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The Ultimate Resource Guide for Couponing


1spirit.com - 1 Spirit, The International Directory of People, Places, Products, Projects and Services of Spirit, welcomes you into union with other like-minded web pages. 1 Spirit will host your web pages and provide you with many features and services not available elsewhere on the Internet. You will be creating a global network of light, as well as, having the perfect place for your web pages to be seen by lightworkers and spiritual seekers world-wide.

About the Heart - City of Light Andromeda - Liat - Assisting others in opening the heart and re-connecting the grids of light to the new earth.

Buy one get one free poetry of your choice

Another Reality Show - "Opening Hearts and Minds"
Another Reality Show is a safe place where all are welcome and honored. It is hosted by Golden Hawk , a light worker who is dedicated in her work to getting the messages of Love and Light out into the world. The radio show and this web site will continue evolving and changing. It is Golden Hawk's intention to open the hearts and minds of everyone who is willing to experience life and reality from a loving and enlightened perspective, making this world a loving and peaceful place to live.

Golden Hawk's mission is to assist and help others around the world who are awakening at this time. She helps people understand the nature of their soul's purpose and how to open to universal energies that are available to everyone. Golden Hawk recognizes the importance of a loving community and the importance of being open minded.

Click here to listen to Another Reality Show
live Saturdays
12-1PM EST
















Ascension Times is an informative site based on spiritual growth where you can learn new tools which work. It includes: cleansing techinques, ascension tools and much much more. The site is guided by Cosmic Beings of Light. We also have spiritual classes where you can learn new things or get a different perspective on what you already know. You can also enjoy a warm interaction in our Spiritual Chatroom with different people who are on a similar spiritual path and will understand where you are coming from! So come on in and take a wild ride in a reality of Unconditional Love.




Astrolika.com - Online Indian Horoscope - Get free monthly & yearly prediction and information on gemstones, yantra, rudraksha, yoga and nakshatra at www.Astrolika.com


Awakening in the Meadow - This web site is about awakening in The Meadow. It is about awakening to the myth or hypothetical sense of an identity that would believe itself to be the possessor of awareness instead of being the Divine Awareness of the Ineffable. A Balance between the Subjective Truth and this objective experience of linear time and space. Bruce David Dubin


BirdTribesNetwork is about Peace, Communication, Sanity, Connection, Beauty, Wholeness, Gentleness, Truth, Awareness, Health, Spirit, Angels, Ecology, Sustainability, Leadership, Non-violence, Multi-culturality, Unity, Science, Philosophy, Love, Happiness, Abundance, and so on. The BirdTribes are returning from the most distant lands of our hearts, they bring us the vision of who we truly are One People, One Planet, spinning in the arms of the stars.


Black Feet Dance Man - Black Plume's Blackfeet Cultural Instruction - Lecture Series - Ancient Storytellers, Clans, Treaties, Spirituality & Religion, Societies, Paints, Dreams, Visions, Pipes, Origin of the Sun Dance, Native Dancing, Customs & Traditions, Songs...

Blueprintessences.com - Melinda Patterson - Blueprint Healing & Essences is an Australian company offering a unique range of vibrational essences to assist you to align your soul's Divine Blueprint - the original plan and design for your soul in this lifetime. Melinda Blair Paterson is the co-creator of this unique company and is a vibrational healing practitioner, an Energist - one that works with energy. Since 1998 Melinda has been travelling Australia offering private consultations and exciting experiential workshops. She teaches people how to align to their Divine Blueprint, channel their own unique vibrational essence and healing gifts, and speak and tone in the Language of Light. She also offers activation and conscious connection to higher levels of consciousness through amazing and beautiful personalised Light Code drawings. Her passion is to empower people to be co-creators of their own healing and wayshowers of Love and Light for the upliftment of humanity and this beautiful planet


Bryan de Flores

Accelerator Images by Bryan de Flores...

Bryan's drawings are totally transformational, his teachings are totally awesome, and he's a wild and crazy guy.



"Historic and important reincarnation and resurrection of Daniel of the bible in the 21st century. How he attained to "Christ-consciousness" and incarnation of the angel Daniel while in human form. Modern prophecies, one of which is the Day of the Lord, and spiritual teachings using his example to ascension, and divine secrets kept secret to the general population. Final Book of Daniel--an ancient angel awakens; true account and gospel of a reincarnated, resurrected, angelified biblical prophet."


