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A compendium of Links to other awesome websites, masters, crazy characters, fun friends, awesome teachings, inside information, cosmic human connections, networking…, anything related to self-empowerment and the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.

Most of these websites I have not had time to check out. Many were recommended by others but most of them were put there by my own accord because I have made some contact with the owner, or have encountered an article or information about them and determined that they should be included in this links page for the interest of global networking and enlightenment.

This page is generally alphabetical, and there are sections within sections, plus additions at the end of other people's links pages, etc.


Newest Links

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Couponing



About the Heart - City of Light Andromeda - Liat - Assisting others in opening the heart and re-connecting the grids of light to the new earth.


ACTION ALERT - http://www.yahoogroups.com/community/actionalert


Aliciapower.com - Alicia Power - Facilitator/Speaker/Multi-Sensory Perception - "Perspective & Inner Harmony"

Alternative Archaeology


Ancient Underwater City in Japan

AtlantisRising.com - Ancient Mysteries, Future Science, Unexplained Anomalies,

Egyptian Hieroglyphics in Australia, Kangaroos, boomerangs in Egypt
Rex Gilroy
Awarenessquest.com/research.htm - data base of finds & remains related to pre-western occupation in Australia.

SacredSites.com - Places of Peace and Power. Anthropologist/photographer Martin Gray has visited and studied nearly 1000 sacred sites and power places in 50 countries around the world. This web site features hundreds of his photographs and detailed writings.

Hollow Earth / Subteranean Cities

Agartha - Princess Sharula - Secrets of the Subterranean Cities

Aurelia Louise Jones - Mount Shasta Light Publishing - the Lemurian Connection -

Dianne Robins Inner Earth People

Nicholas Roerich - Treasure of the World

Searching for Shambhala


Mythical Creatures

Timestar Earth

A Continued

Alternative Finance / Investing

Community Aid Abroad Ethical Investment Trust

Ethical Investment (Australia)
Ethicalinvest.com.au / www.naturalgateway.com / Australian Ethical Investments
Transformative funds: a new form of ethical investment
Centre for Australian Ethical Research

Fund for Global Awakening - P.0. Box 1179 - Point Reyes CA 94956-1179 / 1-415-663-8211

Community Banks (Australia)



Maleny Credit Union - Independent, Ethical, Environmental

Zumu Bank (Zero Unemployment Monetary Union)

Other Countries
JAK - Interest-free members owned banking- (Sweden)

Local Community Barter Currencies

Toronto Dollar (Canada)

LETS System Japan - emails - esaito@gifu-keizai.ac.jp & t-sato@gifu-keizai.ac.jp

OZPositive.net - Positive Newspaper with regular positive finance reports

Information Sources for Sovereignty - These are mailing addresses and phone numbers of various people and organizations who have information about sovereignty, state citizenship, untaxing and so forth. - http://www.worldtrans.org/sov/sovinfo.html
Visionary Companies - www.virotec.com

Alternative Health Therapies, Food, Products, Clothes

(Health Links)


Castor Oil Information Links

Cancer Cure Foundation - The ultimate one-stop source for information about alternative cancer treatments, therapies and clinics.

Colon Health - Enema Information - Everything you ever wanted to know about Enemas, Bastis and liquid Implants for your health including the equipment you need. - www.enemainfo.com

DIRTY SECRETS OF THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY by  Fallon, Sally, M.A. http://www.consumerhealth.org/articles/display.cfm?ID=20011005222648

Gerson Institute - Gerson.org - The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic treatment of degenerative disease. Founded by Charlotte Gerson in 1977, it is the only source for information on the true, unmodified, proven Gerson Therapy. We are here to provide you with caring, ethical guidance, as you make important decisions about your health. Whether you are patient already following the Gerson Therapy, or someone just getting started, this site will be an invaluable reference.

Hippocrates Health Institute U.S.: www.hippocratesinst.com
Hippocrates Health Institute Australia: www.hippocrates.com.au - www.doctorsaredangrous.com

Life Extension Foundation - Lef.org
Magnesium, Prill Beads - There are some wonderful new products available, that have concentrated magnesium in them and can be absorbed through the skin. This is the DOL & Magic Oil. Much better than taking orally and over-working the kidneys. The web site is: http://www.mandalavillage.org/ - It's free to become a member to get the products at a lower cost. The prices on this site are shown in Canadian Dollars. Also on this site is the information on the stone that has the energy in it to balance and purify water. Jim Carter is the man who discovered it many years ago. They now figure it is man made from at least as far back as Atlantis. They sell them as Prill Beads. Many people are being cured of Arthritis and many other so called incurable diseases.

