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* Blessed Being ZaKaiRan,

Thank you for sharing you words and thank you for the bonus audios! :-)

I don't know how you have come into my life and the how does not matter.

What matters to me is the profound information, and the divine timing of this information, that is continuing to come to me thru and from you.

Even though words are powerful, they do not have the power and depth of expression to convey my deep and continuing gratitude for your presence in my life,

But... If you were here a would give you a BIG, HUGE HUG!!!

Thank you for being such a magnificent being and AWESOME leader/teacher!!!

Much Love, Light, and eternal Blessings, Amy


Wow. Thank-you so very very much my friend.   I am trying to find the words in English to express my gratitude and love for your amazing support and guidance.  The only thing that comes is in the light language.  A ga sha to, a ga. The feeling I get from these words is it is respect and a thank-you my friend, but also a Namaste. Liza




I got another BIG puzzle piece from you… just today… reading JUDGEMENT which in effect spilled into the paradox of sadness and joy.  (I have had MUCH sadness.)

You are almost the ONLY place I really hear of paradoxes.

I have felt the paradoxes for a LONG time – 10 years.  It produced enormous confusion on my spiritual journey. And there was not much help resolving it.  Maybe because we think we are to get RID of our humanness/duality which cannot be done.  Thus a paradox. The paradox allows us to be ok with it. We were not to be judgmental AND non judgmental.  But yes we are.  I was fighting it.  But it really IS all OK.

Thank you for that wonderful gift. 

I love you because you help me LIVE.  There is no other way to describe your perspective.  I am weary of trying to achieve ethereal. I AM OF THE EARTH!!!
So much spiritual lesson is sort of theoretical and I have to live practically. The knowing of paradox allows us to enjoy life and enjoy our humanity.  Maybe I just needed a word for it… but you gave that. 

I am not explaining this very well but I KNOW it.     NOW.


Hi Zakairan:

Thank you so much for your AMAZING web site.  I just found you and spent hours looking at all of the free information you so graciously provide.   Mary Lynn


"Your website is pretty cool too, nice energy, me like mucho massivo!!" - Jim Cassa

Greetings Zakairan!!

Many,many thanks for the downloads.

I really appreciate you giving me the bonus download. Thankyou.

I KNOW that you KNOW that you are good (the epitome of magnificence) but you are truley out of this world stupendoulsy brilliant!! Seriously, you are something very special. I appreciate your being-ness and the fact that everything lead you to create these wonderful tools,so that people like me on the other side of the world are positively inspired.

In short I was/am blown away by your teachings.Usually,there is always an element of "hurumph-I -am- sure- I- could -do- it- better"-ness about me but you have raised the bar so high. A ++++++++ to infinity for you, young man.

I hope to explore your teachings and website in the meanwhile.I have already spent many hours on your site since I discovered it.Again,the epitome of MAGNIFICENCE!!(sorry,I cannot help myself ...).Again,also much appreciated.

Warmest Wishes and Brightest Blessings




Your website on ascension is the best one out there and your down to earth approach really hits home.

Thanks Mike Huber

Hey Z

Thanks for continuing to share your boundless prosperity and love !!!

Sara xx



Dear cosmic brother Zaikairan, it is Gino weve met in Melbourne 2 yrs ago in the mind, body and spirit festival. And this meeting is still alive in my every day life. I thank you so much on behalf of the oneness and the collective mind of the human race for your great lightwork, the light and the love that you spread every day on planet earth.

sending you all my unconditional love, my collective support in the heart and the mind,its awesome we are all one...,thats so beautiful ...lets embrace the new world ,and real truth and understanding about ourselves which is getting born, to create a divine destiny for the whole of mankind.








I would also like to thank you for keeping us all informed via your mailing list and blogs during these times, I really appreciate you keeping us all connected to what is going on. I appreciate your positivity towards it all.

Mark Crossland
Some people love chocolate,
Some people love Spam,
What do we love?
We love THE Z-MAN!

We Love you, Z-MAN

Dolphin Love & Aloha to you...

Jag & El x x x :)


"I am an energetic healer just love what you have to say and I must know more, Blessings, Michelle."

Today I did a search on Google, "light dark balance sacred karma," and found your site. I am so happy that I have as I am resonating not only with your beautiful healing words, but also your journey. Thank you for being here, I feel the greatest surge of love through this connection and hope we some day meet. I know your truth and beauty and loving power.  Kabinah

Michelle Deevey
I am an energetic healer just love what you have to say and I must know more, Blessings, Michelle.

I still laugh when I think of our group toning programs...
sooooo much fun.....so much fun....

to you
Dear Friend


 "I have been moved by you with hardly a push." - Joseph Ledzion


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Thank you for responding- I guess that is what you do isn't it? on many levels it seems. My mind is still swimming a bit trying to take in all that You ARE. It's not that I have trouble believing it-rather that I have made contact with you at all- it has been a long time coming. I feel that I am entering the last phase of my life now this time around and am very much looking forward to really tuning in to the What Is of my reality in its unfathomable depth. Your words were like a lightening rod to me and a reminder of my own innate Divinity and greatness waiting to be unveiled. How much of that will happen I don't know and am not really concerned as I feel it is already written and imprinted on my soul. I do feel it is my good fortune to cross your path and thank you in advance for the help that you will give to me- You really don't have a choice do you- that is your Divine Nature and Mission- not a bad one to have as you know so well. It is also a Dream of mine too- what is more Beautifull and Meaningfull than to help Awaken others to their own Glorious Divine Being- thank you for helping me in this Cosmic endevour however that may evolve. - With Love and Gratitude- Donald Mason aka Shunya

Zakairan, ….i really am not able to do something now and get money for it unless i would be doing it anyway. this experience has shattered even more of the survival bullshit that i was playing around with. i have so much trust that now the money/ whatever i need will manifest in a really joyous way. well many people think i am way too idealistic but i am excited to be a great example of that, no compromising what you know is real just to fit in to other people's idea of how things work. so i guess what i am saying here is woohoo i am free, and also that i give so much thanks to you for your words of truth, i knew there was a reason to speak with you before i left, indeed it was for all reasons including gaining clarity to trust my decisions. have a wondrous day, love alfie

Namaste Bro,
Your very welcome brother, I am a firm belevier that we have to get information out there that moves humans away from fear and into the love of there true self, and bro, your work does just that, I have sent many peoples to your web site and suggested they get a reading from you, cause your kewl and felt your energies would asisst them to move into joy, for it can be easy to take things so seriously, seeing things as a struggle and thinking life is a constant progress of tests and lessons being flung onto ones path and only the strong make it up the mountain, so its those ones whom benifit from your work the most I have found. I remember you from the pleiadies,and Sirius(winks). Be love bro for thats what you are. Your bro, Anthony

thank zakairan for this rave makes reality one leap clearer. feeling that I am being it more than avoiding it or thinking it, its made me feel lighter just seeing it in print. finally accepting myself as a higher light being and acknowledging that I am part of the mission to bring the earths
ascension to the inevitable reality that will be! love of light, michael (response to “Mutating or Sick”.

Hello There!! My name is Adam,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful articles which have allowed me to go one step further in my quest to shatter the illusions which no longer serve. Would love to meet you one day.
Much Love AAA

Hi Zakairan, I absolutely love getting your emails. Thanks and keep up the good work. Paula


AbbaDabbaDoo - i love your work..thank you! – Debra


Have just read you last Earth Ascension Times e-zine. It is fabulous and resonates to me exactly where I am. Thank you for making this available. In Love & Light, I Am Mardi


Dear Brother of Divine Love Zakairan, Thanks for all your inspiration, love and wisdom. Maarten van Mook

Just wanna give you props for a cool site. Thanks for your time. Mike

Dearest One, Words truly are not sufficient to share how grateful I am for your presence and your sharing in my experience of life -Sending you the sweetest purest love form the center of my heart. Blessings, Ansara


Thank you for the e-mails It is so good to get them, Keep sending baby. For a long time I did not hear from you but was so excited to receive your mail about the 2 new DNA strands and the activating the water grids. The last mail 30th April has given me so much to think about and has given me confirmation that I am traveling together with you and the gang I am meeting so many new and wonderful brothers and sisters on the way.
I live in Israel and if ever you need any information from here or if there is anything I can ever do for you please make contact. Love and thanks Pearl Feldman

Thank you again for BEING YOU, for being AWESOME and for shining your most beautific Light in this most magnificent way. NAMASTE!!!!! Isisjade


Beloved ZaKaiRan!!!!!!!!!!
How you have caused my Beautiful Heart to soar in gratitude and joy. I AM filled with the pure and sweet Love of AllThatIs through your beautiful radiant energy and spirit as well as the magnificent reflection of same through my own soaring Self!! AH! How I LOVE YOU! Isnt it so awesome?