Learning to Love by Rodney Ferris

Ten steps to empowered (self) love and (inner) peace; a coaching in sacred seeing that enlivens intuition and synchronicity through personal transformation.

"This book is a resource for the spiritual journey and opening the heart. It takes the reader from an image embedded in prehistory of how life can be inside of love. Being inside of love is an inner landscape of your true spirit - - a spiritscape. From that beginning image we then sketch some key elements of planetary and human history, leading to our left-brained world, where we find love and peace mostly in lip-service and myth rather than in reality. This is the dysfunctional, insane world we inhabit today, where war is endemic and hope is an ephemeral delusion.

Holy Love by Rodney Ferris

Holy Love is a workbook for those seriously committed to change and personal transformation. It is not for the faint-hearted. Personal change is a challenge but this book is an easy guide for your otherwise-complex spiritual journey. You can do it yourself! It is about how to practice love in a very personal way so that you can open your heart center wider and deeper, and become the joyous love you would like to see in the world around you.

The Complete Resource Guide For Couponing


Creative-Essence - Well-Being Products and Services - Offers all Natural Cruelty Free personal and body care, cosmetics, herbals, vitamins, homeopathy and massage tools with over 13,000 other products

DeepAwareness.com - "Remote Viewing and beyond" This website is dedicated to Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing, and deep awareness - of yourself and your reality." About this site: ~ Mr. Allen Douglas offers courses in Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing. Most information on this site is very practical and you will also find a section to practice targets and a forum.

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Diamond Doorways - El O Shearn of the Elohim

This is the home of the Emerald/Silver ray Goddess Elochean…. a Galactic/Ascension Artist, creating portraits that open up DOORWAYS in Time which help you weave into the present, aspects of your multidimensional self for deep DNA/Cellular healing to occur….”


Divine Gold - Relaxation music CD's to nurture Body, Mind and Spirit. A unique gift for people from all walks of life as well as for any occassion. And this is only the beginning...


Dolphins & Whales

Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Flight of the Humpback - Flight of the Humpback is a whale action-info website a documentary and a project to spend time close up with the Humpback whales in Hervey Bay. With a broadband connection to the WWW from the boat we will be able to share this experience with the viewer live or at a pre arranged time every day for 2 months starting 1st of September. Read about the project and some activities we have been up to around Byron Bay Australia to help the whales.

Swimming with the Dolphins at Ponto Do Ouro Mozambique

Whales Whales Whales

Drop Box is a FREE website where you can store and share large files with people. It is especially handy while you travel.  
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Emuna Eilat - The first worldwide Centre for BELIEF, PEACE and UNITYis being established in a 3-dimensional star. You can visit our website at www.emunaeilat.com to see what we are doing and what we are all about, and follow up for updates and new information.

Evenstar Creations
- Soluntra King - Doorway to the New Earth, Second Sun, Greater Central Sun, you as the Creator Goddess/God you are, Sacred Union. Multi-D Self, Activation of DNA, Light Body with Soluntra King?s Books, Activation Paintings and Mandalas, Photos of Multi-D Portals, Cosmic Events, Articles, Multi-D Journeys and Workshops. 


Fifth World lies slightly towards the future from the present, in the vast void that stretches between what is and what will be. The Old Ones say there will be seven worlds, and that our 4th World is now ending. To prepare for that future, we are together building a New Paradigm for this New Millennium. Join us in the 5th World and shift your consciousness into Oneness with the Universe - http://5thworld.com -

Harmonic Chimes... Elfenharmonics.com - Elvina Munir

Healthia.com - Compare Healthcare Savings Account providers at Healthia.com - Compare and select health insurance plans in your region and plan your insurance purchases using tools from Healthia.com


Paul Benhaim - the Hemp Guru

Build a house with Hemp
Grow Your Own (home) - Building Sustainably! Now you can use hemp straight from the field and build your own home without any big processing machinery - making building affordable
- http://www.thehempbuilder.com

InspirationalForWomen.com is an inspirational blog for women. Find Inspirational Poems for Women and Inspirational Quotes for Women.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists - Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health Industry. Welcoming 650 + Natural Therapy Modalities Visit: www.iict.com.au

Author, Celebrant, Spiritual Counsellor, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker Mystic, Designer

Spirit Whisper from the Heart - on line magazine





Ka Gold Jewelry

Totally awesome Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Kahuna Bodywork - Hawaiianische Körperarbeit zum Entspannen und Wohlfühlen. Kahuna Bodywork ist ähnlich einer Ganzkörper-Massage, in der Sie Lebenskraft und Vitalität spüren. Kahuna kann Ihnen helfen Freude, Schönheit und Glück neu zu entdecken.