Natural Antidotes to Biological Toxins

Seedsavers.net - Organic Seeds


Organic Cotton - www.maudnlil.com.au / www.gowings.com.au / Good Earth Clothing / Patagonia / Organic Farmers Association Australia www.ofa.org.au

Orgone biophysical Research Laboratory - www.orgonelab.org

Oxygen Therapies / NACLO2
Ed McCabe www.oxytherapy.com & http://healthfree.com
NACLO Health Products - Noah - www.naclo.com

Parasites US - 90 day cleanse - 1800-493-1146 - Dr. Valerie Saxion







The Secret Dangers of Splenda (Sucralose), an Artificial Sweetener - http://www.mercola.com/2000/dec/3/sucralose_dangers.htm


Vitamin C

The synthetic vs. natural vitamin C debate http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=400&i=1526


The Town of Allopath - http://www.mercola.com/townofallopath/townofallopath.htm

Australian Vaccination Network

Vaccination Liberation Association

The Wellness Goods Company is a Global Web Resource Center for Conscious Living, Body-Mind-Sprit Medicine and Alternative Healing, assisting in the activation and realization of our inherent and unlimited potential to achieve the states of wellness and Wholeness, of our Selves and our entire Planet... Our mission is to assist you in remembering... and in becoming... who you already are... but may have forgotten.

World Natural Health Organization (www.wnho.net)

Alternative Journalism, News, Information, Politics, Conspiracies, Whisleblowers


Adbusters (Canada) - non-profit, reader supported magazine: philosophical articles, activist commentary, political, economy, ecology… issues - www.adbusters.org

Alternative News Sources: Commondreams.org / Truthout.org / DemocracyNow.org - Amy Goodman / Alternet.org / Counterpunch.org / Jeff Rense - Rense.com / WorkingforChange.com/columnists.cfm - Geov Parrish / MoveOn.org / Voices in the Wilderness: http://www.nonviolence.org/vitw / ZMag.org / MotherJones.com / SouthEndPress.org (Scale down to "Authors in the News") / MichaelMoore.com / DavidIcke.com / Sherman Skolnick: http://www.skolnicksreport.com / ArundhatiRoy.org.uk / GregPalast.com / WillThomas.net / Earth Changes (Mitch Battros): http://www.earthchangestv.com/breaking/indexx2000.htm / UnitedforPeace.org / Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) - Publications:http://www.cesr.org/publications.htm /
Veteran's for Peace sites: http://www.veteransforpeace.org http://www.calltoconscience.net


Alternet.org - Resisting Bush's War

DisclosureProject.org - Video/DVD conference and information of high ranking officials in NASA, the secret government and military, revealing their ET involvement through the years.


Freedom - www.buildfreedom.com

GaiaGuys.net - Blowing the whistle on corrupt Australian politicians and their policies, and other conspiracies.

GoodNewsNetwork.org - News to Enthuse

The Green Left Weekly (Australia) - www.greenleft.org.au - (activism exposing the lies of politics)

Kochkyborg.de - "Achim's New Page" - exciting subjects of our time: The International Roswell Initiative, serious UFO research, Astronomy, Crop Circle Research and more. Achim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg are well-known German crop circle researcher.


Marc Ecko Tags Air Force One - http://www.stillfree.com/

MichaelMoore.com TheAwfulTruth.com - Michael Moore is the God of hilarious political/societal revelation who sees the humor in all of the insanity. The Awful Truth (hilarious TV show). Bowling for Columbine (doco), "Stupid White Men", (book)…

NESARA - www.fourwinds10.com - National Economic Security And Reformation Act - HISTORICAL FACTS: A Law secretly passed by U.S. Congress on March 9, 2000, which essentially is designed to create immediate World PEACE, World FREEDOM, and World PROSPERITY. To subscribe to the Dove egroup, send email to: dove of o@fourwinds10.com - with the "Subject: SUBSCRIBE". Also, DAILY Dove Report at http://www.fourwinds10.com - http://www.principalityofcamside.cc/Government/USA/NESARA/NesaraMain.htm
More Nesara links at end of links page


No Tax on books - Abolition of taxes to 1% debit tax. Nicolas de Bray Faulkner - www.thegreataustralians.com

OUTTHERETV.COM – News you won’t find anywhere else!!!!!!!!

Positive News
The Good Morning Times Happy Newspaper - http://www.divinepowers.org/gmt-news.html

Positive Futures Network - U.S. - www.futurenet.org

Positive News UK - www.positivenews.org.uk

RefuseandResist.org / Web.com/~conspire / Whatareweswallowing.com

Rumormillnews.com - Alternative News with many links

Star Disk found in Germany - http://www.kochkyborg.de

Tunguska and Global Warming - http://www.physorg.com/news11710.html

Alternative Technology / Free Energy

Air Car - Moteur Developpement International - (France) - www.mdi.lu

Allen Caggianos - High Efficiency Fuel Implosion System - www.get113to138mpg.com

Alternative 4 - www.webestry.com

Alternative Energy Systems - http://homepages.ihug.com.au


Alternative Technology Association Australia www.ata.org.au

Australian Gravitational Space Propulsion Research Innovations - the Key to the Universe - www.agspri.com