YOU beloved One, are absolutely beautiful and radiant and pure and Love incarnate... or?? is that who I AM??? (grins and tosses hair IN JOY)

It is so so so cool of you to respond to my email. It is awesome indeed to acknowledge one's own awesomeness by knowing how awesome another is! teehee :):):) I am a very playful Soul who has been through much in her almost 41 years in this Earth lifetime. I am a starseed and just now coming into my Own, realizing what truth I AM here for, which is to know, feel, experience and spread LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!! What an awesome task I have! With joy and gratitude do I at long last realize this!!! I AM just scratching the surafce of my own awesomeness!! It is SO FUN!
I thank you from the depth of my essence for you and your service to humanity, the Earth and all Creation. YOU ROCK and I AM BLESSED TO KNOW OF YOU.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the few things I am co-creating in this realm and throughout the Uni-verse at this glorious time in Earth's Herstory :) I was in punk rock bands in the late 70's and early 80's before getting involved in marijuana distribution on a large scale. I just finished a book about this life so far that I AM intending to be published within 2 years. http://www.stauthor.com/6044/OutlawToPriestess.htm (teehee... I HAVE SUCH FUN! in this body!)

OK OK OK! I have taken enough of your time for now. I do hope to stay in touch with you for you are THE BOMB beautiful One and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. I LOVE your webpages and they are a HUGE assistance to me on all levels. THANK YOU FOR YOU!

Infinite Light, LOVE and ALL blessings to you.
I walk in LOVE and LIGHT beside you :):):):):)


hi zakairan, I am loving your books and articles as always! i gotta say that out of all of the spritual folk out there, i feel more love and less ego coming from your words/vibe of your web site/you in general than anyone. thanks for the youness... love alfie

God made a gift with all the universe, signed sealed and hand delivered as a package of infinite love. What a magical gift you are my beloved friend. ZaKaiRan, I thank you for BEing a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours.

With cosmic hugs and shnuggles, Love Lance

Namaste Beautiful One!!
What a great pleasure for me to read of your magnificence on this glorious day! I thank you for your excellence in service to All That Is and from one magnificent Being to another.... I LOVE YOU. I will now continue reading at your awesome website.

I AM LOVE~~~~~ Isis Jade - http://isishealing.byregion.net - http://groups.msn.com/TempleofInfiniteLight

Thank you for giving me the space to be who I really am - I have unlimited eternal gratitude for your presence in my life -- I have seen you in my dreams only I did not know it was you - Words are not sufficient - so I imbue this message with my heartfelt thanks xoxoxoxo Ansara


Hi Z - Just wanted to tell you THANX for all the great and inspiring emails you've sent over the months. 'Surrender to Self' was a masterpeice unto itself; it brought tears to my eyes. But what's the deal with this one? - Maria (the) Ham

Am getting a WONDERFUL vibe from you & your website! I'm a POOR earthbound lightworker struggling for understanding! All my love always, Sandixxxxxxxxxxxxx

Greetings ZaKaiRan,
What can I say, I came across your website a few days ago & have been poring over article after article ever since. I am really thankful for your insights. Your articles are written in a really approachable, understandable, candid, & enjoyable manner. I had just come from a Elizabeth Clare Prophet book & my general reaction had been “huh? Violet what? am I on fire? Transmutation? Decrees? What are you talking about!?”. I needed some help.

I don’t know for sure where I fall in the grand scheme of things from a role standpoint, but to my knowledge I am the only one in my extended circles of friends with any major sense of awakening. It’s been a source of wonderment, for sure. Last summer I underwent a very traumatic segment of my initial wakening, after the completion of an extreme ‘risk-taking’ relationship. Your insights DEFINITELY helped put that in perspective. At the time I thought I was losing my mind a bit. Coming from a background as an Evangelical Christian, all I could think was ‘oh yeah, the folks are gonna LOVE this’.

I happily have many more articles to cover, & am plowing through them.
Keep up the good work for us poor, sleepy sops ? .
-Jennifer (who doesn’t have a fancy name or anything yet), California

What an awesome sense of humor! Just gotta love it! Paulette
greetings and blissings, thanks for sending the newsletters to solara-kate@aussiemail.com.au. love it, particularly your HU-mour. one thing I have noticed most of us have in common is the same quirky sense-of-humour. even upstairs, the Divine Creators of Humour have let me in on some of theirs at times. for eg. my life.....haha..no, seriously, I get the Cosmic Joke more and more. and I am blonde to boot.more power to you and to all of us. namaste, kathyx "Kathy Davis" <kathydavis@itconnect.net.au>


And thank you again for making your information available on your web-site for all to discover and learn. Amidst this incredible time while I am experiencing uncertainty, magic and self-discovery, I cannot express to you how thrilled I was when your web-site crossed my path. That’s how the universe works though, I know. You answered questions I have been asking for years, no kidding. You helped me find new levels of understanding and inner peace…and I’m nowhere near finishing reading all your articles!!! Thanks again, ZaKaiRan, and have yourself a SUPER rest of your day! With blessings, Amy

Hey Zakairan, Just wanted to thank you for your presence and the impact you have had on my Spirit - Love... Ansara

Greetings Zakairan:

I hope you personally read your e-mails. I am intrigued by you and your website, it resonates something within me, that's the only way I can describe it.

Everything I have done for the past 30 years has been preparing me for the next 9 years! I love everything about your website, the detailed info that you provide, the level of understand-a-bility is incredible. I am trying to read it all and will subscribe to your newsletter and have no problem with being on a mailing list for other material as well.

Here's who I am and were I am at spiritually. I have a fairly high IQ, college degree, and have studied metaphysics for over 30 years. I learned to meditate on 1971 and and now addicted to it. I would call it a "God Intoxication" and I think your 12 step program syncronistically ans serendpititiously came along at the perfect time! That was redundant wasn't it?

Have you ever listened to Bashar, he is a riot and so full of wisdom? You are too. Humor is one of my main survival tools, it is lacking in so many people today. When I'm out in public I read people as being stressed out, it's in their faces. It's real easy to spot the happy ones like myself, we still smile a lot!

What th this planet needs right now, and I'm serious is not just hmore but e.t. humor, ascension humor, angel humor, etc..!! People listen when it's funny. I wish like Hell that I could channel an Arcturian comic, or a Pleiadian stand-up, and have the humor and the message be real! What do you think? I think we could get the 'entire' planet to sit up and take notice. If it was believable. I wonder if that's my mission or my 'dharma' as they say?

I would love to hear from you. By the way I have been on the path of Eckankar since 1976 and have a 5th intitiation onto the Soul plane.


Bruce Zinzer

Hi dear one,

It's daylight there down under and the middle of the night here. The coyotes have been serenading my wolf pal urging him to run wild with them. He goes and visits but returns to protect his wolf mom. The stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas. It's wonderful to sit in the warm Autumn breezes and observe the heavens. Montana is a bit cold now and there was a need for me to return here.

I had to face my life long nemesis with detachment. This is very useful for mutating the energies of light and love for many, my friend. In the Celestine Prophecy, there was an example of a man and his wife who had usurped the energy of their daughter since she was born, spirit eaters or energy vampires. This is what occurred with me and as long as I gave the nemesis (also the continuation of that vampire in the ex-husband) any emotion at all, it thrived. It is not unkind to return the thought forms put upon one back to source, or to detach from feeding the hungry vultures. When one allows that, one dis-empowers those who need to learn to take responsibility for their own energy and actions.

Once I really understood what was taking place, I began protecting myself and my energies with Huna techniques. The nemesis began to decline rapidly and is now at a point of not being able to continue in physicality unless it learns to stand in the light alone. All of those who have fed off the energies of others through deception, manipulation, control an fear tactics are now experiencing what I see is occurring with this old cattle baron and the ex. I did morph down deeper into the muck, but it has been purposeful. I'm like plumber going in and clearing out the lines so the excrement can be flushed. Ewewew. Yuck.

I think of you with the whales and the dolphins and put myself in the hull of the boat feeling the waves rocking me in the middle of the night, serenaded by the symphony of whales singing their angelic melodies. What you do and experience extends to those who have a spiritual kinship with you. Your energy reaches out and brings a clarity and calmness to do some of the mucky stuff that must be done to create the harmonics out of the chaos. It's all good, dude. I thank you for your kindness. One of the silver feathers you gave me is in the uplifted hands of my statue of an Indian man praying, the other atop a photo by my bedside of me holding one of my newborns. Prayer and birth linked together to bring in the dawn! Love, Sigini

Hi! My name is Karen. I have been devouring your articles for a fair old time now, even though i only just recently went online. A very beloved friend (in fact i know she & her family are a whole deal more than that!) who lives in Cornwall, England has been posting me your articles for over a year! Each package inducing a wonderful warm feeling that should be felt as often & as regularly as possible!! So i owe you a huge & heartfelt hug of thanks! I hope you can feel it! Any way I'd best end this now before i write a novels worth! Keep on spreading the Love & the Light, you where so obviously born to do it! Much more than much Love, Karen in Northolt, Middsx,England. P.S I live a stones throw from the Grand Union Canal. X X X X

…I especially like your writings on prosperity, and plan to include this piece in an upcoming email-er..you expressed so very well what I feel. Dolphin Smiles....Ashie

Yes I do live in Los Angeles. And I have been nothing but elated since reading all of your articles. I just can't get enough. I want to read everything I can get my hands on. I'm trying to slow myself down so I don't go into overload. Thanks so much for responding. It's an honor and pleasure making contact with you. Laquita


Hi... I am on the Gold Coast. I found an old email from you in my deleted emails from last September, read it and then checked out your web site - I had tingles up my spine when I was going through your website, so knew I had to subscribe... Have a beautiful day... Deb


Anyways....love your writing style & your messages always resonate with me...just thought I'd say ALOHA....and let you know that I plan to include one or two in an upcoming newsletter of mine.... Radiant Angelic Blessings, Ashleea (Ashie) Nielsen www.angelfire.com/trek/dolphindreams


Oh you blessed man -- this is terrific!

