humanity was ascending into Light-Body, I came to help. (This is more than likely the same experience for you if you are reading this). An arrangement was made with a certain divine being, who was currently experiencing life in a human body, to "walk-in" and use his body for my mission of Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.

I AM a Walk-In. I, as a Soul and God Presence, began the process of walking into this body when this body was 23 years old. The original inhabitant, Kevin, then walked out and is serving the Ascension of the Universes on other planes.

Soul/Karmic Healing - Part of the service for this exchange, was to clear 51% of Kevin's karma. (This makes the body "officially mine"). This has been accomplished. And I am in the process of clearing up to and over 51% of my karma, which facilitates Ascension.

Regardless, through my inner "work", and the process of awakening to "Who I Truly Am", I am in a continual process of healing and re-aligning my soul aspects/selves on multidimensional levels to the Light/Love of All-That-Is. So through my daily process of awakening and embodiment of my God Presence, I am always Ascending/Inscending, as are all beings.

Light-Body - I have activated and am constantly activating my human and multi-dimensional light bodies, which is creating a Christ Body, the body of the New Civilization of Light and Love. (The body that everyone is creating). The initiations of love, forgiveness and compassion continue as I recollect my lost and resistant soul aspects, Soul extensions, and help my genetic lineage heal their fears, regrets, vows, agreements..., bringing them all back to the heart of God-Goddess. It is a continual process of unifying my wholeness further and further; embodying my Monad/God Presence and ultimately, the entire Universe of All-That-Is, which I AM and we all are. I consciously have chosen to remain on planet earth indefinitely, to assist humanity with their process of awakening to their divine magnificence, and for my personal joy and experience of embodying unconditional love and compassion in a human body.

Ascended/Ascending Master ZaKaiRan?

Along this journey of awakening/embodiment..., I have had many "Ascension experiences", (as do all beings who are awakening/ascending). Much of this information about "Who I Truly Am", I have realized myself, or recieved from the Ascended Masters, who happen to channel these divine beings who are here to help us Ascend and awaken to our magnificence, from channelings from my friends.

Some of these experiences have been the illumination/realizaion of my Divine Essence, Divine Function, Divine Keepership... (More details on these below). A suit of armor from Archangel Michael. And some ordinations that I have recieved, including being ordained by the Ascended Masters of Light and Love as Ascended Master ZaKaiRan, then Lord Ascended Master ZaKaiRan, then Lord ZaKaiRan, for consistently choosing Divinity, and acting in the highest service to All-That-Is. I was also ordained as "One of the Caretakers of Humanity", and "A Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother". I am still coming to terms with these "ordinations", and especially question this "Lord" stuff, but only my humanity questions the validity of these, or cares whether they are true or not, because ultimately they mean nothing, but they are to remind me of my awesome magnificence, lest I forget and believe that I am just a human, struggling to be "spiritual". ("For we are all Spirits having a human experience, rather than being humans having a spiritual experience"). And they are certainly not to show me or anyone else that I am any better than anyone else, but that my God Presence, is indeed a master, an "Ascended Master" and I AM an Ascending Master, embodying this Mastery.

(This is the same process that every single person on planet earth is experiencing, especially every Ascension Master that is here to help planet earth ascend. And especially all Walk-ins. All walk-ins are embodying their entire Monad, their God Presence, which means all 12 Souls, which are all Masters. All other beings upon planet earth, are here to only embody, explore their one soul, and to experience love and unity through separation).

I AM an "Extraterrestrial". I am not from planet earth, but planet earth is my home. I am related to many other planets and Star systems on soul levels, including: the Pleiades, Archturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Venus... I also represent and work/play (plork) with many Christed Extraterrestrial ascension and "healing" councils, and planetary, solar and galacitic governing councils.

I naturally work with all of the Ascended Masters of Shamballa, the Angels and Archangels, the Arcturian Light Body Healers and Pleiadian, Sirian, Archturian and Andromedan emissaries of light. The Dolphins and Whales (Cetaceans), the Melchizedeks, Gaia-Earth Mother, the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, The Great White Lodge and many other great councils and masters of light.

I ZaKaiRan, function as part of the Planetary Ascension team, here to lovingly support other planetary transition team members, and humanity, awaken more fully to the truth of their divinity; and to assist them in engaging fully and completely with what they came here to do, to embody their soul/s, to ascend into their immortal bodies of light and manifest their vision of Heaven on Earth. I serve as a guide to open doorways for other beings, so that they may open doorways for themselves.