Clear Tech Inc., and Dr. Peter Lindeman - www.free-energy.cc/

Electrifying Times Magazine (U.S.) - www.electrifyingtimes.com


Free energy, the race to 0 point - www.lightworks.com

Free energy patents - www.delphion.com

Fuelsaver.com.au - 1800-44-25-66 - Hiclone

Futurehorizons.net - Featuring hoverboards, flying saucers, jetpacks, plasma sabers, Alternative Fuels. Bionics. Free Energy Experiments plans. High-Voltage. Tesla's Lost Inventions. New-Age Medicine - Rife Machine; Bio-Stimulator (acupuncture w/o needles). Psionics - ELF Goggles (Tune your mind beyond time and space into altered states of awareness). Pyrotechnics. Space-Age Weapons. Strange Science. Surveillance - radar speed jammer; wrist radio; HBO Descrambler. Time Travel. UFOs. Ultrasonics. Newsletter.

Genesisworldenergy.org - The Genesis Project and the Edison Device…Free Energy Technology - Multi-D News Technology breakthrough harnesses energy from the molecular structure of water - Fuel Cells...

Geoff Egel - http://energy21.terrashare.com/

Gravitational Propulsion/Alternative Science - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gravitationalpropulsionstevenson/ - Jim Stevenson <mysterystevenson@yahoo.com>

Green teach Josh and Kaia Tickell (U.S.) From the fryer to the fuel tank www.veggievan.org

Homepower magazine (U.S.) www.homepower.com

Infinite Energy Magazine - www.mv.com/ipusers/zeropoint - Cold fusion, New energy technologies, technical and non-technical articles papers and patents, plus social, political, and economic implications of these changes. Written and edited by scientists, engineers, and expert journalists, for lay persons, pioneering scientists, engineers, industrialists, and investors.

Inventions - www.triton-foundation.org

Jerry Decker - www.keelynet.com/

Jims Free Energy Page - www.1dove.com/fe/index.html

JLN Labs France - http://jnaudin.free.fr/

The Joe Cell - http://web.access.net.au/nutech/joe1.html

Leading Edge International Research Group www.trufax.org

Marvelzone.com - High performance engine oil made from palm oil

Orion-energy.net / Mdi-engines.com / Psda.com.au / RexResearch.com

RMI - Hypercar - www.rmi.org - Snowmass Colorado

Solar-solutions.com.au - (Australia)

SPACE ENERGY ACCESS SYSTEMS (SEAS) - Seaspower.com/ - Huge Free Energy Breakthrough

Super Carburetors and High Mileage Fuel systems - Bruce Mcburne - www.himaresearch.com

Super Electrolysis Technology - www.xogen.com

Tasman Energy www.tasmanenergy.com.au

Tesla Motors – “Burn rubber, not gasoline”

Veritas press- www.bundabergonthenet/veritaspress7

WATER CAR PROJECT - A Car That Runs On Water - Daniel Dingle, a Philippine inventor who first started running cars on only water almost 30 years ago now has 100 engines he has converted that will run on just tap or sea water. Needless to say all the car companies have tried to steal his technology so he has decided to share it with anybody and everybody in a partnership with profits going to the Philippine people, by-passing the government.

End of Alternative sections

A continued

Aluna Joy Yaxkin www.1spirit.com/alunajoy

Amaluz Magazine (Brazil) www.amaluz.com.br

Angelic Outreach - www.alchemicalmage.com - see also Wings of Glory


Angel Messages / Tibetan Exercise of Paradox, which stimulates wholebrain functioning: www.iamthebeloved.com

Healing Elixirs of the Masters, Angel Music and prints - http://members.yournet.com/SASHA/INDEX-1.html -

The Angel messages are listed in alphabetical order according to purpose here. http://www.delphi.com/Mayann1/messages/?msg=602.1

Angelrays.com - http://www.angelrays.com/legends/nyeve/blessings.html
Soul Song Ecards - http://www.angelrays.com/Cards/lafleur/nat/soul.html
AnsaraAngelHeart.com - Christosagapecenter.com - Ansara Angel Heat aka Robbi Ansara Tennison - Spiritual Advisor, Energy Worker, Director Christos Agape Foundation - Light the world with Love - Only with an awakened heart can we experience our true nature as an aspect of the divine. Experience all forms of life, relationship and the creative principal as an expression of the divine within. I help facilitate reconnection with the most intimate part of yourself - that which experiences only love and wholeness. Ansara’s StarLight poem

www.Aquasoul.com - On Line Astrology Magazine - Mystical Links - Arthur R Gianfermo

Architecture (Sacred Architecture)

Holistic Architecture - www.holisticarchitecture.com - Michael Rice

Ronal Quinn Vaastu Shastra - Vastu And Vaastu

Sherri Silverman, Ph.D. - Vaastu Art - Spiritual Art and Jewelry for Sacred Space - Raise the vibration in your space with healing beauty.
Sacred Geometry Yantras are the planet's original, Vedic sacred geometry - Rectify spatial energy with yantras, auspicious sacred energy generators.