I have seen sooooo much going on and working my butt off in the ethereal realms -- this is sooooooo good what you have written here and I and ALL thank you! my love to you -- you HumAngel.... hum baby hum! ~nikki

PS-- This is how Mother-Ships are created, they are Divine Synchronies of each individual Light-Being, (individual stars), who are on this Mother-Ship, all combining their individual MerKaBah's together to form one giant MerKaBah - a Star-Ship. YES YES YES!!!!!

The MerKaBa is a huge aspect of your Light-Body. It essentially is your own Space-Time-Dimension ship. It is not only the doorway to higher dimensions, but it is the first geometry that is the doorway to all of your higher ones. This linear representation of the star, is the male geometries. At each point is a sphere, (female), all together they create a female geometry, or a star of David made of spheres. In this case, those spheres are our planets, Moon, and beloved Sol. And within all of this, in the center of your MerKaBah, and this celestial MerKaBic alignment, is another sphere, and that is you.

YES YES YES!!!!!!!


"I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one". ~nikki

(A response to the Merkabic Harmonic Concordance meditation I sent out)


Response to receiving my article "Prosperity" - Dear ZaKaiRan, Wow, this is good! And it was so supportive and helpful to me at this time when so many of my friends are into "millionaireship". Blessings upon you, dear friend. With love, Gloria


I signed your guestbook months ago, long before I begin to feel what you have written in your website. I know your website thanks to an American friend. No need to read tons of words in order to feel the writter's motivations. Since October, I take time in order to read your articles. My feeling is that you are a very brilliant one, handling many interesting concepts, with a kind of euphoria. A sign of boiling inspiration as you were writing?

I feel further and further regarding words. My living-mode is echoeing/triggering without any judgement. I use concepts as tools for handling my energy & senses. Rather in an abstracal world (mathematics), though deeply anchored on Earth. So, I use concepts which I change often, without calculating - I go with the Flow.

So, I can resonate with new concepts thanks to the message through you. Nowadays, I love the concept that any human being on Earth actually is a channeler. So, I look at the person AND the abstractal collective entity so-called channeled. I prefer people who channel their own Collective-Self. Concordance.

Like music: I prefer what I feel like harmonious rather than discordant. It comes a time when I don't even feel discordance. No separability.

Many thanks for your presence: thanks to you, I am now able to feel unconditional love with men. It has been being much easier with women. Now I am balanced. Men are still so rare in this field. Many lying ones - but that's fair: they help us so much for our awakening & improving. They show us how was the ancient world? We can feel them but they cannot?

See you soon on Planet-Earth, Axel the Pyrenenan.


It's funny how these things work out ! A few days ago I was thinking how much work you do , and the fantastic quality of what you write . I thought this stuff should be in a book . I'd buy it . Thanks for your wonderful generosity in sending out your work for free I pray many more repay your kindness. We are getting a bargain at 10,000 times that amount
My thanks & blessings to you brother Love Sean

Thankyou beautiful Sean for your lovely esteem and the lovely token of that esteem! It comes at a perfect time as I am currently breaking through the prosperity barrier, and just yesterday I was making a big request to receive money effortlessly through donations as I am doing so much free service work. Mega mega mega blessings to you divine brother. Mai Ka MaHaLa ZaKaiRan



I always open your wonderful mail with great anticipation of the inspirational and high consciousness information within ... Thanks so much, Angie Burgess


Love you.....
Thank you for continually lighting the way and reminding us of our divine nature

My favorite mantra is:
I am the light in my fathers eyes
I am the love in my fathers heart
Together we are insepearable, never shall we part-
It pretty much covers everything - it came to me when i was feeling
painfully separate

That Toolkit is fantastic and I am sharing it with other Lightworkers, which I feel is right to get the knowledge out there. I have been working on myself and it is amazingly powerful. I've stopped today as I don't want to overload my body.

It seems when I have completed this manual I would not need to have any further clearances (eg emotional, etc.) from this body since this seems to cover all. Timing has been divine since I have been looking to find what I need to move ahead and find my true purpose so I am so grateful to you. Thank you for placing me on your mailing list. I would now like to meet others in my area doing similar work whom I could relate to. I am not yet able to see or hear the Divine, but have been asking and feel sure I will be blessed. Thank you so much for your time and helpfulness.


Dear Beloved, Many thanks for your beautiful email about the day before your birthday - so magical and sublime - I know there are many who even when there seems to be chaos and atrocities abounding, choose to seek the higher purpose, or to witness from a different perspective - I am one of the above. This attitude in itself is a challenge for the ones closest to you who do not as yet see that as a choice - but in Peace and with the learned decision not to become embroiled in dialogue - where my world seems to revolve around feelings rather than words - I invariably am left 'speechless' - Much love to you, Chrisolla/Bobbie.

I look forward to reading more of what you write. I am teaching in China, Guangdong Province, Nanhai City. It's been a most enlightening experience so far with lots more growth to come.
Ta Tori

Hi ZaKaiRan, thanks for the book great reading congrats its wonderful and I so appreciate
you sending it lots of love Susan

I really enjoyed your article on Phoenix Ascended's website so I visited yours. It's great to finally have some levity on this topic, done in so much the spirit of fun and play like our guiding ones are always telling us to do (be in the joy space)!! Thanks for being here with us and sharing your joy!!! Please add me to your list to receive newsletters, or articles. escapingthematrix

Thanks again!Always looking for something interesting to read, was guided to your site by spirit! WEE HA! Alex Smith

Hi ZaKaiRan, Thankyou for your email, and book...You have a wonderful gift of putting things in perspective... You are a wonderful gift to us... Many Blessings Meredith xxx

Thank you so much for everything. "Bumping" into your site provided just what I was looking for. Imagine that! Haha. Meditations have been great. Thanks again, Lance


Happy Birthday! Sending Smoke Signals from the Flathead Rez to the Birthday Dude! It's just a constant celebration of spirit and life! Rock and Roll! Stay on that high that the water spirits permeated your being with while dancing with the whales! I am very grateful to have connected with you and appreciate all of the divine information you have shared. We Dream The Same Dreams, Sigini

well well well..what a lovely experience to overlay the tradgedy of 911...in contrast I was one of those affected deeply by the event...I watched it play itself out moment by moment, and day by day as it extended out to disturb all those witnessing the scenes. I am really grateful for your insights and thank you for your healing words and exhuberant overview of the lovely sea creatures you are in tune with... bw ayesha

Hi, My name is Ivania Gonzalez and I live at this moment in Santiago, Chile. I would like to receive more of your messages. Thank you, Heaven be with you. Ivania

ZaKaiRan, i am not quite sure whether you remember meeting me at byron bay about 3 months ago. it was a brief meeting to say the least. my name is steve and i really enjoy reading your emails so thank you. The email i just read touched me. Really really touched me . It was the email about your adventure with the whales of hervey bay. thats beautiful. i live in hervey bay and will be going out to see the whales soon. but alas not on my own boat. with a day cruise with my six year old son. once again thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Steve

Greetings from The Ancient One, Hello ZaKaiRan, While on my journey through cyberspace it was my sincere pleasure to come upon your site. My compliments on a job well done. I was impressed and viewed it with honor and respect. I wish you joy and prosperity.

My name is Micheal Teal. I am a Psychic , Spiritual Advisor and Poet in Canada. I enjoyed perusing your site. You have many gifts. It was a privilege to view your pages. May you achieve all in life you so desire. Yours in Peace Micheal Teal http://www.bardic.on.ca/ancient

Hi, sing me on for yoyr free e - newsletter please. I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and I am in the ascension process too. I'm receiving light, a downloading of light and your website has been helping me balance myself out more with the insightful info it provides about becoming a Cosmic Human. It gives me greater clarity about the whole thing that has been happening to me. Thank you so much. :) Love Melissa.

My Master Brother.. For My Experience Your articles gave me the clarity to few basic issues, I've been ignoring. Thank you. I've been drowning my selves to mental overload to deny my emotions. F.M.E you've honest view on many things. I just read your cosmic cookies, this one came to my mind: Doubting your self is doubting God. Trusting your self unconditionally without demand for proofs or to be sure, you're trusting God unconditionally and you move mountains. Jaakko, Finland


Dearest Light Brother, ZaKaiRan,

I love your web site! Reading your words is like reading my own words. I am deeply touched and already feel so connected to you. ....imagine Yahoel/Michael Hammer's "Activating the Eyes of the Heart" from "Music for Ascension", playing as you read this...

So, YES, please keep me on your mailing list, your Museletter will be joyously received in my virtual dimension. Thank you from my Heart of Hearts.