(Lord: “Any manifestation of Higher Light Consciousness”. Adonai: “Lord” – Keys of Enoch)

Even More about ZaKaiRan

My Job as a Planetary Ascender

I AM the Magnificence Evoker - (I have a wonderful easy job: I show people how magnificent they are). I AM the Love that is beyond all Human Understanding. I AM the Light that permeates all darkness. I AM all things, and no thing.

I AM the Cosmic Shnuggler. I am "Shnuggles with Bears". I am "Shnuggles with Whales". I am "Shnuggles with Dolphins"…

I AM the Cosmic Joke Illuminator - illuminating the cosmic joke of life and the illusion of “reality”.
If you get the cosmic joke, then you are enlightened. (Remember, "there is no spoon"-1).

I AM the Cosmic Flyer - Dimensional and Physical Flyer, Transporter, Teleporter and Ascender.
Instructor of Dimensional and Physical Flying, Teleportation and Ascension.

I AM the Divine Fool, The Heyoka, the Cosmic Human Trickster.

I AM Lubriman! The Cosmic Lubricator. ("When too much friction abounds, apply liberally to affected area").

I AM the Love Merger ! I merge with people taking them to a higher level of awareness with smoothness and no judgement. I guide them with my love and transmute all limitations with my love.


Rev Kev - I AM also a Reverend with the Universal Life Church - known as: Reverend Kevin Thomas Crump ("Rev Kev").

Spiritual Essence, Divine Function,
Divine Keepership and Planetary Transformation

My Spiritual Essence
- (that natural unchangeable individual original beingness/body of eternal love/light), is "the Essence of Fun of the Spirit of the Child". It is an essence that asks that I be responsibly irresponsible. It requires me to be in the truth of every moment, acting moment to moment as a child naturally would, with the grounded maturity of being in an experienced adult body, and being divinely responsible, as a wise cosmic adult and ascended master naturally is. Every way, no matter how cosmic or typically human I may act, is always in the highest service to All-That-Is, and is an expression of the Love that I Truly Am.

My Divine Function is Honor and Inclusion - which beyond human perception and judgement, allows myself and others an experience, where all aspects of beingness, are included and honored as part of the wholeness of All-That-Is. This evokes and amplifies beings next steps in "Loving their Wholeness", as they are seen as the perfection that they truly are, that all idiosyncrasies of their personality, all quirks of their character that can be judged as disfunctional, are divinely ordained and perfectly related to their eternal personality, that individual expression of All-That-Is, that everyone truly is. That all these biases, character traits, and ways of being, are set up for them by All-That-Is, to discover more of themselves and All-That-Is can discover more of itself through that expression. Also, through my gift to all beingness of allowance, people can know that they truly do belong - even if it does not feel like they do. They can know that they are truly Citizens of the Cosmos, are truly needed, are exactly where they are supposed to be and doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

I also function as a Record Keeper

Assisting others to clear and forgive their karmic records and the karmic records of their Souls, Soul extensions and genetic lineage, for the reintegration of these aspects of beingness back into the Soul of Love. Creating graceful clear pathways to embody their God-Goddess-Presence.

What is a Record Keeper?

"A record keeper is a divine emissary of love and light that opens the akasha of another being or of the Earth, in support of the release of all unresolved karmic energies and the activation of the divine truth so the God stream can flow more deeply through life. They are divine transformers of the energetic openings of a soul to their Divine Presence and assistants for all beings to move through all challenges they may meet through their soul initiations. They are able to offer divine assistance through the power of their pyramid body, its ability to connect to the akashic records of all souls and their mind's ability to transmit the understandings a soul needs to release themselves from the wheel of karma and from limitation, and live in accordance to their divine truth in life. They work directly with the energy field that connects all beings (the unified field), with the dimensions of energy, the 12 rays, and with the energy field of each individual being with the intention to assist the expansion of love, light, power and the consciousness, divine experience and the loving presence and awareness of the Divine". (info via Qala Sri'ama)

My Key Feeling Tone is: "Profound Experiences of the Wonders of the Workings of the Universe". (Key feeling tone is the natural way you feel when you are centered in your divine beingness.) So this is how I see and experience all reality, no matter how nice or shitty, when I am balanced and connected to my Divine Presence.