VastuCreations.com - Robin and Michael Mastro Altars of Power and Grace

Arcturian information

Arcturian Art - http://www.the-arcturians.com/

Jasmuheen www.SelfEmpowermentAcademy.com.au

Cybertrails.net/groupofforty/ - www.Spiritwheel.com/channel.htm

Art, Music and Poetry




   Twin Flame Love Art







Bryan de Flores
Accelerator Images by Bryan de Flores...

Cherylrose.com Marlisladuree.com Stardreaming.org

Devorian's Favorites - http://jeanlucbozzoli.com http://iasos.com/artists/anenberg/

http://andrewa.com/ - www.savinoff.com - www.eyewithin.com/

~ Kundalini Arts ~ is the shared artistic vision of
Brighton artists
Philip Shadbolt and Mandala Bob,
who have been co-creating their inspirational images for over 12 years...


Peter Fich Christiansen
Divine Light Images

Ascended Masters, Angels, The Family of Light…

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Lady Nada

Djwhal Khul

El Morya

Mary Magdalene


Sacred Geometry Yantras are the planet's original, Vedic sacred geometry - Rectify spatial energy with yantras, auspicious sacred energy generators.

TransformationalArt.com - The Art of Juicy Living by Saleena Ki aka Joan Ov Art


Yellow Flower - www.Baylisscorp.com.au - God's Paintings - Channelled from the Goddess God to humanity for the purpose of 'seeing'. The Treasure Trove, art and healing….

Poetry: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VoicesOfThePhilosophersStone

Buy one get one free poetry of your choice

AnsaraAngelHeart.com - Ansara’s StarLight poem

MoontownCafe.com - Online resource designed to help writers succeed in the world of poetry and writing. Our tools help to get your poems read, critiqued, and published.


Divine Gold - Relaxation music CD's to nurture Body, Mind and Spirit. A unique gift for people from all walks of life as well as for any occassion. And this is only the beginning...

The Gallery of Visionary Artists & music http://iasos.com/artists/

Michael Hammer/Yahoel

Terry Oldfield

Ascension/Ascended Masters/Subterreanean Cities

Alice Bailey - Djwhal Khul - LucisTrust.org - The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race, promoting the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

Alpheus.org - Ascended Masters - http://www.alpheus.org/html/contentindices/ascended_masters_index.html

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation - A.D.K. Luk Publications - http://www.lawoflife.com/ - Related to: http://www.ascended-master.org - Ascended Master Pictures - http://www.ascended-master.org/picturesascendedmsters.htm

Ascension Gateway Portal - Spiritual portal with a range of motivational resources and information online. Includes inspirational quotes by famous authors, motivational articles, and spiritual directory.

Ascension Mastery International - Ascended Master Pictures - Joanna Cherry -

Ascension Science www.7gen.com/books/ascension



Ascension Times is an informative site based on spiritual growth where you can learn new tools which work. It includes: cleansing techinques, ascension tools and much much more. The site is guided by Cosmic Beings of Light. We also have spiritual classes where you can learn new things or get a different perspective on what you already know. You can also enjoy a warm interaction in our Spiritual Chatroom with different people who are on a similar spiritual path and will understand where you are coming from! So come on in and take a wild ride in a reality of Unconditional Love.


Messages from Subterranean Cities -
Mount Shasta Light Publishing - the Lemurian Connection - Aurelia Louise Jones -

Birgitte Fich Christiansen
Divine Light Images









Blavatsky Study Center - life, writings & teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91), founder of modern Theosophy. - http://www.blavatskyarchives.com - Hermann Schmiechen - Koot Hoomi - http://www.blavatskyarchives.com/koothoomiforweb.htm
Mahatmas and Their Instruments - Laura C. Holloway -
Celestial News -
Ascended Master pictures -

The Divine University Project is a global project cocreated by many gifted teachers, healers and highly skilled business professionals in conjunction with many Enlightened Masters for the purpose of universal healing, self-transformation, human evolution and enlightenment for the benefit of world peace.


