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Mega Movie List

"My Favorite Movies of all Time"

(Dedicated to Skye, “who never knows what movie to rent at the video store”).


This list has been compiled because I love movies, acting, and Hollywood so much. The movie theater is like church to me, a sacred place. Movies and plays are creations of life. They are a wonderfully efficient way to evoke emotional response for a world that is generally shut off from their emotions and to shift consciousness for humans who go to the movies “to just be entertained”.

I love every possible genre of movies that exists, from thriller to drama to romantic comedies - every one of them has value in regards to human consciousness and just for fun.. And of course I love the stage, the original medium of transformation, and lets not forget TV, a fabulous medium of information and disinformation.

Everyone loves movies, because you get to look into other peoples lives, you get to imagine what it is like to be them and to imagine yourself in similar situations, what you would do under those circumstances. We are all fascinated with other people’s lives because we are all voyeurs, because we love everyone, and because we are all one.

Movies show us how life is, how it could be, and sometimes how it should be. I love movies because life is a movie, in fact life is one big dramedy. We are the actors, the producers, the directors, and the audience of our own movie, our own play that we are continuously creating and starring in. Will you be the star of your own movie, the big movie, the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, or will you just be an extra, a filler in the scene?

Thankyou to everyone who has ever involved themselves in the creation of movies, the theater and television - for you have helped create one of the greatest mediums of transformation ever to grace planet earth.

I also wish to thank Darryl Hickman, the greatest acting teacher ever, who taught me how to be a divine actor and how to truly “act” in life - Moment to Moment. “All the world’s a stage and we are all merely players, with our many entrances and exits…” W.S.

“When I’m good I’m really good, but when I’m bad, I’m even better.” Mae West.

"Movies are the only time your psychic centers shut down and 'you' can come out" - Bryan de Flores

The below list is my super excellent list. There have been hundreds of others that I could include in the very good category, but I have chosen to just list my very favourite films that I believe to have special significance and which touched me personally, or I just really enjoyed for good fun.

* = Top 100

Top 30 Movies of all time

A Destiny of Her Own
Ben Hur
Black Cat White Cat
Blade Runner
City of Angels (best romances ever)
Defending your Life
The Education of Little Tree
Gadjo Dilo
Joan of Arc (with Mila Jojovitch)
Killer Condom
Last Temptation of Christ
#1- Lawrence of Arabia (the greatest movie ever made)
#3 - Les Enfant du Paradis (Children of Paradise) (best romances ever)
Life of Bryan
Like Water for Chocolate (best romances ever)
#2 - The Matrix plus Matrix Reloaded
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Star Wars IV
Red Violin
Somewhere in Time (best romances ever)
Whale Rider
What Dreams May Come
Wings of Desire (best romances ever)
Young Frankenstein

Action / Adventure / Suspense / Westerns/ War

*A Beautiful Life
*Akira Kurosawa films – (Ran, Throne of Blood….)
Apocalypse Now
*Ben Hur
Billy Jack movies
Black Robe
*Blood in Blood out – Bound by honor
Blue Streak
Bruce Lee Movies (Enter the Dragon)
Clint Eastwood movies - all of them
Conan the Barbarian
*The Cowboys
*Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Das Boot
Deer Hunter
*Double Jeopardy
*Emerald Forest
*Empire of the Sun
*Fantastic Voyage
*Fight Club
Flesh and Blood
*The Game
Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Gone with the Wind
*Henry V
*Hope and Glory
The Island
Jackie Chan movies
Jakob the Liar

James Bond movies (especially On her Majestys Secret Service, where James ‘George Lazenby’ and ‘Diana Rigg’ get married)

*Jeremiah Johnson
*Joan of Arc (Mila Jojovitch)
*Lawrence of Arabia
*Memphis Belle
*Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
*Mystery Men
Ordinary Decent Criminals
*Planet of the Apes Series (plus the new movie)
Raging Bull
Remo Williams
*Road Warrior
*Schindler's List
*Secret Agent’s Club
*Shanghai Noon
Spy Kids
*Star Wars
*Terminator 1 & 2
To Live and Die in L.A.
Total Recall
The Tuskeegee Airman
True Lies
*Two Tribes
*The Usual Suspects
Warriors (NY gangs)
Wild America
*Wind River