Planetary Transformation

I AM the Light of True Relationship. (This is my planetary transformation). I am a master of relationship, and I honor and include all possibilities of relationship, as part of the wholeness of All-That-Is. I have transformed, and am transforming relationship for the entire planet, all of humanity and the entire universe to its highest potential. It is through this profound expression that we all experience ourselves through the many mirrors of our Self as individual aspects of All-That-Is, for "in the world of beingness there is nothing but love and in the world of doingness there is nothing but relationship." - Alarius - 2

All relationship is about your relationship with All-That-Is, there is nothing but relationship. Everything and anything is possible through relationship to discover the "True Nature of your Divine Beingness", and the "Wonders of the Workings of the Universe". There is no such thing as success or failure, only growth or denial. Relationship is the structure that love and divinity operates through and within. Love is all there is. We are all love. Your ultimate essence is love, and nothing you have done, said, do, or say can change this fact, no matter how you or anyone judges it.

I also works with the Vrill Ray, and am an extremely well known writer/teacher on the Vrillan home world. (From our perspective and for our use, the Vrill Ray is the Kundalini Life Force).

Divine Keepership

I am a Keeper of Galactic Soul Travel through MerKaBa Technology!


“Through his self mastery on Earth, ZaKaiRan is exploring the path of “Living One’s Ascension in Divine Play” and the Enlightening of the heart through the playful expression of one’s Divine Presence and playful journeys to the Inner Planes of Love and Light. He is deeply connected to the Dolphins & Whales & The Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation Masters. He is an Emissary of Light who works with the Galactic Federation to assist all beings to enlighten their earth experience and reconnect to the divine child nature of their Christed heart. He is deeply exploring the inner mysteries of Ascension and the Lightbody and Galactic Merkaba of a soul and its relationship to opening a soul to their lightness and playful heart opening”. – Qala Serenia Kikiya Phoenix

"ZaKaiRan's interplanetary Ascension knowledge is Vast and Tremendous. If there is an efficient way to do things to evolve them, ZaKaiRan will find it. When ZaKaiRan came here he also brought with him within his consciousness, all the Ascension blue prints for humanity. A session with ZaKaiRan will reveal to you exactly what you are moving through in the moment and give you tools and insights that will assist you in successfully evolving beyond your current circumstances and reality". - An Anonymous Lord of Light.

"My whole job is to just remind people how magnificent they are" - ZaKaiRan


Mayan Cosmology

Born September 12, 1963, Lunar Moon Day 21
Harmonic 41: Lunar Input - Inform Flowering of Challenge.
Kin 162: White Rhythmic Wind - Communicates Spirit - IK (pronounced: eek) I organize in order to communicate, Balancing breath. I seal the input of spirit with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.

I am "White Rhythmic Wind" - I am the great organizer. An organizer of physical reality for communication to come through - for equality. I am self guided, ("Wind guided by the Wind"), which is why I guide beings to guide themselves.

I am currently being guided by Akbal - intuition, the dreaming, abundance that comes when we listen to our dreams, and I currently live in the dream time (Oztralia). (Received in a meditation in Palenque)

My Core Kin is "Tunnel Miner". I am one that digs deep into the illusion to be transmuted to higher realities through the heart.

I am in the 7th year of a yellow circle (a ripening stage).

(Thanks to Vasumi, and Jose and Lloydine Arguelles (Valum Votan and Bolon IK) – and their website - www.torguga.com for these illuminations).



I send infinite amounts of Love, Blessings, Blissings and Thank You's to all the Masters whose presence, stimulation, Light/Love, words, books, sounds… have entrained and en-light-ened me to my True Divine vibration and helped me recognize my God/Goddess Magnificence and Awakened me to "Who I Truly Am".

Mafu, Penny. All the channeled entities including Alarius, Elihu, Polaria, Qua Sa Ra…and all of the ET Walk-ins of Extra Terrestrial Earth Mission, Interdimensional Visionary Masters, The Mothership Starbase. An anonymous Lord of Light, Yanwea and all the channeled entities, Intergalactic Extraterrestrial Federation, Ascended Masters Conglomerate. All the walk-ins of Starbuilders and Starbase Creation. Alan Watts, Lau Tzu, Thea Alexander, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Darryl Hickman, Carlos Castaneda, Qala Sri'ama... And all of the countless divine beings on the other dimensions who constantly assist me and my mission, including: the Ascended Masters, Melchizedeks, Angels, Devas… and of course my own Divine Presence.