Earth Ascension Times - A Transformational Space of Love Light and Laughter - Featuring the Divine Human Insights of ZaKaiRan, (an Inscending Master of Quantum Frivolic Profundity), providing illuminations on: Ascension, Light-Body, Enlightenment, Truth, Love, Relationship, Sex, Manifestation, ETs, Angels, Ascended Masters…plus a plethora of other Fun Cosmic Cookies. www.ZaKaiRan.com



Elizabeth Claire Prophet Summit Lighthouse www.tsl.org

Esoteric Philosophy

   Kundalini Ascension Hawaii is THE Resource for Ascension in Hawaii. We are dedicated to expanding the planetary consciousness. Inside you will find everything you've wanted to know about Kundalini Yoga and many more advanced spiritual technologies for spirtual evolution. Come join the Cosmic Party!

http://groups.msn.com/MeestersvanhetLicht / Clubs.nl Meesters van het Licht
Marius Fine Art Studio
www.MariusFineArt.com Marius Michael George -
Nannete Crist Johnson -
www.cristfoundation.org http://www.cristfoundation.org/shop.html - Heritage Publications Box 444, Virginia Beach Va 23458 - Wild Speculation Spiritual Art - www.wildspeculation.com/spiritual.php

Peter Fich Christiansen
Divine Light Images

Ascended Masters, Angels, The Family of Light…

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Lady Nada

Djwhal Khul

El Morya

Mary Magdalene

St. Germain Books of the St. Germain Foundation
Temple of the Presence - Ascended Master Teachings on the Sacred Destiny of Life -
http://www.templeofthepresence.org/ -
The Story of You

Stained glass Angels Michael Gabriel Zeph Zephier
(Archangel Gabriel) Stained Glass Picture - Kali Productions - Box 5000, Livingston MT 59047-5000
Pamela Mathews - Visionary Art -
Sacred Images -
Sananda aka Jesus/Esu/Jeshua/Immanuel, appeared to a group of archeologists in the Yucatan Peninsula of Eastern Mexico, and allowed them to take his picture. This picture appears in the Phoenix Journal number two entitled, “And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda”, (which can be found at
http://www.phoenixarchives.com or purchased from Phoenix Source Distributors by calling 1-800-800-5565.)
Star-Esseenia.org - 11:11 Ashtar Command Ascension Network
Truth Thru Trinity Ascended Master teachings
The Violet Earth Academy -
http://violetearth.org.au - Linda and Michael King

End of Ascension/Ascended Masters Section

Astrolika.com - Online Indian Horoscope - Get free monthly & yearly prediction and information on gemstones, yantra, rudraksha, yoga and nakshatra at www.Astrolika.com

Awakening Sanctuary - the Ceres Project - Ceres Project is networking every town in Vermont into a living system supporting each community in becoming vital, compassionate, peaceful,
creative and sustainable. - Paul K. Kervick

Awakening in the Meadow - This web site is about awakening in The Meadow. It is about awakening to the myth or hypothetical sense of an identity that would believe itself to be the possessor of awareness instead of being the Divine Awareness of the Ineffable. A Balance between the Subjective Truth and this objective experience of linear time and space. Bruce David Dubin

Azurtanya and Ashayana Deane


Bashar.org - Bashar Tapes and Channelings - This is the official website of Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, a consistent source of expansive and loving communication since the early 1980s.

The BirdTribesNetwork is about Peace, Communication, Sanity, Connection, Beauty, Wholeness, Gentleness, Truth, Awareness, Health, Spirit, Angels, Ecology, Sustainability, Leadership, Non-violence, Multi-culturality, Unity, Science, Philosophy, Love, Happiness, Abundance, and so on. The BirdTribes are returning from the most distant lands of our hearts, they bring us the vision of who we truly are One People, One Planet, spinning in the arms of the stars.

Birgitte Fich Christiansen
Divine Light Images









Blueprintessences.com - Melinda Patterson - Blueprint Healing & Essences is an Australian company offering a unique range of vibrational essences to assist you to align your soul's Divine Blueprint - the original plan and design for your soul in this lifetime. Melinda Blair Paterson is the co-creator of this unique company and is a vibrational healing practitioner, an Energist - one that works with energy. Since 1998 Melinda has been travelling Australia offering private consultations and exciting experiential workshops. She teaches people how to align to their Divine Blueprint, channel their own unique vibrational essence and healing gifts, and speak and tone in the Language of Light. She also offers activation and conscious connection to higher levels of consciousness through amazing and beautiful personalised Light Code drawings. Her passion is to empower people to be co-creators of their own healing and wayshowers of Love and Light for the upliftment of humanity and this beautiful planet.

Bob Dratch biological & bioactive holoforms http://hometown.aol.com

Bryan de Flores

Accelerator Images by Bryan de Flores...

Bryan's drawings are totally transformational, his teachings are totally awesome, and he's a wild and crazy guy.



"Historic and important reincarnation and resurrection of Daniel of the bible in the 21st century. How he attained to "Christ-consciousness" and incarnation of the angel Daniel while in human form. Modern prophecies, one of which is the Day of the Lord, and spiritual teachings using his example to ascension, and divine secrets kept secret to the general population. Final Book of Daniel--an ancient angel awakens; true account and gospel of a reincarnated, resurrected, angelified biblical prophet."


Learning to Love by Rodney Ferris

Ten steps to empowered (self) love and (inner) peace; a coaching in sacred seeing that enlivens intuition and synchronicity through personal transformation.