I wish you the best, Joy and Love, from the Enchanted Lands of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I think I remember seeing somewhere on your web site that you are planning on visiting the US? We, the Light community here in Abq and myself, would love it if you would come here and play with us! Pls tune in and see what you get on that... Hetepu, In Light and Love, Your Arcturian Light Sister, ~LaRaMa ShanKoh

Namaste ZaiKaiRan, My new name is Ishmahin, I'm 42 years old and live in Oslo, Norway. I honour your love and light, and I'm very happy to have found your web.site. that really activates in me the information, strenght and the clarity i want right now. Thank you very much for putting me on your mailing list for your e.magazine. Love & Light from Oslo, Norway

Hello ZaKaiRan! My name is Amanda. I'm from Richardson, Texas right by Dallas, Tx. I found your web-site today and it has so much helpful and wonderful/useful information. Thank you very much for sharing your high-level intelligence with us! :-) I feel I am an ET, but from where I have yet to recall. I have had visitors a couple of times and spotted ufo's in the sky. There is so much about space and beyond I am fascinated by. Thank you for your writings and wanted to say hello!!!!! Amanda

Dear to me zakairan, thank you for shining the truth and undermining all darkness. Still though it has been a year since your presence apeared i am holding the reflection and it is growing, expanding my earth. The joy of light is working through me i am mirroring your love. Thank you, thank you thank you Deep heart greatings, michael in stockholm.

Hello. Thank you for your mail. It is a nice feeling to get an answer. I am a big fan of your articles and painful truth :) that everyone can find in them. I like them very very much. About me: My name is Michal (eng: Michael) Prutis, I live in Bialystok city, north-eastern Poland. I am 28 and still live in lie. I'm planning to stop to lie soon. I think I opened my eyes but have not got up yet :) I am still in a horizontal position but one day I will get up. I would like to keep in touch with you ZaKaiRan, because your truth is striking and my heart is singing when I'm reading it. Since it would be very painful for the most people I live with, I am still afraid to live like my spirit (at least I think it is my spirit) directs me to. So please help me to get up, anyway you can :) Blessings Michal Prutis

....and i thought i was a wacko!! Wed, 2 Apr 2003

I suppose that there is no reason to tell you you are clever except that its fun to watch my life unfold in front of me and you to write the truths as they occur and then for me to be so full of gratitude for you as a result. Its fun to see the universe align with our personal lives as we cleanse and mother earth cleanses in such dramatic fashion. Its fun after all these years to see the way that I will finally get the world I have been hoping in an eternity of time spent on this planet. And fun is for sharing.

My report from this side of the planet is that this is slowing happening. More and more people are talking about the moment. And awareness of the moment is as important as awareness about alcoholism. It is the first step. One can only begin to cleanse oneself and evolve to moment by moment divine living as awareness increases. That commitment to living in the moment and being aware of the moment is the first step to MASS social change and the beginning of the 100th monkey's journey to universal christ consciousness. And that day has passed. Now its catching on like wildfire. It is divine and blissful to watch and hold the space let alone achieve my personal heaven on earth in process.

All of which is to say that I love you and appreciate so much your gift of writing. I have experienced everything you write below energetically and so I know, KNOW you are writing truth. And this is truly reassuring to me - despite your distance I feel your guiding presence. I am so thankful. In the early stages of co-creation we are like little lambs wobbling to stand up on our feet, smashing into the old world as we fall and yet genetically programmed to finally stand up anyway. So be it. Heaven on earth here we come.

Your humble servant thanks you. be well. send more treats soon. Jacintha

I amazed by the energy that pours out of your emails. The last one about August 17th filled me with such unbelievable joy. Thank you. Again!! Jacintha

Dear ZaKaiRan,

Thankyou for your website, it's provided connection and hope when I've been under the influence of pessimissm. Thankyou for your presence an work today. Love, Karen

I am loving the writings on your website! And, know it is in response to my truly expanding my capacity to know myself and be aligned with my essence.

Please add me to your "Museletter." Patricia Beck

Dear ZaKaiRan,

Just a few words of "thank you very muches" for your fun and playshop. It's been an energetic "kaboom" and reminders of what is truely possible if I get beyond myself. You are indeed a supercharged dude. I saw the Matrix the other last night and thought it was great...Keep me
posted on other playshops....and I hope you trip to Yellowstone is loads of fun.
Lots of Love, Karen

Greeting ZaKaiRan, Behold I am honored to meet you.I live in Cambrige/Somerville line, Ma USA. Why Do I get that deep awareness,That I am speaking to a high Light being mucky Muck? For some reason I almost choke on my food when I was reading your email Sir. Respectfully Speaking, In His Services, Love & Light, James L.Stevens.

Aloha baby..

I live in the middle of Sweden in Sundsvall. In -95 I´ve activeted the Archturian Light Body. At that time it was to good to be true for my ego and it was lonely to work "alone" with it for me.

But as you know once awake it don´t work to be asleep for long. So I´ve had a few other steps on my path that lead my present reality. The last week I´ve had so many sign´s from spirit that it is time for me to really start make use of who I am. Today I´ve got your webaddress. in my mailbox and I really LOVE what I feel!! THANK YOU!!

"I was once lost, but now I am found". I Re-Member!! Love and Peace is who we are..
Namaste Yvonne

Your Ascension Handbook is Fantastic.

I have studied ever so many disciplines and have only glanced at what you sent but it embodies so many truths in a succinct user friendly away. I am truly happy to use it to help me to embody all of my essence. In all that I do or have done, I have asked that only the love remain within me - I am close but not here yet - consciously. AgapeMu "Christ Love" being sent to you - Ansara

I really am blessed to have pulled you in my path. It tells me were Im at. woo hoo. Praise the Universe for enlightened beings such as yourself. You are a mirror to my own enlightenment. So call you tomorrow. Your friend who walks with LOVE! Bhava

Hey just wanted to honor your email work you go to the energy time of sending out to us. I really found one of them very timely in how they have recently just helped me in my life.
Thanks, Gabriella

GOOD DAY ZaKaiRan!!!

I just listened to our tape this early a.m. while out driving and I have to tell you that Again I felt the great appreciation, love and gratitude of our "moment" of conscious connection -- it was of divine inspiration and in the listening it re-created that "moment" we shared and the energy flowing.....I tell you the energy and the sparks were flying! When two or more are gathered -- (you know the words) -- and in the flow of our connection the gathered energy was an amplifying of that ENERGY and the FLOW of what is... It brought a thought to me -- that in that blessed moment we shared and the energy that flowed, it can and is felt and that is where the true communication of the "new" is -- so why not share the energy that is felt on and in the tape?!!! What do you think? I am not trying to push you into anything I just FEEL it is so DIVINE and the energy that passed between and through us is sooooo evident... I know others would "get" the energy from listening to it as well. SO I humbly ask your permission if we/I can share this tape of ours with others?

Okay -- I just have to share from the purist of intentions -- you are not any longer (just) the embodiment of ZakaiRan.... you reached "higher"/ more in your awareness and energy -- you are to me Z!On~ Damn! -- I just saw something there -- it looks like Zion! Hmmmm.....

You are such a love! I copied some more of your words here -- see below and while you were saying/writing those words I know you were/are carrying the awareness but not quite fully "seated" in it (with seat belts on and in the full upright position ;-) ) -- we do that -- we "practice" within our knowing and then something profound happens and we are it. In all those words that you expressed "what" you are -- you ARE MORE! Remember????

Damn I LOVE YOU and am soooooooo appreciative..
blessings from the bliss, ~nikki

(feed me, feed me...snicker snicker says the "brat")


I would definitely like to take some of your ascension techniques courses, however, I am stuck in California and having just moved here from Canada, I don't yet know enough people who would want to get together and take the classes with me, by having you come to us. Is there any way you plan on any online or correspondence courses in the near future?
Thx Lexis

Hello, Susie Breeze here. A couple of months ago I did email you (stiff upper lipped person from UK) to ask to be added to your 'goodies' list. We are the Breeze family, Nigel, me (Susie) and our two free-range, organic sons, William and Noel, currently living in the beautiful far south-west of England, on the Lizard peninsula. I've been printing out your amazing articles and sending them across the land to friends who may be blasting off, who, in turn are handing them to their pals, after Nigel and I have read and digested them of course. I was going to ask about the ascension masters toolkit which you said would be ready soon but I guess it'll be ready when its ready at the exact right time. The articles on Mary Jane and Hemp are brilliant. Thanks for taking the time and everything to research so thoroughly. Do you know of lots of ascending people lurking on this land? Now we've got some idea of what's happening to us, we can get a handle on what to do next. Many blessings from over the waters Susie

Dear brother thank you for sending me the museletter , I LOVE reading your view , It does a beautiful sound . Angel Alex (Alessandro)

Hello ZaKaiRan! I received your 'Earth Ascension Times' last Tuesday, plus your other emails and just wish you to know that they are wonderful messages and so relevant in our World today. You obviously have such a great perception of the Spiritual Realms as well as of our near Neighbours outside of our Solar System. What a great feeling! In particular, I enjoyed your Treatise on Karma - What is it and is it real? LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR WORK! You are SO prolific, - I love all that you have to say! LOVE AND BLESSINGS, CLAIRE (complete letter below)

O'siyo (hi) dearest ZaKaiRan, I was smudging and doing ceremony when I felt your presence and went to the computer and found your email. I'm truly wondering if I am going to be able to not levitate when I try to walk. I did call upon your presence to assist me in my accelration of my light body and ascension and WOW, I'm buzzing, dude. You have made me laugh my greatest laughther when I'm concentrating on your wonderful writing and you blast away with a most hilarious and expressive colloquialism. I'm under immense attack by the slumbering tribal members where I work here for Early Childhood Services for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. I am Tsalagi from the South but came here following Spirit to do the thing we do. These individuals are threatening my livelihood and I am a single woman. My spirit friend is a Siberian Timberwolf, I've had him since he was conceived, he's an embodied spirit, Usti Wahya. My human partner is an ancient Blackfeet elder from the Kainai Tribe of Canada, and he goes back and forth between here and there. The largest city nearby is Missoula, but still an hour's drive so I do not consciously know your Mom's buddy. We were planning on getting married until I read your treatsies on marriage, he he he. Well, unity is unity with or without a contract and this dude is so fine! I am going to send you the address of his website and then mine is linked to it (Spirit Dancer's Site). I would hope to give you a few smiles for you have given me so much already.