The History of ZaKaiRan's Awakening

I ZaKaiRan, am an Extraterrestrial walk-in. I walked-in in 1989. The original inhabitant of this body was Kevin. He is now serving the universes of universes in his own way elsewhere to planet earth. I bless my brother Kevin and thank him profusely for loaning me this fantastic body, even if I do complain sometimes.

I also thank my/our parents for creating this body, raising and supporting Kevin, and for continuing to love and support us and my divine mission on planet earth. I also thank them for their patience and compassion during their initiations of having me as a son as I have awoken to my magnificence and stepped forward to accomplish my personal mission.

My spiritual essence is of Mayan-Pleiadian origin (the origin of the Mayans). So I'm a bit of a nature boy, as you can imagine Mayans would be. I am also a water boy, having a strong connection with the Cetaceans from Sirius, the dolphins and whales, who graciously reside in our waters on planet earth as Love friends and Guardians. I also have a strong alliance with Archturus, having spent many lifetimes in Archturian bodies, and having an Archturian "ET" Light Body. I also have a strong connection of the Subterranean Cities of the Agartha Network, especially Telos, the city at the base of Mt. Shasta and to Shamballa, the innerplane residence of the Ascended Masters. .

During the years of 1995-1997, a higher aspect of myself was also in residency in this body. His name is Telos. This aspect of Divine Self, came to me/us to assist during a very intense time on planet earth when the Grays, Zetas, and Men in Black, and other ET races of "ill intent", were running rampant and we were very busy dealing with their energetic and physical attacks, helping them to discover Love and create their next level - the Essasani race, and living with the Pleiadians on their ships.

Kevin was born in Denver, Colorado. Luckily having nature loving outdoorsy parents and spent much time in the fabulously beautiful Rocky Mountains. He/we went to Lutheran Schools, which provided much intimate love and community with many lovely school/soul-mates, and provided our first experiences with spirituality. This beautiful intimacy continued with many lovely individuals as we attended the University of Northern Colorado for two years before feeling the call to the big city of Los Angeles and the worlds of Music, Movies, Acting, Relationship and Spirituality.

For the next 10 years, our awakening process began in full force with being trained as an actor by the greatest acting/spiritual teacher on planet earth - Darryl Hickman. Working in the Film and Television industries, (as an actor, extra, grip, light technician, set builder, set painter, scenic artist, production assistant…) and also engaging in residential handyman, carpentry, painting (using non-toxic paints)… All the while experiencing the big initiations of life relationship and many spiritual masters.

The Mafu period: From 86-88+ my awakening really began. I was introduced to Mafu (a channeled entity) from a family member, who was also awakening fast and furiously. I spent those two years going to channelings religiously and being introduced to my Godness. I was also reading furiously: Zen (Alan Watts), Tao Te Ching, Carlos Castaneda, 2150 AD by Thea Alexander (one of the greatest books ever written)… I also introduced myself to Extraterrestrial Earth Mission at this time, (attending a most profound event). At some point I was complete with Mafu and community, and it was time to apply these profound teachings to life.

After years of relationship training, acting training, business/money/prosperity training…I became very disillusioned with career and relationship life, and the movie business. Although acting training had taught me profound insights into self, especially in the emotional expression realm and general auditory expression, and the fact that life is one big move. Thank you City of Angels. This is when my awakening got into full swing. At this time 92-95+ I became extensively involved with ET Earth Mission, which had transformed into The Christ Star Project, (the Mothership Starbase) and all of the Earth Mission/Visionary Interdimensional Masters/Christ Star Materials, and connecting to soul family and my ET roots (especially Archturian).

At this point I had received the name of ZaKaiRan (from my Spirit), and I was considering the possibility and soon to realize, that I was an extraterrestrial master, an ascension specialist. I attended a few extremely powerful events culminating with the final Christ Star/ETEM event in Maui Hawaii, in which the torch, the essence, the mission of ET Earth Mission, was passed on to the 33 individuals in attendance by Alarius the primary channeled entity. Ultimately this torch was passed to all transition team members on planet earth, especially those others involved with ET Earth Mission, and ultimately to all of Humanity who realizes that it is their divine mission to Co-Create Heaven on Earth.

I already knew that I was complete with Los Angeles and an acting career. My new career was obviously the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. I met a highly accelerated being at this Maui event who was from Australia, and many other family members, and having my first real experience of truly living 5th dimensionally. We went back to our "homes", and began preparations to move to Hawaii. I gave up everything in Los Angeles, including a business and all of my possessions to my partner and traveled to Australia. The energy eventually dropped out of Hawaii and I stayed in Australia permanently, realizing that this ancient land was my new home and base of operations - Starbase Oztralia. I began writing and producing the "Earth Star" Newsletter, and I was also distributing ET Earth Mission Materials.