Bugs Life
*The Brothers Quay (Anything by them)
*Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and pals
Shadow Raiders
Lilo and Stitch
*Song of the South
*South Park (Bigger Longer and Uncut)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Comedy / Black Comedy Bizarre & Cult Action

American Grafitti
A Night at McCools
*A Night at the Roxy
*Adams Family (Raul Julia and Angelica Houston, true romance)
Airplane aka Flying High
Analyze This
Animal House
Austin Powers - Man of Mystery
Austin Powers - Goldmember
Baby Boom
*Being John Malkovich (total innovation)
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures I & II
Blast from the Past
*Blazing Saddles
Blues Brothers
Brady Bunch
The Burbs
Buster Keaton movies (another genius)
*But I’m a Cheerleader
*Caddy shack
Cannibal - the Musical
*The Castle
Catch me if you can
Charlie Chaplin movies (He is a genius, I can’t remember which ones were good)
*Children of the Revolution
Corky Romano
Danny Deckchair
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
*Eating Raoul
Eric the Viking
Flinstones 1 & 2
*Full Monty
*Galaxy Quest
Getting away with murder
Get Shorty
*The Gods must be crazy 1&2
Happy Gilmore
Head Above Water
He died with a falafel in his hand
The Hot Chick
*The Importance of Being Earnest (recent version)
*The In Laws
Into the Night
*It's a mad mad mad mad world
*It’s Pat
Jackass - The Movie
*Joe’s Apartment (film short and feature)
*Killer Condom (BC)
Kindergarten Cop
L.A. Story
*The Last Supper
Legally Blonde
*Life of Brian
Little Nicky
The Man who sued God
The Mask
*Mars Attacks
*Matilda (with the best bad woman ever)
*Max Headroom (UK pilot)
The Meaning of Life (Monty Python)
Miss Congeniality
*Monte Python and the Holy Grail
*Mystery Men
Nightmare before Christmas
*Night Shift
The Odd Couple
Office Space
Overdrawn at the memory bank
*Parents (BC)
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Picking up the Pieces
*Pink Panther (all of them)
Pootie Tang
*Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Private Parts (Howard Stern, the greatest DJ in the world)
Pulp Fiction
*Raising Arizona
The Rat (BC)
The Ref
Risky Business
The Santa Claus
Sex Monster
Shallow Hal
*Shanghai Noon
Siam Sunset
Sorority Boys
*South Park – bigger, longer and uncut
Spinal Tap
Strange Brew
Trading Places
Truman Show
Tune in next week aka Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter
*Up in Smoke
Very Bad things
The Wedding Singer
Weekend at Bernies
*What About Bob
*What Planet are you from
What women want
Where the Buffalo Roam
Who is Cletis Tout?


Alex Collier – Global government, the ET connection
Amazon - The Invisible People (Dean Jeffreys) & ShamansoftheAmazon.com
*Bowling for Columbine
Chariots of the Gods I&II
*Crop Circles - Quest for Truth - www.cropcirclethemovie.com
Crop Circles – Undeniable Evidence, Crop Circle Communique
*Extraterrestrial Archaeology (David Hatcher Childress)
Free Energy – The Race to Zero Point

Hemp - Grass, Hemp Revolution, Billion Dollar Crop (Hemp), Reefer Madness, Marijuana as Medicine

Orion, Jupiter, Mars
The Great Pyramids – Gateway to the Stars
Remote Viewing - Psychic Spies
*Richard Hoaglands Mars Videos
Sick – (the Life and Death of Bob Flanagan - Super Masochist)
Southern Comfort (Gender Bender)
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Tackle Happy (Puppetry of the Penis)
The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
*The Mystery of the Sphinx
The Philadelphia Experiment - Alfred Bieleck
UFO’s Above and Beyond, UFO's over Mexico City (Messengers of Destiny + Masters of the Stars), Beam Ship - The Movie Footage - Billy Meier,