"This book is a resource for the spiritual journey and opening the heart. It takes the reader from an image embedded in prehistory of how life can be inside of love. Being inside of love is an inner landscape of your true spirit - - a spiritscape. From that beginning image we then sketch some key elements of planetary and human history, leading to our left-brained world, where we find love and peace mostly in lip-service and myth rather than in reality. This is the dysfunctional, insane world we inhabit today, where war is endemic and hope is an ephemeral delusion.

Holy Love by Rodney Ferris

Holy Love is a workbook for those seriously committed to change and personal transformation. It is not for the faint-hearted. Personal change is a challenge but this book is an easy guide for your otherwise-complex spiritual journey. You can do it yourself! It is about how to practice love in a very personal way so that you can open your heart center wider and deeper, and become the joyous love you would like to see in the world around you.

Holy Love
is a novel spiritual workbook, not a quick-reading novel. Once engaged, it is difficult to set aside. There is much work to do but this book makes it easy. If you are a spiritual seeker, this book will light your way. There is the deepest hope in here and a true blessing when you find out who you really are. Your true potential is within. You just have to look for it.


Cassiopaeans - www.cassiopaea.org

Children's Orphanages - Casa de Milagros (Peru) www.chandlersky.org  House of the Children (Peru) www.houseofthechildren.org

Cloud ships in Hawaii www.lisahdenning.com

Colloidal Silver - Home Page Colloidal Water
London Colloidal Silver make the finest colloidal silver at the best price - view our online shop to buy colloidal silver



Colon Health Information - Everything you need to know on how to keep your colon healthy and happy.

The Complete Resource Guide For Couponing


Creative-Essence - Well-Being Products and Services - Offers all Natural Cruelty Free personal and body care, cosmetics, herbals, vitamins, homeopathy and massage tools with over 13,000 other products

Crop Formations

Art Bell - www.artbell.com/circles5.html

Belgiun Crop formations - http://www.decirkelvzw.be/

Cariel Quinly www.spiritual-endeavors.org & http://members.aol.com/zolaric/cropcircle cards

Colin Andrew's web site: www.cropcircleinfo.com

CropcircleConnector.com / Cropcircles.co.uk

Crop Circle Discussion Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CropCircleConnection

CropCirclesRevealed.com/ - www.Cropcirclesrevealed.com/channelings/planetmind.htm

European Crop formations- http://www.invisiblecircle.de

German Crop Circles - http://www.invisiblecircle.org/ser/d-archiv-2003.html

Lucy Pringle - http://home.clara.net/Lucy Pringle

Norwegian Crop Circle Group - www.kornsirkler.org - post@kornsirkler.org - Kochkyborg.de

Peter Sorenson - http://crystalinks.com/crop.html


Crystal Cave - totally Awesome - Cave of selenite crystal, each crystal being the size of a pine tree. The caves are so hot from larva flows deep beneath them that they are bathed in steam. Through the bravery and steadfastness of the explorers we are able to see beautiful images of them.

That Crystal Site - Australian online store with 100's of unique, discerningly selected, natural, healing crystals, minerals and jewellery, each clearly photographed and described for you to choose from.


Damanhur - Federation of Damanhur Temple of Mankind

Daniel Jacob - Reconnections.net

Datre - www.mindspring.com/~datrenet


DeepAwareness.com - "Remote Viewing and beyond" This website is dedicated to Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing, and deep awareness - of yourself and your reality." About this site: ~ Mr. Allen Douglas offers courses in Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing. Most information on this site is very practical and you will also find a section to practice targets and a forum.


Paranormal targeted visitors to your site FREE!

Diamond Doorways - El O Shearn of the Elohim

This is the home of the Emerald/Silver ray Goddess Elochean…. a Galactic/Ascension Artist, creating portraits that open up DOORWAYS in Time which help you weave into the present, aspects of your multidimensional self for deep DNA/Cellular healing to occur….”


Die Botschaften - This is a German Magazine that is publishing my articles: Die Botschaften - Heftserie - 3-monatlich - übermitteln Durchgaben verschiedener Meister & geistiger Lehrer zur spirituellen Entwicklung des Menschen und zur aktuellen Situation der Erde. Sie zeigen Hintergründe der Ereignisse und Veränderungen der Erde aus geistiger Sicht.Sie enthalten fundiertes Grundlagenwissen, Meditationen und Übungen, die wertvolle Hilfe für den eigenen geistigen Entwicklungsweg darstellen. - R. LIPPERT - VERLAG - D-88639 Wald - Bezug und weitere Informationen unter - www.lippert-verlag.de

Dreamkeepers.net - Site dedicated to publishing Living Books of Indigenous people from around the world. "Bringing the Elders to the World…and the World to the Elders."