After arriving in Australia, I began the next level of my awakening and the full activation of my personal mission. We led a few events and worked extensively with the final level of the "Exaltation of Humanity" from the "Christ Star Project", then the "Freedom Process", with the "Intergalactic Extraterrestrial Federation", until we were complete. I then continued leading events and became more actively involved with "IEF", the "Ascended Masters Conglomerate", and an anonymous Lord of Light, who channeled Alarius and other Ascended Masters.

I also became involved with Starbase Creation, Starbuilders, and Tachira Tachi ren of Angelic Outreach, and Princess Sharula and the Agartha Network, (World Ascension Network), and many awesome books including: Earth, Bringers of the Dawn, Pleiadian Agenda (all Barbara Marciniak). Amorah Quan Yin books; "Ascension Manual" by Tony Stubbs; "You are Becoming a Galactic Human" (Sheldon Nidle); "Prism of Lyra" and other books by Lyssa Royal; Drunvalo Melchizedek videos workshops and the MerKaBa Meditation, Solara books, the Urantia Book, UFO videos…

At this point my personal mission became fully activated and I was compelled to write many more articles of my ascension experiences, knowings and realizations about Ascension Mastery, and of being a cosmic human Ascension Master, an Extraterrestrial/Angel/Ascended/Ascending/Inscending Master... The "Earth Star" morphed into "Earth Ascension Times" Newsletter, and my articles were soon being published in various magazines including "Starchild", "Elohim" aka “Way of the Heart”, and "Stepping Stones in Light" in Australia, and in the U.S. in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence", and even being translated into Portuguese and published in "Amaluz" Magazine in Brazil. Since then my articles are being translated into Spanish, Germany and Slovenian (by awesome masters around the world), including being published in the german magazine "Die Botschaften”. Most recently also being published in the Australian Magazine “Nova”.

Since then I have spoken at many events and festivals including two Wesak Festivals, Starlight Festivals…and produced many events around Australia, including a Wesak Festival (in which we anchored a Shamballa out post on the Gold Coast of Australia), and the "Galactic Angelic Higher Self Ball" (the most awesome event in history, and the regular 'Living Light Temple Healing Days" in Byron Bay Australia.

I also publish the Earth Ascension Times E-Museletter: showcasing articles, muse and views from ZaKaiRan, Cosmic Ascension updates, ascension events happening world wide and news of my activities and Playshops worldwide.

To subscribe, just send me an Email to: ZaKaiRan at ZaKaiRan.com, with the words: Subscribe Me Baby! in the subject line. Please include where you live: Country, State and nearest city.

ZaKaiRan's Ascension Playshop Schedule

I am now beginning my world wide activation. I am communicating to individuals world wide via phone sessions and world wide activation's. I am currently planning national and international tours enlightening groups and individuals to the truth of their eternal beingness and the evocation of their magnificence.

If you would like to sponsor me to your area, please let me know by sending me an email with “sponsor” in the subject line. Additional information at: Sponsoring an Event with ZaKaiRan

ZaKaiRan's Ascension Playshops and Services

Through my mission of the Ascension of Humanity and the Ascension of Planet Earth, I offer a compendium of services and other productions including: International Ascension Mastery Events, Phone & Personal Sessions,  Earth Ascension Products, Light Body Health Products (to assist in your general health and mutation to LightBody/ChristBody), ZaKaiRan's books, Cds, DVDs...

I am also a Mumara for the Christ Emissary Training and Record Keeper Mumara for the Gaia Sacred Mystery School - www.G-A-I-A.com

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Sailing Adventures with the Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay

Each year I am actively involved with inviting friends of mine, (that's you), from across the globe to experience the transformational experience of communing with the Humpback whales with our annual (July-October), soul family sailing trips in Hervey Bay, cradled by the biggest sand island on planet earth - Frazier Island ("the "White Whale"), as the humpback whales migrate around Australia during the Antarctic winter, to calve and mate and visit us, (we travel to see them, and they travel to see us). If if you are interested in one of these fabulous excursions with our gentle giant friends please let me know by sending me an email with Whales in the Subject line:  ZaKaiRan at ZaKaiRan.com



Everyone always asks me the definition of my name. Well here is a few possible definitions. Please bare in mind that none of these definitions accurately describe my name, because I, ZaKaiRan, define my name. But these definitions do often describe my divine personality, character, biases, and essential elements of my beingness describe ZaKaiRan.