In the Light, Sigini ilskisti (Spirit Dancer) Wado (thanks) for everything!

Let Your Spirit Soar! Dear ZaKaiRan~

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love on your website. As I read each article, the title turned another color. I dreaded the time when they all were read. But the information continues on other levels.

So many questions I'd had were answered and now in expansion. It's really Heaven on Earth here for me in the Flathead Valley. I pass a herd of buffalo each morning and evening, golden and bald eagles and hawks swoop down to commune with me, the Mission Mountains stand majestic and fill me with Mother Earth's magnificence. In my aloneness, I'm fully united with All That Is. You have both been generous in your sharing. This weekend, as I dance in the circle at the local powwow, you both will be in my thoughts. What a wonderful experience this Ascension is, and being joined with such Ascended Masters as yourselves! Thanks A Lot Sigini ilskisti

I must say I do enjoy reading your joyfull way or expressing your self through words, it is very refreashing thank you for your joy. So I thought I would say hi.
Thank you for all you are and all you do. Your friend and spiritual brother. Anthony

Thanks for your web site it's a blessing I found it. Michael.

Hi zaza, my name is jamilliah and i enjoy reading your articles, their very light, funny,and interesting.......

Subscribe me baby! I saw no Twinflame info on your site. I think it is important now to mention it because there are a great many people meeting their twin. By this meeting they are awakened to their true selves. Not that I think everyone should search for their twin. On the contrary, people much search within themselves for the love they wish to feel. This leads them on the path to God. There are however people like me who were born with a soul memory. I knew what my twin looked like. I knew he was here somewhere and I followed my heart to him. We planned all that has happened so far prior to our incarnation. I met my twin over 8 years ago and have never had a physical relationship with him and have not seen him in 7 years. The Unconditional love we feel for each other is what forced our ascension. I am in my light body.

I have not yet found time to read all of your articles, but I enjoyed what I did read so far. I look forward to visiting again when I need clarification. Unconditional love is the fastest ascension method. Much Love Shell


Hi There! I'm Yeliz, and I'm from Ankara, Turkey (Post code:06690). First of all, I would like to say I love you, and thank you. I was surfing internet a few days ago, searching about starseeds, and suddenly I found your article page. From that day on, I'm addicted! I laugh a lot, think a lot while reading. I cannot find a word to describe the change you've made in my life. I find my self in every word in your articles. I would like to subscribe your E-Museletter. And thank you very much again for sharing your journey with us! Love, light, and a big hug! Yeliz

Greetings Zakairan, Just a short note to say I enjoyed your web site very much,exspecialy the Articles on Judgement, Mary Jane, I have been beating my self up about Mary Jane... Matthew James

Hello. My name is Matthew James. I am still in my first year of my "awakening" but have assimilated so much information and it has been so transformational for me. Your webpage is awesome, your commonality makes the reading funny and pleasant. Hey Im not a slut! well........... now that I think about it? Just a joke. Anyways, Id like you to help me in my Light Body Activation hopefully before I turn 22....

Whenever I see Zakairan , like seeing it than in my email, I get all excited. I feel something amazing is just around the corner. Matthew James

Your words speak for themselves and make me resonate thetas how I know the truth. You have been a stepping stone in my personal Ascension. Namaste Ronald Watkins, R.N.

thanks for your articles, Ive read so many books and articles why couldnt yours have come along 3 years ago and saved me all the confusion and fustration. i love your frank and candid style of "keeping it real". i cant wait for the day when all the contemplation and meditation on things youve illuminated cause me to get back up and live. you're appreciated, kahbir damian

Hi Zakairan, Just thought I'd send a little message regarding your web site. Although I understand the nature of polarities & opposition etc etc , I must admit I find such actions very annoying ( censored - haha) . Despite all of this, the success of our mission(s) is inevitable & unstoppable . The more times we are attacked , the more chances we have to effect the related energy (which always gives me a great big laugh whenever I am feeling burdened ).To quote a song "we're using love as a weapon of war" Your brother in arms & love, Sean

Hello there my love, I just wanted to send out the HUGEST universal huggingly massive THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for telling me about the whaling and chasing me up about getting my arse there...i have had the most PHENOMENAL experience of love i have ever known.

It's blown me away and left me shiningclear and bright and very very warm...Life's bliss is sooooooooo abundant when you open yourselfto believing you deserve it.and trusting the path.I love you.will catch up soon.Higher self ball, Thomas concentrations or HALO work... iam enveloped in it all and am spreading my love far andwide.=====

LOVE!!! peace & moonshine kisses omstar kass XOXOXOXOXOX

Blessings to you, I had the most wonderful experience as I read your web site. It felt so familiar. The thoughts were those that I have been hearing for some time now, but just didnt fit into my reality. If that makes sense. I laughed so hard when I read that the ships dont have time to pick anyone up. That was so funny and so true. And the word insension , wow another wonderful reality. We aren't going anywhere but within, I also resonated to your Mayan
/plieadian connection, That made sense to me as well. I have never found another here that has that connection. I knew that there was somone here on earth that had the true answers to what is going on now. I am so grateful that I guided myself to your website. I am goig to have fun reading everythign that is there.

BTW my name is Paula and I live in Maine USA. This is a blessed day for sure.. thank you for all that you do. much love, Paula

I amazed by the energy that pours out of your emails. The last one about August 17th filled me with such unbelievable joy. Thank you. Again!!
I have just moved from very close to you to very faraway in earth terms. But funnily I think I feelcloser to you here.

So I am excited these days and completely freaked outbut so deeply loved and supported in my journey by mypersonal guides and our greater ones. Having you hereon earth as I dive off this tall bridge is deeplyinspirational and helpful. When I read your emails Iknow my cells are evolving and growing towards the fulfillment of my personal divinity on earth. I amblown away that everyone will have this sameopportunity. It is awe-ful.

so. This is me. I don't know why I just told you allthat but there you go. Life works in mysterious ways. Much love, jacintha (portuguese - one of three little children(with francisco and lucia) in Fatima who saw a vision of the virgin Mary)

Dear Zakairan, Thankyou, you recently came to me in a dream, telling me to WAKE UP! So to speak. Mariash

Dear ZaKaiRan I've revisited your site a few times now over the last day ... wow, great articles, I've enjoyed reading them very much. Although I feel (largely) through that stage of wanting to read, read, read, occasionally I'll encounter material that resonates and stands out, such as yours did for me last night. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide us all!

I found the dates you mentioned coincided with important events for me, such as a daughter born March 1988 (shortly thereafter I had my first conscious experience of leaving my body and being taken somewhere). I found your article on angels and et's brought tears to my eyes….., and earlier this year my higher self and/or guides showed me my "future self" a "child" angel ... my interpretation at that time being that I may be a cherub…. Anyway ... love the site and your articles are most informative, detailed and presented in a level-headed manner. Thanks, With love and appreciation, Lynne


Hello ZaKaiRan - Thanks for the Email and also your energy input and assistance in supporting me to connect more fully with my male aspect of self at Living Light Conference in January. As the age-old saying goes"expect the unexpected". One thing I can be sure of is that up to now Icome out of each new experience with much love and connection to my dancingheart - after the roller coaster ride that is!For the email listing I live at Umina Beach NSW (near Gosford).Blessing to you NOELENE BIRD

Zakairan: Thank you for the clarity of your words......I wholeheartedly agree on many levels with your perceptions. It was a pleasure to read all of your "articles" posted on your site. Your ability to simplify "things" with words is amazing..... Warm Regards, Deborah

I thank my I AM PRESENCE for the gift of you in my life. I appreciate our friendship. I appreciate your love, wisdom and gifts which you share with me. Thank you for your selfless service to us. Dr. Franklin Okwere, Radiant Light Centre, ABA Abia State Nigeria

ZaKaiRan, Yes, you did respond and I apologize for not thanking you sooner. The information you sent was very helpful. I was able to use some of the toolsfrom the Ascension Toolkit that you sent me and release some of my pain. Ihave also been going to the regeneration chamber at night whenever the painfrom the fibromyalgia flares up again. The MASH team has been very helpfulalso.I appreciate your help that arrived exactly when it needed to. I am notpain free or able to do all the things I used to, but I have begun toexercise in very small steps and do see my body improving - at least it isgoing in the right direction instead of continuing the spiral into pain.The last few months have seen many changes as I let go of old beliefsystems, especially in regards to the spiritual information that comesthrough. I am learning to be more discerning, to listen to my True Voiceand not allow myself to be influenced or controlled by anyone else's truth.I am at a place of some confusion right now as I tap into the Sourcedirectly to find answers about the present and the future. The channeledinformation that has been coming through has been very contradictory so I nolonger rely on anyone else's info - I go straight to Source. By tappinginto the Mind of God I get the truth that is meant for me and not someoneelse's ideas of what is happening on earth at this time.Your writings have been most helpful as you seem to "tell it like it is"without all the b.s. I look forward to reading any new material yourelease. In Gratitude and Service, Gelajimah

Way cool site, man! Dude, you are so cosmic! You are like that dude the Sphinx in the movieMystery Men! You should move here to California, man! You could hang outand really groove! When I read your letter about hemp, I just had to pullout my bong, crush some ice, and toke down a big fat bowl of Mendocino KGB! And I'm gonna use that line about heartgasms on some of my girlfriends toget them to bang me! YOU ARE ONE AWESOME DUDE!!! Thanks, man! Jah LuvsYa!!! Dave B.