ET's, "Fantasy" & Sci Fi

*A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
The Abyss
*A Boy and his Dog
*Blade Runner
*Cat people (old and new versions)
*Close Encounters
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Edward Scissors Hands
Enemy Mine
Forbidden Planet
*The 5th Element
Harry Potter
*Highlander (the best bad guy ever)
Lady Hawke
Logan's Run
Men in Black
*Mystery Men
*Never Ending Story
Philadelphia Experiment
Plan 9 from outer space
Repo Man
*Rocky Horror Picture Show
Santa Claus conquers the Martians
Soylent Green
Space Truckers
Star Wars IV
Tank Girl
*The Secret of Roan Inish
*Total Recall
*2001 & 2010 (awesome sequel)
What Planet are you from?
*Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
*Wizard of Oz

Gender Bender

All men are liars
*But I’m a Cheerleader
Better than Chocolate
*Bird Cage
*Crying Game
Hedwig and the Angry Itch
*If the walls could talk 2
*It’s Pat
*La Cage aux Folles
*Ma vie en Rose
*Ode to Little Joe
*Priscilla – Queen of the Desert
*Rocky Horror Picture Show

GeneralDrama plus /dramedies/thrilledies/dramance/Actionedy etc. (difficult to classify movies that have many elements)

Almost Famous
*American Beauty
*Bad Boy Bubby
Baghdad Café
A Beautiful Mind
*Beautiful People
Beneath Clouds
Bend it Like Beckham
*Billy Elliot
Boys on the Side
Butterflies are free
*Cider House Rules
Clockwork Orange
*Dances with Wolves
Dead Heart
*Dead Poet’s Society
*A Destiny of Her Own
*Dolores Claiborne
*Dr. Strangelove
*Dr. Zhivago
*The English Patient
Erin Brockovich
Eyes Wide Shut
Fatal Instinct
Forest Gump
Fried Green Tomatoes
Girl Interrupted
Good Will Hunting
The Governess

Hal Hartley films: (The Unbelievable Truth, Henry Fool, Simple Men, Trust, the Amateur…)

*Harold and Maude
Her Majesty Mrs. Brown
*House of Games
I am Sam




Movies I haven’t seen yet, that were recommended by others

Dance me to my song, Drawing with the right side of the brain, The Last Wave, Pascoes Island, Sophie’s choice, Storm Boy, To Kill a mockingbird, The Wave, The Lost Empire (Quan Yin), Ghost World, Disclosure, The Journey of Man (Cirque de Soleil), Merlin, Hocus Pocus, Buddhas Magic Palm, The Craft, Practical Magic, Flat liner, Monkey King, The 4 Lesson of Lou Pan, Butterfly affect

If you have seen any exceptional movies that are not on this list, please send me an email with your favorites, and I'll add them to this list. ZaKaiRan@ZaKaiRan.com

Please put in the subject line: Totally Cool Movies

With Cinematic Love,









*The Insider
The Interview
Joy Luck Club
*Kiss of the Spider Woman
Last Tango in Paris (get the butta)
Legend of Bagger Vance
Little big man
Little Voice
Little Women
The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Majestic
Marquis de Sade
Midnight Cowboy
Moulin Rouge
Mr. Hollands Opus
*My Left Foot
*Naked lunch
*Never Cry Wolf
Niagara (Marilyn Monroe’s first film)

Nicholas Roeg Films – (Walkabout, Don’t Look Back, Eureka, Performance, The Man Who Fell to Earth )

*Night of the Iguana-(Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor at their Best)
Norma Rae
October Sky
*One Flew over the cuckoos Nest
*Patch Adams
Planet of the Apes (all of them)
The Player
Preaching to the Perverted
Pulp Fiction
Quest for Fire
*Rabbit Proof Fence
*Rain man
Rebel without a cause
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Secrets and Lies
Sex, Lies, and video tape
Shawshank Redemption
Sherlock Holmes (with Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce)
Shipping News
Simon Birch
*Sling Blade
Snow White (w/ Sigourney Weaver)
*The Songcatcher
Straight Story
Street Car Named Desire
Strictly Ballroom
Sunset Blvd.
*Tea with Mussolini
Thelma and Louise
Things Change
To Catch a Thief
Touch of Evil
*The Tracker
Unbearable Lightness of Being
*The Wall (Pink Floyd)
*What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
*Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf (Richard and Liz again at their best)