The definitions come from many languages and origins, mostly provided from friends and what I've dug up or realized. Thank you Hope and Dvora for the Hebrew definitions, Michael for Sanscrit, and everyone else who has contributed bits and pieces.

ZaKaiRan - Hebrew: Innocent Singer - (Thank you Tal)
Z represents one dimension coming to another dimension, it represents Heaven coming to Earth. (info via Alarius - ET Earth Mission)
Za or Zar – Heb: (allied to Zoha) – light or radiance, Me: meditation, simplicity, the beginning and end of all things. Sanscrit: Za - Truth; Origin?: Sun God.
ZaKai – Heb: upright and virtuous (also- not guilty/innocent, also – someone having the right to….)
ZaKah – Heb: to be clean, be pure, be bright.
ZaKar – Heb: to cause to remember; remind.
ZKR - Heb: it means male and to remember.
ZKRAN - the one that his job is to remember. The AN at the end will make it a profession.
Kai – Heb: life. Hawaiian: ocean, water, flow. Sanscrit: Acting (to act); action
Egyptian: The Embryo of God. Me: Light, Chi, Ki, the light that bridges the polarities, center, balance.
Ran – Heb: To sing or to chant. (allied to Aran – joyous, allied to Ranan – to sing for joy; also vitality, vigor and freshness). Sanscrit: Masculine Fire. Me: God, the Source, flow, movement, completion, Ra energy.
Ra - Sun. Sanscrit: Fire
An - Sanscrit: Great Central Sun

Telos – Oneness; communication; understanding with Spirit. (Definition from Princess Sharula of the Subterranean City of Telos). Greek: the end. Hebrew: city covered in earth. Tel - Latin: hill. Tellurian - Latin: of the earth, originating from the earth.

The name Telos is included for Telos (a higher aspect, but very earthy aspect of divine self, very connected to Telos, the subterranean city ) who resided in this body for a year and a half during very difficult times on planet earth in relation to the Grays, Zetas, Essasanis and the Men in Black. This experience could be called a Soul Rotation, whereby another character of the same soul now resides in the body, and the previous soul rotates out. It is still the same Spirit, but a new Spiritual body now experiences through the ground crew (physical, emotional and mental bodies).

Synopsis: ZaKaiRan – The Pure Radiant Light that Sings the Joy of the wonders of the workings of All-That-Is - (my tally). "Truth Acting through the masculine fire" - (Michael Padme Sanscrit tally). The meeting of the waters where the free spirits fly

Uriel – (My Archangelic Self) - Heb: Manifestation, Earth Element

AatKa’Nui ? - I am still discovering the meaning of this name.

SheeHan - is a family name. It is related to the Ashtar Command. Many Astar commanders have SheeHan as their last name, such as Ashtar SheeHan. Other last "names" are Kumara, Christos, Chamuel, Zophiel, Raphel, Gabriel...

The Name Givers

"Your name sounds a little like to dolphins sound ZaKaiRan, that's what I thought when I tried to hear well their voices and sounds on that program, very beautiful and mystical". - Namaste, Sara H.

"ZaKaiRan reminds me of the sun" - Sarah

ZaKaiRan sounds like "Free Spirit" - Sara

Z is a pretty cool energy, everything as above is as below and Z embodies that bringing in of the 0-100 degrees of unity consciousness (lets call it) into the 0-100 degrees of seperation consciousness. I was,lying down on the earth when I saw this one. Oh yeah 42, pretty cool number aye - numerology 6. Six points makes two triangles - merkabah. What will be presented in this meeting of self to self? This is a fantastic time to examine whether all your points are in balance and harmony with respect to each other, within and without. Mother Father Child .. thy will be done .. Father Mother Child .. thy song be sung .. (by Sophia) – Norma


The name ZaKaiRan is dominated by the numbers 9, 3 and 6.

Dominant Impression Number: 9

Zakairan reflects idealism, the good of mankind. Zakairan is the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course. A mover and a shaker, without a selfish bone in its body; the name Zakairan attracts respect, support, and devoted fans. It seems even that the Universe tends to support what the name Zakairan represents. Speaks to people of all walks of life. Tolerant and broad-minded.