ZaKaiRan, I am affirmed with joy to experience the alignment between our perspectives.
Thank You for being so masterfully articulate in expressing perspectives that appear to me as universally true. My life is enhanced by experiencing the alignment between our perspectives. I have forwarded Your perspectives to my family and friends. I am grateful for Your presence in my life. With Thanks and Blessings of Highest Love, Jim. "James Ruf"

Hi ZaKaiRan, I read your article titled "The Key to Enlightenment" Elohim vol. 6, issue 2 and found it exceptionally inspiring! Thanks for that. I would like to join your e-mail list. Nicholas Steffens

Bless you and thrill us with your original and stimulating articles soon. We need you badly to laugh at ourselves in this transition - Sincerely thanks - M

You are all soooo beautiful. It warms my heart to read your beautiful words. Blessed be the manifestations of your truth. So mote it Be. Love Om "omanisa"

You have a gift of communicating with words, cutting through the heart of the matter, no pun intended. I enjoyed visiting your website tremendously. My gut feeling tells me that you are trustworthy and reliable. Many thanks, Ridha Family of Light

We are cosmic brother and sister... your heart and intuition and understanding of the universe are soooo similar to mine.. it's simply so comforting and beautiful.. that you exist.. thank you..
I send you my deepest love and care, dear Zakairan...

God bless you always and in all ways With a cosmic hug and an infinite kiss I remain in the oneness of our Spirit Marcela

Please keep me aware of new writings you post or have available to read. you put things into such easy straight forward terms, that i giggle with agreement to your words. sorry, im hooked :) and im not letting you go, i adore the brain food - Deborah

Dear Zakairan, Thank you so much for the humor on bitching and moaning. It was a soothing balm as I needed a lot more humor in the recent week. From the Heart, Karen

i had to take a minute to say a very grand canyon - maybe mars size thank you for your kind words --they really uplifted my spirit and made the going off to illinois a much more pleasant experience -- you are quite good at what you do -- what an immense pleasure that is
the sun girl

Your site is wonderful. More helpful links than I have ever found before. Thank you, Sharon Neuhaus

Many thanks for your beautiful insights. Just what I needed today. Bless you
Warm Regards, Peter Watsford

Thank you so much for sending me the info you sent last week. It is so helpful in my journey. I too am shifting atm and seeking information. I greatly appreciate your kindness.
Love and light to you my friend,

God you make me laugh, you're so funny and I love it hahaha, thank you thank you thank you thank you, you crazy person! Gem Brown

I have seen a copy of "Earth Ascension Times" and it was literally such a moving reading that gave me some very welcome warm tears of joy. just reading of the experience with the whales and hearing the song above the water evoked strong remembrances for me. it would be an honor to receive future editions of this. Namaste, Marty

Thank you for all the great articles etc etc. Your website is wonderful! - I stumbled on it, I love that! And a very happy birthday to you :) xxx Gem

Your message's are fantistic. I am really enjoying your work.. I want to read everything.
Carolyn Thibert - Sacramento Calif.

Dear ZaKaiRan, would you please put me on your mailing list, to receive your newsletters. I have been following your articles in Sedona/Elohim magazine and you really speak to my heart. Love and blessings, from the one heart/mind, Shirley Mason

Dear ZaKaiRan, I'm constantly filled with awe and gratitude for the magnificent beings who cross my path, with their offerings of wisdom and love. many heartfelt thanks for sending me your newsletter - the term does not do the content justice. The information you bring through touches me at a very deep level. I recognise it as truth (my truth anyway) and all your articles have served as a remembering and re-awakening for my soul, a kind of rekindling of ancient wisdom.

Your article on exclusive relaitonships got a huge response from me. I thought "here is a man who speaks my language". And of course as synchronicity would have it, it landed on my desk at the most exact perfect moment, and really helped me deal with a particular emotional drama.

Please keep these articles coming, this would is in need of some grounded spirituality. Love in abundance, Shirley


My Dearest ZaKaiRan,

Approximately one month ago, I received an e-mail from you. (Divine Sovereignty) Upon reflection, I now see that this was in Divine timing. I am one of the transition members that you refer to in your article. The last year of this journey, has been taxing to say the least, especially the past seven months, as I have been experiencing total imbalance in my body. I have not left my apartment in four months. My body is in constant pain, especially in my hip area, and if that is not bad enough, I've also had to deal with mastering limitation and the illusions of the material world in a major way, as I now have no source of income, and is dependent on a family member to take care of me. I have cried more in the past seven months, than I have in my entire lifetime.

Since receiving your e-mail, I had another family member copy every article from your website for me. Let me tell you, I have been in my glory since reading these articles. Thanks to you, I am now very clear about my purpose here. I am now grateful for the experience of physical imbalance, as I have experienced tremendous growth during this period, and I know that this is a temporary limitation, for which you have provided all of the tools/resources to allow for a different perspective.

The best way that I could describe what these articles mean to me is that this is certainly the matrix that I have been aspiring to function from, I truly get that I am a spiritual being, having a human experience, that in itself takes a major load off my shoulder, and I am now willing to own that title. I have accepted my God self as the creator of my realities and I am training my mental and emotional bodies to adjust accordingly. I feel wonderful doing the pranic exercises. Your version of this exercise resonates most with me, as I crave simplicity, exercises that I can incorporate as daily standard practices without having to think about it.

Your articles have also answered all or most of my unanswered questions. I now feel some clarity about my origin. I started reading the Pleiadian channelings and books in 1995, I remember getting very excited about the career title. (Systems Buster) I immediately knew that was my calling, and I set out to do just that. Be a person that alters systems of Consciousness within the Divine Will Universe. Over the years, I have been very resistant to claiming them as kin. Your articles has now cleared up all misconceptions. We are all family, and we are all serving the divine purpose, which is to create Heaven on Earth, first for ourselves and then that triggers others to follow that path.

Over the past nine years, I have followed the following teachings: Pleiadians, Neale Donald Walsh, Kryon, The Crimson Council, The Group, Keriel, Sananda, Michael (Daddy) Metatron, The Brotherhood of Light, and many other masters, and I must say that all I have learned from these entities is covered in your articles, thereby putting the final pieces of the puzzle together, and for that I am extremely grateful. Thirteen years ago, I started working on a project, which after reading your articles, I now understand that I was co-creating one possible matrix for the new Cities of Light. I also realized that for about three years, I have been visualizing myself creating this new community. I now understand why I had to go through all the changes in excruciating detail, I can now teach from my experiences, and while reading the articles, I began seeing that the project actually is a document of my experiences on this journey of ascension.

The simplicity of your use of language is heaven sent for me, as I crave simplicity, simplicity of understanding, simplicity of intent, simplicity in vision, simplicity in explaining what ascension is all about.Simplicity in the provision of tools and resources to accomplish this mission. Thank you for being the human angel that you are. You've made me feel most welcome, you,ve lighted the path for me claim my Divine Birthright as a Christ of God. I feel honored to be a subscriber of your newsletter.

Love and Light Ingrid

Hey Good Lookin' ZaKaiRan...Whatcha Got Cookin'~~~

Yesterday, I fell Madly in LOVE with YOU!! Following Spirit Surfing the Web I found YOU! Just reading YOUR name Sent Spiritual Shivers. Today, after spending time with your stuff, I AM insanely in LOVE WITH YOU & Totally Orgasmic. Then to find out YOU are a "Byron Bay Boy"...One of my favorite spots on the Planet...Wow...YOU are Blessed Beyond the Beyond!!!