“The Rise of The Psychic - Inspire-Nurture-Connect your Psychic Ability - This is your Natural Call to Evolution.

KristyV Psychic: Becoming The World’s Most Dynamic, Life Changing, Psychic Coach & Reader”



  Kundalini Ascension Hawaii is THE Resource for Ascension in Hawaii. We are dedicated to expanding the planetary consciousness. Inside you will find everything you've wanted to know about Kundalini Yoga and many more advanced spiritual technologies for spirtual evolution. Come join the Cosmic Party!

~ Kundalini Arts ~ is the shared artistic vision of
Brighton artists Philip Shadbolt and Mandala Bob,
who have been co-creating their inspirational images for over 12 years...

Light Lingo - Home to The Language of Light and Light Glyphs
The Language of Light brings in a new vibration for a new world consciousness. Each design helps you to realign with your life purpose for the enablement of the world. When you look upon these designs, or wear one of the Tee Shirts, you pass peace to all people on the planet. One to another. You give the gift of healing to everyone.

Love Your Design - Kim's Blog

We all face lives of increasing complexity. Human Design gives you simple personal tools so that you can make a real shift to a life of joy and effortless creation.
Because you are as unique as a snowflake, your design is uniquely yours. The keys it reveals to you are your cosmic destiny. Be you. That's why you're here.

Odesk Is a global marketplace that helps employers hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams. It's free to post a job and hire from over 1 million top professionals.




MailWasher® Pro
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Michigan Psychics - Genuine Michigan Psychics. Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen. Gifted At Birth.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

MoontownCafe.com - Online resource designed to help writers succeed in the world of poetry and writing. Our tools help to get your poems read, critiqued, and published.


Network 2012 - An international communications hub for linking up Light Workers around the world.

Planetary Awakening Network: A free internet based network of over 1,000 consciousness networks from more than 60 countries. PAN is no longer coordinated by Network 2012. The new coordinator, as of May 1st, 2004, is Maggie Erotokritou, from Cyprus. For more information on PAN or to become a member, contact Maggie at surya@spidernet.com.cy

International Holistic Periodicals Directory & Network: A listing of more than 75 holistic magazines, newspapers, tabloids, directories and newsletters from 12 countries with a brief description and link to each publication. The Publishers Directory and Network are now under the stewardship of Mariam Knight, publisher of New Connexion, Portland, Oregon: editor@newconnexion.net  For more information, click here: www.holisticperiodicalsdirectory.net.

Peter Fich Christiansen
Divine Light Images

Ascended Masters, Angels, The Family of Light…

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Lady Nada

Djwhal Khul

El Morya

Mary Magdalene


Networking knowledge, wisdom and guidance as we ascended like the Phoenix to a new reality and spiritual rebirth


PortalsofSpirit.com - Gateway To The Soul Ezine - When you provide love and compassion to your brothers and sisters, you, yourself, are manifesting God. When you come to understand that our bodies are nurtured by food and rest, but our spirits and souls are nurtured by experiencing love and compassion, then you come to understand and know God (Nick Bunick, author of IN GOD'S TRUTH).

Michigan Psychics Genuine Michigan Psychics. Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen. Gifted At Birth.

A Quantum Wave - Rene' Trebing - Healing with Energy - Signature Cell Healing TM Quantum-Touch ® REIKI - Learn how to heal yourself with the use of Signature Cell Healing®, Quantum-Touch® & Reiki - When you combine it with Love and Intentions the results are incredible!

Robbie the Butterfly - "The Return of the Butterflies"
For the Children of the New Earth!