This name pursues goals other than money and power. It seeks justice. It wants to feed the hungry and heal the sick. And yet, the resources it needs to do the job seem to always magically appear.

Most positive characteristics: Integrity, love for all, charisma. Encourages the best in people.

Most negative characteristics: Naive, seeks fame, vulnerable to criticism, not a good judge of character.

Vowel Vibration Number: 3 The vowels in Zakairan add joy, inspiration, creativity, and a happy-go-lucky feeling. They add light and humor to the Dominant Impression. They inspire enthusiasm and excitement. The vowels make Zakairan more energetic and dynamic. They also give one a feeling of mental and emotional balance. They certainly enhance its ability to draw people.

However, the energy the vowels in Zakairan reflect can also be scattered and people are not immediately convinced that it will deliver on its promises. It is short on discipline and focus.
Base Vibration Number: 6

The Base Vibration in Zakairan radiates warmth, caring, compassion, and love. It encourages confidence and inspires people to unload their burdens. It reflects a sense of justice and fairness. The base vibrations in Zakairan also represent healing, teaching, self-sacrifice, generosity, responsibility, protection, and hope.

The base vibrations in Zakairan add a sense of stability, harmony and peace. They represent a generous nature.
On the down side, the Base Vibration in Zakairan reflects excessive worrying and vulnerability to criticism.

Vibrational Compatibility

The Dominant Vibration and the Vowel Vibration in Zakairan are not per se incompatible, but their qualities are reduced as a result of their association. 0 Stars. The Dominant Vibration and the Base Vibration are compatible and complement each other. 4 Stars.

The Vowel and Base Vibrations are not per se incompatible, but their qualities are reduced as a result of their association. 0 Stars.


StarBase Byron Bay

My current star base is Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
(the most easterly point, near the fabulous ancient portal created by the volcanic caldera of Mt. Wollumbin).

ZaKaiRan, Vastairan Productions (The Vast Productions of ZaKaiRan) & Earth Ascension Productions

536 The Pocket Rd. Billinudgel, NSW 2483 Australia

ZaKaiRan at ZaKaiRan.com

1 - "Don't try to bend the spoon, because that's impossible. Just realize the truth, that there is no spoon." (From the movie, "The Matrix")

2 - Quote from Alarius (Channeled entity, ET Earth Mission).

Walk-in: Every body is inhabited by an individual spirit. These spirits enter the body some time in the early stages of infancy (crawl in). Often times an arrangement is made on soul levels for the original inhabitant to leave the body and give/loan the body to another entity. This new entity walks in at some time and the original inhabitant walks out, and more often than not, is not aware that they are a walk-in or that anything out of the ordinary has happened. Although occasionally walk-ins do have complete knowledge that they are a walk-in and are of extraterrestrial origin. Often times walkout/walk-in situations happen at traumatic times and the walk-in situation marks radical change in the life of the being - this is often a major wake up and mission activation.

Original Innocence - Jiva and Juliett
Dan Winter – The Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality
Drunvalo Melchizedek – Flower of Life Workshop
Pranic Healing (Basic) - Kim Fraser - Master Choa Kok Sui Course - 2003
Reiki I & II certificate - Reiki Master Jean Clare - 1998
Certificate of Swedish Massage, Namaskar Healing Centre, Coffs Harbour, Australia - 1997
"BioSynchronicity" Connective Tissue Release, (deep tissue massage therapy) - Mark Lamm, L.A. - 2 Years
Hatha Yoga: Monette's School of yoga, 2 years yoga training. L.A.
Kundalini Yoga: Kirpal Singh, Kundalini Yoga Master, 1 year. L.A.
Extensive Study/Communion with Mafu and community 1986-1988 and
Extraterrestrial Earth Mission, Visionary Intedimensional Masters, and especially the Mothership Starbase 1986-1992
Mandy Nolan's Comedy Course X 2 (Byron Bay, Australia - 2002)
Darryl Hickman's School of Acting, Los Angeles, Debbie Reynolds Studio: Acting, Improvisation, Movement Expression, Emotional Expression. 8 years training.
Groundling Theater - Improvisation training. LA School of Acting. (2 years commercial, film). Columbia School of Broadcasting - Broadcasting Course (disc jockey, announcer). Mandy Nolen's Comedy Course.