"I AM ALLTHERE IS"~"ONE" Voice Wailing in the Wilderness.....Lemurian Lady "Luminali", Perky Pleides Pixy, Multidimensional Mayan Mystic "Crystal White Dog", Sexy Shakti Shamaness, Ascending Aphrodite Pandemos, Curious Cute Child & Cosmic Co~Creator, Face of the Divine, Rose of Sharon~Christ's Craziest Cheerleader, Star of Self & Her Heavenly Hero, Superconscious Savy She, Energetic Electra Light Show, Warrior of the Wink & Way, Tantric & Hip Hop & Salsa Lover of US ALL, ONE Man Band, Truth Transmission Tech, Compassionate Collective Caretaker & Kind Keeper of Kin, Wild Wisdom Walker, Drip Dry Deva, Pioneering Planetary Partner, Very Violet Vixen, Gaia Goddess of Hearts, Flying Freedom Fighter, Airy Atlantean Ascendant, Passionate People Priestess, Devilish Dawn Dancer, Sensual Slinky ShapeShifter, Leading Actress in The Divine Comedy, Wonderfully Wierd Wacko, Luscious Laughing Lunatic & Lip Licker, Sly Source Seer, Merry Mother of Many, Fantastically Funny Fuck-Up, Western Wind Wrangler, Tantallizing Tango
Trickster, Kinky Kali Kasma...(who sometimes sends "BALLS" soaring...no offense intended), Flaming Firey Fairy, Propaganda & Political Pry, Gum Guzzling Give it Up & Go Ginger Girl, Pretty 'n Pink Party Princess, Magical Moonlight Mastress, Blue Blooded Burper.................CEASE!!! ENOUGH!!

That story could go on forever...You Catch My Wave!! Whoppee!! My current home is the City of Angels...The game I AM playing NOW is Paramount/Viacom TV Producer.

Over the last several years, I have been "Fascinated"....love that word...with several Visions given by Source & slowly, slowly moving toward manifestation. After an intense 6 week Vision Quest & Transformational Time, your words "Pushed Me Over The Edge" to the Point of Now Return! Whew!! Just in time, before I write up some Planetary Proposals (see below)...Hope You don't mind if I rip you off, here & there...I mean why expend energy...When YOU have said IT ALL in such a nice package! Thanks, Man!

I AM "Fascinated" with Creating A Gathering Place...You might call it a "Goddess Temple!" That's Retro!! A place where the Tribes can gather for Ongoing Awakening & Inspiration & FUN (the most important aspect)...towards Altering the Paradigms of Artistic Expression & I AM Talking About Mainstream Media...Breaking out of Limitations That Have Held Down Freedom of Spiritual Expression...even though the last 5-10 yrs, there have been some signs that traditional "Sold Out" media is being forced to move a bit....eventually they will ALL get onboard!

(During Vision Quest, I have been thrilled to find so many great sites on the Web, including yours)

OUR TIME IS NOW TO SHOW THEM HOW...One Way to Get to the Heart of the Many is through the Magic of Art...Film, Music, TV, Radio, Written Word, Performance Art, Prose, Colors on Canvas, etc. etc. etc.

"Bodhisitta" would be a type of club setting~Restaurant, Bar, Stage, Multi-Layered Patio With Lots of Hot Tubs on the lower level, Over-Looking the downstairs would be Luscious Lounging Booths for Meditation or What Ever Comes To Mind/Body, Media Rooms for Creations & Broadcast, Resource Room, and then the upper floor would house a Healing Center and private quarters.

Now this is Funny...In Total Surrender & Thinking Big (as you can probably already tell), during an intense journey, received word that I should consider doing it for "No Money!" What a Mind Blender! At the time, I didn't really know how to think about that proposition, it's a bit ahead of it's time...So, I kept IT Hidden In My Heart.

Months later, I asked a close friend in the media & supporter who knows about this Vision, to do a Tarot reading...Part way through our time together, he said, "There is something very odd here...I don't quite know how to tell you what I see...I encouraged him to just spit out whatever was coming to mind...His reply was that the manifestation of this Vision would come about without "Money!"

So, Since We Are Creating A New Cosmic Civilization...Why not be a Divine Fool and Go For It?? We All know how much pain & suffering & trouble the...pardon me...God Damned Almighty $$$ has been...and I'm not disrespecting Our Father or Mother...'cause we both know ALL things have their purpose, but It's Just About Time To Change All That!

There's more to this Cosmic Concept & Others, but that's for another time. Would you consider dialoguing with me about this a bit, since YOU are an Artist & Former Angel City Dweller? Besides, don't you have something similar going on within your work in Sydney?? Maybe I could give YOU a hand...or a pair of feet? Where'd I stash my running shoes??

YOU ARE AWESOME! AIN'T IT THE TRUTH!....BUT THEN, AREN'T WE ALL!! Until Another Time............................

In Adoration & Appreciation, Sending Love, Light & Laughter Luminali Namaste!

ps...This Was A Blast...Beyond Time!!

check out www.goddesscentral.com ~ hit Mobsters, Merlin & Me...scroll down to "The Mothership Connection"...you can read the story if you want, the photo attached is of a friend & I...I'm the blonde...Bisou! Bisou!!


Complete Letter of above letter from Claire

Hello ZaKaiRan! I received your 'Earth Ascension Times' last Tuesday, plus your other emails and just wish you to know that they are wonderful messages and so relevant in our World today. You obviously have such a great perception of the Spiritual Realms as well as of our near Neighbours outside of our Solar System. What a great feeling!

In particular, I enjoyed your Treatise on Karma - What is it and is it real? For quite a number of years I've been in a quandary about Karma, because so many New Agers believe in it and believe that yes, we DO reap what we sow. I've never been quite certain about whether I'll get punished for hitting my dog or stepping on dozens of ants or thinking bad thoughts about my neighbour. I'm really serious! I even quit doing a Healing Course because my Teachers decided to do a lecture on Karma and the effects that it has on our Lives - Past, Present and Future. They told us we had to heal all our karma and come to terms with it and to always be aware of it. Well, I just couldn't acknowledge that there could be such a thing hanging over me. The Past can affect our present but do we really reap what we sow? That may be true to a certain extent, but what if there is actually NO Karma and nothing to be afraid of? The Past IS the Past - we can never bring it back and why should we indeed? I loved your certainty that "...like everything in this reality karma exists based on our perception of it, it is one of our creations of limitation." It's only been in recent years that I've come to believe my Teachers in the Spiritual Realms that 'Karma', as it has been seen here on Earth, really isn't what we expect it might be. Perhaps it was so in ancient times and even in Now Times by some teachers of spiritual beliefs, but only if WE ourselves believe it.

I DON'T believe that 'karma' exists at all. We are all here to learn, to experience, to love each other and to believe that we can and will be, INDIVIDUALS. Yes, people do base how to be and how to act and what to believe upon experience, upon the Past. Time is the great illusion, the great mystery, and yet...what is Time? Time is 'not of the essence' as the Spirits who have lived their Lives previously on this Earth Plane know it. It is not rushing to and fro. It is the projection of Themselves (the Spirits who have lived) and ourselves, onto the Board of Soundwaves, or airwaves, of the Universe. The purpose of 'Time' is to experience. The purpose is to be fulfilled in the roles in which we have all been assigned by the Heavenly Powers - these being ourselves and our Soular Energies.

Karma is seen as punishment for 'wrong-doing', as we on Earth perceive it. Wrong-doing is NOT 'wrong' or 'right'. It is only BEING. Being ourselves in Love. There is no wrong, there is only the Beingness of Creative Forces asking us to acknowledge our own Selves: the 'big Self' of Learning how to be, and the 'small self' (with a small 's') of just being our own sweet and (sometimes!) lovable selves. We create our own "Karma" by putting ourselves in the position of not loving. Not loving ourselves, or each other, for that matter. So Soul says, "Here, do it again. This time we hope you'll get it right!"So we are given Choice. The choice to freely be the sweet self of Love, or the not-so-sweet self of hate, or bigotry, or misdemeanour, or intolerance or injustice, or whatever.

THIS IS THE 'KARMA' of which so many people speak - The opportunity to learn AGAIN AND AGAIN. This is what I believe Karma to be. There is never 'evil', and there are no 'evil spirits', as so many people believe. Here again, if there is evil in their world, that is how they have chosen to experience this Creation! You are so right, ZaKaiRan, when you believe that it is OUR perception of what is right or wrong or what we should do or how we should act that determines our Future. Our futures are dependant on the Past to a certain extent because we know that we can learn from our 'mistakes' - if 'mistakes' are our learning mode or tools. Our Present, our Now, is what counts, but nevertheless we can all learn from past experiences, whether they be seen to be bad, or good, or sad, or uncertain or even detrimental to our happiness (as we see it). It isn't so! We are ALL seen to be souls in the learning process. We are all loved whether there is 'karma' to be gotten rid of or exterminated or expiated or whatever, or whether we don't believe in karma at all.

LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR WORK! You are SO prolific, - I love all that you have to say!


Hi, it's Pablo, remember me?! I'm sending you this cuz i thought you might appreciate it, they're some lyrics and an article i wrote, some of it was inspired by you so this is my thank you!

Lyrics :

Just like everyone else, I'm a living contradiction.
I'm a powerful transistor operating life in fiction.
I'm a paradox, and a design impossibility.
I'm a peace & love guerrilla, shining light on sens futility.
I'm a junkie for information and for weed.
Any chance I get to get, I get around and plant a seed.
Of mental freedom, which we so direly need
My desire is a fire against the power of greed.
I'm a reality transistor I'm a shifter of here,
For the truth I'll make conviction and I'll do it without fear because..

We can't be beat; you know you can't be beat.
Any process any sys, faces eventual defeat.

Life is illusion, graphics the best they come.
Bit mapped rendered voxels on a flake of silicone.
Whereas we, are like water and the sun.
We're truth unfound unshaken and we've only just begun.