William Shakespeare- Henry V, Hamlet (especially Kenneth Branaugh version), *Much ado about Nothing, *Midsummer Nights Dream, 12th Night, *The Taming of the Shrew (Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor again at their Best), Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet (all versions)……

Witches of Eastwick
*Yolngu Boy


Alfred Hitchcock – (North by Northwest Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window (including the new version with Superman in it), The man who knew too much…)

*Alien (all of them)

*All Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Werewolf, Invisible man etc. movies
(especially Dracula with Frank Langella, and Boris Karloff, Nosferatu, the original Frankenstein with Boris Karlof as the monster, and Frankenstein the mini series with Michael Sarazin as the monster)

*An American Werewolf in London
Blair Witch Project
Body Double
Body Heat
*Buffy the vampire slayer (the movie)
Candy Man
*Cat People
*The Cell
*The Changeling
Dead End Drive-in
The Devils (Ken Russel)
Double Jeopardy
The Entity
*Evil Dead 1, 2 &3
The Fearless Vampire Killers
French Vampire in America
Fright Night
From Dusk till Dawn
The Fugitive
*The Haunting (40s version- total classic)
The Haunting aka Haunted (with Aidan Quinn)
*The Hidden
*The Hitcher
*House 1 & 2 (horedy)
*The Hunger (Catherine Deneuve ooh baby, and David Bowie, the best vampires ever)
*In the Mouth of madness
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
*The Keep
Lawn Mower Man
*The Legacy
The Lost Boys (teen vamps)
*Misery (the scariest movie ever)
*Nightmare on Elm St movies (watchout, Freddy’ll get you in your dreams)
Ghost Ship
Night of the Living Dead (yum yum, flesh)
The 9th Gate
Nosferatu (Max Shrek, old silent original and Klaus Kinski version)
*Phase 4 (ants in your pants)
*The Ring (super scary)
*The Serpent and the Rainbow
The Seventh Curse (cult chinese action/horror)
The Shining
*Silence of the Lambs
Snow White (with Sigourney Weaver)
*The Stuff (give me some more of that yummy stuff)
*The Tenant ("I'm not Simone Schule")
Vanished (the German version “the vanishing” is better though)
*The Vanishing
*Video Drome

Non English speaking movies

*A Destiny of Her Own
A Time for Drunken Horses
Antonia’s Line
*Black Cat White Cat
Central Station
*Cinema Paradiso
City of Lost Children
The Closet (Le Placard)
*Colour of Paradise
The Cup
Das Boot
Divided We Fall
East West
*Eighth Day
*El Norte
*The Emperor and the Assasin
*The Flodders
Forever Fever
The 4th Man
*Gadjo Dilo
Happiness is in the Field
*Il Postino
Jamon Jamon
Jesus of Montreal
*Killer Condom
*Killer Tongue
Knockin on Heaven’s Door
*La Cage Aux Folles
*La Chevre (the goat)
La Dolce Vita
*La Femme Nikita
Latcho Drom
Les Compreres
*Les Enfante du Paradis (Children of Paradise)
Let There be light (God writes a movie script)
*Life is Beautiful
*Like Water for Chocolate
Lone Wolf with Cub (Baby Cart in Hades, Baby Cart in Peril)
*Ma Vie en Rose (My life in pink)
Molom-a legend of Mongolia
*My Life as a dog
One Winter behind God’s back
Out of Order
The Road Home
*The Red Violin
The Return of Martin Guerre
*Run Lola Run
The Tenant (Roman Polansky)
*Tie me up, tie me down (Pedro Almadovar)
*The Vanishing (Thriller)
*The Visitors
*Wings of Desire
*Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown


*Anna and the King
As Good as it gets
Bedrooms and Hallways
*Black Cat White Cat
*Bliss (Handmade Films)
Bridges of Madison County
*Chasing Amy
*City of Angels
*Don Juan De Marco
*Dr. Zhivago
*The English Patient
Ever After
*The Importance of Being Earnest (recent version)
The King and I
Lady Chatterly
*Map of the Human Heart
Meet Joe Black
*Midsummer Night’s Dream
Moulin Rouge
Much ado about Nothing
Paris when it sizzles
*Passion Fish
Pavilion of Women
*The Piano
*Pillow Book
Practical Magic
*Princess Bride
The Proposition
*The Red Shoes (ballet and romance)
Rough Magic
*Romeo and Juliet (all versions)
*Room with a View
*Shakespeare in Love
Shallow Hal
*Somewhere in Time
Speaking of Sex
Stolen Women
Summer Lovers
The Theory of Flight
Triumph of Love
Truly Madly Deeply
*What Dreams May Come

Spiritual – (Many movies on this list do not necessarily have a typical spiritual theme but the content, relationships and the transformation that the characters experience is definitely spiritual in nature.)

Almost an Angel
Agnes of God
*Altered States
Auggie Rose
*Being There
Billy Jack movies
Boondock Saints
Brother Sun Sister Moon (St. Frances of Assisi)
The Cell
Danny Deckchair
*Defending your Life
Down To Earth
Dragon Fly
*The Education of Little Tree
*The Fifth Element
*Fight Club
The Gift
*Green Mile
Grey Owl
The Haunting aka Haunted (with Aidan Quin)
Jesus of Montreal
*Joan of Arc (with Mila Jojovitch)
*The Last Temptation of Christ
Let There Be light (french)
*Life of Brian
Little Buddha
*The Man from Elysian Fields
*The Matrix I, II & III
Meet Joe Black
Mission to Mars
Molom-a legend of Mongolia
*Monty Python and the Holy Grail
My dinner with Andre
*Never Ending Story
The 9th Gate
One Winter behind God’s back
*Pay it Forward
Picnic at Hanging rock
The Proposition
*Pow wow Highway
*Razor’s Edge (especially the Bill Murray Version)
Remo Williams
*Saving Grace (with Tom Conti as the pope)
Seven years in Tibet
*The Tracker
Truly Madly deeply
Tuesdays with Morrie
Two Tribes
*Whale Rider
*What Dreams may come
WitchBlade (television series)
*Yolngu Boy

Spiritual Teaching videos
(This is a very incomplete list, I have many other wonderful videos)

*Drunvalo Melchizedek videos
*Extraterrestrial Earth Mission - Into the Light (The Mutation of Planet Earth) + ET Masters in Service to Earth's Awakening
*Gangaji videos
*Greg Braden – Walking Between the Worlds I & II
Jose & Lloydine Arguelles - Peace, Prophecy & Calendar Change - Who are the Maya?
Lazaris videos
P'taah - Communique from the Pleiades - The Divinity within Humanity
Sheldon Nidle - Galactic Time Workshop - Mayan Calendar
Sheldon Nidle - Our Ascension / Transformation Process
Virgil Armstrong - The Indians


Absolutely Fabulous
*The Adams Family
* Angel

*The Awful Truth – Michael Moore (The People’s Democratic Republic of Television) – www.michaelmoore.com

*Bat Man
Battlestar Galactica
The Daily Show (in OZ, The Weekly Daily Show)
*Eurotrash (European variety show, definitely one of the greatest variety show's ever produced, hosted by Jean paul Gautier)
*Faulty Towers
The Green Hornet
*Hogans Heroes
*Kung Fu
Life Support
*Mr. Ed
*Night Gallery
*The Outer Limits
Odd Couple
The Prisoner (British Spy Series)
*Red Dwarf
Saturday Night Live
The Simpsons
Shogun (Mini Series)
*South Park
*Star Trek (all series, including Andromeda)
*Twilight Zone
Wild Wild West
*Young Ones
*X files