DreamWeaver http://www.dreamweaving.com

Dolphins, Crystals and Angels - Si Sa Ra - www.newageoz.com



Earthcode & Inner Light International Network Newsletter - PaulaPeterson.com - Dolphins galore

The Earth Rainbow Network - "One Planet, One People, One Future" - The love you give is returned to you a hundredfold... "The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, currently has an extensive list of more than 3,200 people in approximately 50 countries sharing information, visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world."

Ecolife.net.au - The Australian guide to Healthy Living - an online magazine filled with articles, news and current events that range from personal health & wellbeing to environmental issues. Ecolife Membership is free and entitles you to automatic entry to giveaways & our monthly eco-zine. We welcome your feedback and submission of articles with full credit to you on Ecolife. Spread the word - feel free to forward this email to like minded people.

Eco Search Engine - A greener web search
Hey there fellow Earth-dweller, did you know that rainforest destruction causes more CO2 emissions than all the cars, planes, ships and trains in the world combined.
Fact!  Why not switch from Google to Ecosia and help protect the Amazon rainforest with every web search? It's free. It's easy. And you can multiply your impact every time you share it. Search the web. Save the environment. Why not? Yours greenly, The Ecosia Community

Education - Human Learning Centre
On Wednesday, April 12 six graduates of the Landmark Forum gathered to create what is possible for the future of education in the world. What got created is the Human Learning Centre (HLC)!! Ultimately it is a possibility for the HLC to be the core of a community. Distinct from a school, or what we know a school to be, the HLC is a place where participants create and engage in their own education. Children will get their education (that which is required by legislation) and a whole lot more by participating. The HLC will also be the center of activity for Landmark Education and the programs offered by Landmark Education.


Elanthra (Laura Josephs) www.elanthra.com.au

Elizabeth Claire Prophet Summit Lighthouse

Elohim Journal www.elohim.com

Environment/Nature (Animal/Human Rights etc.)

Animal Rescue Site - http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com - Dear Friends, Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "feed an animal in need" for free! This doesn't cost you a thing! Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know!

Bestfriends.org / Cmc_ocean.org / Greenpeace.org


Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, and Farmed Fish By Coty Perry


Dolphins & Whales

Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Flight of the Humpback - Flight of the Humpback is a whale action-info website a documentary and a project to spend time close up with the Humpback whales in Hervey Bay. With a broadband connection to the WWW from the boat we will be able to share this experience with the viewer live or at a pre arranged time every day for 2 months starting 1st of September. Read about the project and some activities we have been up to around Byron Bay Australia to help the whales.

MarineConnection.org - UK - Dolphin and whale conservation and adopt a dolphin program

Oceania Project - Oceania.org.au - Volunteer whale research, Hervey Bay Australia - the longest running whale research project on planet earth - 10 years so far.

Maui family whale charters. - "Christine Coffman" <lovemamachris@hotmail.com>
573-6443 P.O. Box 791743, Paia, Hi. 96779

The International Fund for Animal Welfare

Swimming with the Dolphins at Ponto Do Ouro Mozambique

Whales coming into Sydney Harbour - Check this out. The Whales coming in...only because there is less stormwater in the Harbour?...NO WAY! Because the Ascended Masters and a heap of people have anchored their codes there, including through Our Group last year and Qala's group this year!!! It's a whale of a time in Sydney Harbour - http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm?newsid=17126



The International Fund for Animal Welfare - www.stopwhalingnow.com

Thehungersite.com visit to feed starving people

Rainforestjukebox.org - Free music tracks - visiting buys Amazon rainforest


Rainforestrescue.org.au - Help purchase privately owned virgin rainforest in the Daintree, far north Queensland Australia, to create wildlife corridors and protect the rainforest from development.

Scott Taylor - www.dolphintale.com

Sea Shepherd International www.seashepherd.org


Whale Sanctuary in Baja Mexico - Great news for the environment is rare these days, so it's all the more important to celebrate when we get some.  I'm thrilled to report a big leap forward in our ambitious campaign to save the world's last unspoiled gray whale nursery at San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, Mexico.  Yesterday, an historic agreement was signed that will permanently protect 120,000 undeveloped acres on the banks of the gray whale lagoon. This breakthrough deal is the first phase in our visionary plan to protect one million acres surrounding the greatest whale breeding ground on Earth.  And it was made possible thanks to $1.5 million in generous donations from NRDC Members and supporters!   As you know, the gray whale nursery has been repeatedly threatened by plans for industrialization. But our new agreement sends industry a message loud and clear: we will do whatever it takes to safeguard Mother Nature's last untouched sanctuary for the gray whale.  Please click on the links below to read two news stories -- one short, one longer -- about the extraordinary importance of this conservation deal.  And on behalf of everyone at NRDC -- and our partners in the Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliance -- let me thank you again for helping turn our ambitious dream into a beautiful reality for the magnificent gray whale.   Sincerely, John H. Adams, President, Natural Resources Defense Council

Whales Whales Whales

E Continued

The Emissaries.org

Emuna Eilat - The first worldwide Centre for BELIEF, PEACE and UNITYis being established in a 3-dimensional star. You can visit our website at www.emunaeilat.com to see what we are doing and what we are all about, and follow up for updates and new information.