As an information junkie with a hunger for truth.
I'm a padre for the hungry with a hunger for truth.
I disseminate, assimilate & integrate.
While they dissimulate, exterminate, obliterate.
Our parents our brothers our sisters and more.
The enemy is us when we look down to the floor.

Beaten we are & beaten we're not,
We decide the side we take we decide on what we've got.
When we stand up to our truth and spread the power of the Maya.
The whole will radiate, it's a vibe que no se calla.
Packed in, packed tight, there is no fright for that which *might* as it is not,
lets just get it right, cuz we've already won.
We're only just one and we've already won.
So it don't matter, and in a way it does.
We are here to integrate the final paradox.
As we expand, in our awareness and light.
We open up our intuition as we open our sight.
To what is real and what has real become?
That's a question you can answer because we've already won!

Article :


Quantum physics have proven that outcome is subject to intent, basically, what you expect is what you get.

This is proof that we create our own reality. Our reality mirrors our expectations and thoughts.

Using this as your base, its simple to see that everything is a construct and we are indeed in a matrix of energy.
The matrix is true.

Everything is energy, this is fact, it just vibrates at different frequencies, some we perceive some we dont, some frequencies we cant see or perceive even tho they're all around us.

Like a dog whistle, we can't hear it but its there, recent experiments with water prove that indeed consciousness exists in everything, and everything is aware of everything else, hence everything is interlinked and WHOLE. You are part of this whole.

Do you think your cells argue about whether you exist? No, they just KNOW and they function. We are very much the same thing.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to do something against gods wishes.


A) God has no wishes, God just is.
B) God is not some entity, God is the whole, and the whole is Love.
C) How would it be possible for something to happen against god's wishes? It isn't.

The truth is, earth is a school, that we created, as a test, to see what bias energy would take if left in a neutral playing ground. (positive, negative or balanced).


Most people would say that hate is the opposite to love, but in fact, hate springs from a desire of love. Hence hate is another form of love.

ALL emotions are a form of love.

Imagine love as a pure white light, whilst you are a crystal that receives that white light and transforms it into different colours. (red -angry/sexual) (blue - sad/mellow) etc.

There is no opposite to love, as love is god, and god is all.

FEAR is the denial of love, and as such is an illusion.

FEAR is an ILLUSION. It is not real.

It is only by fearing that we manifest fearful things, the reason the world is so fucked at the moment is that most of us live in fear. The powers that be control us with fear, it's their favourite tool! (war on terror).

The powers that be are going crazy because they're losing all their power because we are no longer interested in living with fear. we're over it!
So they're doing what they can.. (terror, chemtrails, suppression of information, lies etc.) but it will all backfire (karma, plus people can only be pushed so far).

After hundreds of thousands of years in this "game", the earth at this time, is the culmination of the whole.. imagine a huge complicated maths equation, with no answer yet, the earth is the = sign, and we are the answer.

Science has proven that as a species we are actually evolving into 12 strand crystalline DNA beings, children are being born with a 3rd DNA strand, they are partly psychic, and have a high self esteem. (Indigo children, ADD).
This is being supressed by governments as well as other secret and powerful institutions because they are scared of what we are becoming. We are becoming powerful and developing many incredible abilities, some people are aware of this, most are not. This is due to ignorance and mental programs or "mind control". (EG : you just rolled your eyes)

I.E = People will believe complete lies rather than look at a "conspiracy" because they have been "programmed" to dismiss anything remotely connected to a "conspiracy" without even looking at the facts.

Due to this, those that are most open minded will be the first to become aware of the TRUTH.

We are living the most exciting times in the history of the universe, it is sad that most of us aren't aware of it or don't care. But trust this & please do not buy any fear.

Now there are PLENTY of conspiracy theories, a lot of them are very true, but they don't matter! Only YOU matter, your personal choices etc!

We have been trained to sacrifice ourselves for others and to not be proud of our skills, this is to keep us from becoming empowered, can you imagine an earth of empowered, free individuals? There would be no need for government.

The truth REALLY IS out there, the net is a wonderful tool, for it lets you travel across peoples minds all over the world without moving off your seat, you can trust websites more than the newspapers, T.V or radio because they have not gone through a million filters to cater to the lowest common denominator.

However, none of it matters, because the game is finished & we've already won. We've just gotta do it.!

We NEED to wake up as a matter of urgency!

Follow your heart, do not create any more fear, trust, be happy and chill.

DO NOT try to be all spiritual! If you're angry and there's cause, then be angry! If you're sad, be sad! Don't be all smiles and positive if you dont feel like it! Bottling up anger is 10 times worse than getting it out. Do not sacrifice yourself for others if you dont want to! This is one of the biggest problems in the world today.

The problem isn't that we're too mean, it's that we're too nice, we let people walk all over us, and then we complain and continue the victim cycle!

The time is now, we are here to create a new world, if we dont fix it within 10 years, then we're stuffed, but as I said, it's all good.

Remember : We've already won!

Life is a paradox and a contradiction, it lets YOU decide what side you take, I suggest you take neither and enjoy the ride.

The more you claim the God inside you, the more you become a god and the more people can see it in you. This inspires them to become God also.

Life becomes more and more wonderful and full of magic, heaven on earth..

Now realize that YOU also are god, but just a bit more special, because you had the guts to come to this physical existence at this time to solve the riddle that has been plaguing the mind of god since creation.

Do you dig? let me know if ive got it wrong! Bye! -Pablo

Save Some For Daddy Got It. Do You? http://www.savesomefordaddy.com


# Hey Guy, I am working on your web-stuff. I just look for echoes & triggers, in an unconditional way, while envisioning bright light on the support so that the message echoes at best. Well, I am about to perfect it I guess. I deeply echoe with what you call "darkness Illuminator". I thank you so much for your presence in my life.

My opinion is that being a darkness illuminator is an extremely heavy burden. But this echoeing concept permits me to successfully make sense in all that. I am supposed to have chosen the main lines of my so-called mission 'before' I condense down into Earth-planes. I am sure I will find many more echoeing concepts from your website.

The lesser I wonder, the better. This function requires that I even behave beyond any human concept I guess. I use "discordance" instead of "darkness" concept. Remember I am a Pipe-organ player.

Discordant collective networks stimulated by concepts. My protection is: focusing on my multidimensional Self-network. The core of discordant egregores would be located in 4th-plane, cannot reach 5th vibrational mode. I guess I am almost unvisible to their perception-senses - I guess. As early as I don't echoe any longer with the concept of egregore itself, I think I would have reached unvisiblity from their point of view. No more open door for them. I am Concordance - no separability.

Well, limited words... But you know, though a piano is limited, Inspired Players can produce so incredible (to our senses) masterpieces.

# Today Saturday October 25th, I went to the Waterfall of Gavarnie's Circus, in the French Pyrenean Mountains. Weather is cold up there, and the waterfall is almost totally frozen. A waterfall of water-cristals, with regular explosions of unsteady icy-masses. 440 meters high. I walked for 1.45 hour in the snow (thin layer). I was lucky because I was able to watch big falls of tons of ice.

On the way to the waterfall, I was abandoning any human-behaviour, any calculations. Just mergered with Powerful Ancient Mountains. Far away from human. I met some similar ones on the way. Well, I heard some echoes from them. You know, we are Unconditional Pilgrims on the way to the mountains. No concept at all.

I have bought a wonderful pure cristal of calcite there (cheap). Clear, diamond-like.

You can notice geometrical shapes in Ancient Pyrenean Mountains: they are actually an uncredible huge masse of cristallised rocs. A monstruous cristals-group? Well, I feel familiar with that. Scary sometimes - if I keep some trace of human-likeness during these times.

# Next step = beyond concepts & beyond so-called Truth? I love my current concepts of "just hearing echoes & triggers, and go with the Flow".

See you soon on Earth, dear Unconditionally Beloved Friend, Axel the Pyrenean.

More Awesome Letters

Zakairan, big thanks for the tapes. well i lasted a good 3 weeks at treeplanting before i just had to get out of there. thing is, it wasn't so bad , it just wasn't totally magnificent in all ways for me right now. if i am meant to be somewhere, no compromises need to be made and to continue planting, i would have needed to do so. well i could have planted in the only way that was real to me but i would have gotten fired anyway.. it is 11 hour days, no real breaks, in a total rush to slap trees (laced with pesticides) into the ground to acheive your goal number of trees, make sure they are all planted with the correct quality standards, there is no real chance to add your own creativity/love/ intuition. plus, when you are essentially working for a logging company that caused the clearcut to begin with, and you know that the land that you are re-foresting will be raped/ pillaged in a few years once more it seems like one of the hugest wastes of energy that ever was. i seem to get offered jobs left and right, seemingly pretty good ones, so i take them and then realize i am not meant to work like that. this has been a huge pattern in the past. well no more! i really am not able to do something now and get money for it unless i would be doing it anyway. this experience has shattered even more of the survival bullshit that i was playing around with. i have so much trust that now the money/ whatever i need will manifest in a really joyous way. well many people think i am way too idealistic but i am excited to be a great example of that, no compromising what you know is real just to fit in to other people's idea of how things work. so i guess what i am saying here is woohoo i am free, and also that i give so much thanks to you for your words of truth, i knew there was a reason to speak with you before i left, indeed it was for all reasons including gaining clarity to trust my decisions. have a wondrous day, love alfie

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