In a caterpillar world where butterflies no longer exist, Robbie discovers that by living in the NOW, the lost art of transformation is revealed. He also discovers that there was once a time in the caterpillar world where the transformation process was natural, but at some point in history caterpillars lost their way. Now it's time for the return of the butterflies. Robbie shares this knowledge with his friends and then one day something miraculous happens.


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Sacred Geometry / MerKaBa / Light Body / Vaastu etc.

The Template   Reconnecting the Human SOURCE Bio-circuitry through coded Ceremony and Sacred Geometry integrating the energetic nature of consicousness into the Human heart, body, mind and Soul by Juliette and Jiva International Teachers of Alchemical Ceremony and Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry Yantras by Sherri Silverman, Ph.D. - Yantras are the planet's original, Vedic sacred geometry. Rectify spatial energy with yantras, auspicious sacred energy generators.


The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing  

A complete guide for natural therapists to making money doing what they love

By Lawrence Ellyard - Founder of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing offers everything you need to know about advertising and marketing your natural therapy business. Discover the Marketing Secrets that will drive your sales and deliver amazing results every time. This book is filled with proven marketing tools that guarantee revenue and will enable you to reach those who can truly benefit from your talents. By using these marketing secrets you will make more money doing what you love without compromising your values.










The Science of Getting Rich
Free E Book

Did you know there's a SCIENCE to having everything you want in life?
Well, there is and it's all explained in this amazing little book that you can get for FREE!













Shanti Village - Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia. Topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more www.shanti.com.au


Soul Mates - KaterinAngel Eyes poetry and messages




Sovereigns for Divine Liberation - RISING COMMAND AND RISING COMMUNITY


SpiritualPage - the online source of all things Holistic. This portal has been inspired by the beautiful beings included in this directory. Connect with the Holistic Community. Find Information, Practitioners, Teachers, Centers, Businesses, Products, Workshops & Events with grace and ease. You are at the Gateway to Endless Possibilities.. Spiritualpage.com.au


Spirit Pathways Magazine has been created to bring together all those working towards changing the world through the healing and evolution of consciousness. We are committed to creating a force of love and light that is able to move through our world without challenge, affecting and initiating change and encouraging the evolution of all of life. 


StarBuilders.org - Gomagicmall.com


StarDoves.com - AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES - AdVice Presidents, The Light Party, www.lightparty.com - Associate Directors, Global Peace Foundation, www.globalpeacefoundation.org - (Day of Contact)...


Success Waves - Personal breakthrough… Financial breakthrough…- Sue Stebbins - Are you willing to know that you can create anything you want in your life and work?

That Crystal Site - Australian online store with 100's of unique, discerningly selected, natural, healing crystals, minerals and jewellery, each clearly photographed and described for you to choose from.  Blog



TransformationalArt.com - The Art of Juicy Living by Saleena Ki aka Joan Ov Art

Vibrakeys - www.vibrakeys.com/welcome/welcome.html


Treehuggers - Unique Handmade 100 % Recycled Gifts From Treehuggers

The Violet Lighthouse®

the Temple of the I AM Presence



Way of the Heart - Christ Consciousness


Wealthy Mind Waves - Sue Stebbins - Creating Wealth with Heart


WebofLove.org - The Web of Love is an energetic web filled with sacred love which interconnects the hearts of all people on this planet. On this website, wonderful, heart-centered exercises are provided which help to strengthen the love which flows from and to each of us. We are called to remember our divine nature, and to join together in sharing the abundance of love the lies within all of us. Together, we can powerfully strengthen this web by spreading much needed love and support to ourselves, to those around us, and to the whole world. Thanks, and may you have a wonderful day filled with heart-felt love and meaningful connections. My sacred love flows out to you! With sacred love and very best wishes, Fred Burks

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World Harmony Network - Co-Creating a New Society
This is your link to building a New Society - a new harmonious way of living!


Worldviewz.net Global Cultural Exchange - World Viewz, LLC Global Cultural Exchange is an organization dedicated to creating connections around the world through: ~ Home Shares, ~ Adventure Travel, ~ Sacred Jouneys, and ~Cultural Events. In order to stimulate Global Community while exploring the Final Frontier. "Inner space"! By connecting creative people we can Be the Change we want to see. We can Re-CREATE, Re-NEW and Re-SOURCE the planet we live on by sharing our life and passion with like-minded people - Robert Dakota