Light Code Drawing Courtesy of the awesome Goddess Melinda Patterson - (Commisions available)
Blueprintessences.com - Melinda@blueprintessences.com

Mayan (Pleiadian)/Arcturian Light-Body Activator-Healer and Master Attuner. Cosmic Planetary Transitioner. Ascension Instigator. Cosmic Human Inventor. Sacred Geometrist. Planetary Healer - Geobiologist. Limitation Structure Releaser. Disembodied Spirit Releaser. Divine Union/Relationship Master. ET/Angelic Essence and Origin Connector. Divine Mission Activator. Prosperity Consciousness Activator. Ascended Master Channel


The Magnificent Journey

Creating Heaven in your Life

The Honoring and Activation of your awesome magnificence
through the healing and clearing of your MerKaBa, (your Light-Body),
and your karmic memories
Divine Life Creation through the Power of Joy

Greetings beloveds Magnificent Master of Love-Light!

This is your invitation to Magnificence, to your magnificence!

I am now focusing my energy and attention on the embodiment, activation and expression of my divine keepership, my God Presence field of work that I came to this planet to reveal. This work will help this planet ascend and help my broStars and siStars remember and embody their divine magnificence to ascend in to their immortal bodies of light.

And I am focused upon doing this in the most efficient ways available to help as many people as possible to become the awesome magnificent masters that they truly are - through this field of divine transformation entitled: The Magnificent Journey!

What is the Magnificent Journey?

You are the Magnificent Journey beloved! Your life is the magnificent journey! Life on this planet and the ascension of planet earth into a star, is the Magnificent Journey! This is a holy mission that we are all ultimately committed to, and we each have our parts to play in this divine comedy and we each have our pieces of the divine puzzle to accomplish this holy mission. My piece of the puzzle is called the “Magnificent Journey” through the “Power of Joy”, which is my body of work that I have come to planet earth to reveal. It is my divine “keepership” of Soul Travel through MerKaBa technology.

This will be expressed through the channeling of the higher dimensional frequency of my God Presence, divine teachings, transformational meditations and soul journeys of divine grace. Also through the channeling of amazing sounds which I call “Sonic Alchemy”. If you have been to one of my “playshops”, or listened to any of the audios from these powerful events, my or had a session from me, you would have experienced these transformational sounds, which easily and gracefully harmonize the densest of patterns and raise the vibration for the experience of a greater level of divinity. Additionally, through the healing of soul aspects through karmic absolution and divine dispensations facilitated by my Karmic Record keepership, MerKaBah energy healing, and “the Power of Joy”, through my “child-like” playful and expressive essence.

As a result, a being is then able to access their Divine Power, Mastery and truly experience and embody their awesome magnificence.

This body of work is now going into full production, and will be offered through all mediums available, to help us all learn to powerfully work together in group MerKaBa, to support each other and energize each other’s missions, to easily and gracefully create the lives and the world they we have come here to co-create together - Heaven on Earth!

To support this work, and to support my divine family to remember their divine magnificence, I have provided on my website, a cavalcade of free Articles and audios from my “Divine Life Creation Mastery” playshops. These teachings have been given as support to all beings who are on the journey of enlightenment and ascension, as we ascend into our immortal bodies of light. Also available for your divine support, healing and transformation is “The Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit”, “The Ascension Masters Toolkit” (an Ascension Manual of Epic proportions), and it’s support buddy, “the Daily Ascension Meditations by ZaKaiRan”.  I highly recommend availing yourself to these supportive elements as a divine blessing.

This months gift to you to support your journey, is one of the most powerful tools of ascension that I could offer, which is the power of decree. And as an additional gift of love, I give you the “Stress Relief Decree”, to help you free yourself from all possible stress in your life, and realize that all “stress” is self imposed, believed and adopted, and it is always your choice to create a life that is stress free, flowing and full of joy and prosperity. I hope that these gifts bless you and your life to help you embody your divine magnificence!

And I hope that you will join me and your other family members for future “magnificent” events. And I thank you for promoting this and other gifts that I will be offering to your friends so that we can help each other and all of our divine family on planet earth to gracefully and easily awaken to our Awesome Magnificence. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support for my mission and for your commitment to your journey of awakening and mastery and our mission of the co-creation of heaven on earth.

Infinite blessings on your Magnificent Journey!


P.S. I also hope that you will bless yourself with the divine support, healing gifts and programs that we are making available as a collective to the world through www.TheDivineUniversity.com, a world wide spiritual outreach organization that I am intimately involved with. And I hope that you will join with us as an integral part of this divine cooperative.