Ethical Shopping

Why Shop Ethically? / Guide To Ethical Shoping - Download

Evenstar Creations - Soluntra King - Doorway to the New Earth, Second Sun, Greater Central Sun, you as the Creator Goddess/God you are, Sacred Union. Multi-D Self, Activation of DNA, Light Body with Soluntra King?s Books, Activation Paintings and Mandalas, Photos of Multi-D Portals, Cosmic Events, Articles, Multi-D Journeys and Workshops. 

ExamTrace - Pass Any Certification Exams - ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER - Proven and exclusive methodology


The Fifth World lies slightly towards the future from the present, in the vast void that stretches between what is and what will be. The Old Ones say there will be seven worlds, and that our 4th World is now ending. To prepare for that future, we are together building a New Paradigm for this New Millennium. Join us in the 5th World and shift your consciousness into Oneness with the Universe - http://5thworld.com -

The Fourth Dimensional Shift - is a free monthly newsletter on dimensional shifts and tools to reach a higher dimension. We have interviewed Drunvalo, Slim Spurling, Richard Ekpat, Mikael Zayat, and more. Channeling transcripts available.

Francis Firebrace - "A totally awesome aboriginal story teller and fun friend - he's a doll, I just love him" - Z

Stick a ribbon on your SUV - Asylum Street Spankers Video
Amazing Magicians


Gathering Web - www.thegatheringweb.org/ascension.htm

Geobiology Christan Hummel - Environmental Clearing www.earthtransitions.com

Gerardus Grist Your space of light - www.soulwise.net ("Totally awesome website, Gerardus is the master of compiling the best of the best, plus his own stuff is way totally bitchin" - Z) Global-Light-Network.com


Glowing Light - Gelajimah - http://www.glowinglight.com

Godlikeproductions.com - ebelisha@godlikeproductions.com

Godserver.com - Web's Largest Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory - Tons of wonderful goodies. "Each spiritual website is a pearl, a unique spark of spirituality. I seek these pearls and offer them to humanity. Spreading God's Love and Light all over the Universe." - Dil

Grandmother Drum - Suraj Holzwarth - Director, International Spiritual Healer, Ritual Artist and Drum Keeper

Greg Braden - www.lauralee.com or www.gregg_braden.net

Gordon Michael Scallion


Harmonic Chimes... Elfenharmonics.com - Elvina Munir

Healthia.com - Compare Healthcare Savings Account providers at Healthia.com - Compare and select health insurance plans in your region and plan your insurance purchases using tools from Healthia.com

--------------Additional Health Links, see Alternative section-----------

Heavenletters.org - Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven.
Stir what is already in your own heart. Read new messages from God in a daily emailed newsletter. Ask God your own heartfelt questions and receive God’s personal answers. Deepen your own Inner Voice through Godwriting™ Workshops. Heavenletters™ open our hearts to God, reawaken our sense of Self and our connectedness to God and all of humanity. God bless you. Gloria Wendroff <gloria@heavenletters.org>

Heaven To Earth Newsletter - HeaventoEarth.com

Hemp/Cannabis/Marijuana/Drug Law Reform/shamanistic herbs…
Australia/New Zealand:
Nimbin Hemp Embassy -
HempEmbassy.net / NimbinHempBar.com - Thank you for Pot Smoking / Mardi Grass - Nimbin -www.nimbinmardigrass.com
Australian Hemp Party -
www.hemparty.net / HEMP SA (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) www.hemp.on.net.au / Eddies Australian Hemp Information http://members.optus.net.com.au/~edhemp/index / Hempfoods.com.au - hemp clothing and cosmetics / Green Planet - Hemp sheets - www.hempbedlinen.com.au / New Zealand Hemp Industry Association - www.nzhia.com

Paul Benhaim - the Hemp Guru

Build a house with Hemp
Grow Your Own (home) - Building Sustainably! Now you can use hemp straight from the field and build your own home without any big processing machinery - making building affordable
- http://www.thehempbuilder.com

PLANET HEMP PRODUCTS - www.alivebodycar.com

UK - www.hemp.com / www.hemp.co.uk

U.S.: High Times Magazine / NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) / www.Changetheclimate.org / www.cannabisnews.com / The Campaign for New Drug Policies - www.drugreform.org - Diane Fornbacher - http://members.tripod.com/~cannabishempsativa / Hempseed.com - the definitive hemp resource / Industrial Hemp - www.thehia.org / www.naihc.org
Support Medical Marijuana -


High Council of Water Beings - Utopia-Chaski (Lilliana Corredor, Ph.D.)

Iberamerican Web of Light -
http://www.laneta.apc.org/redanahuak - The Anahuak Radiant Center is a non-profit, ecumenic, non-sectarian, non-denominational, independent, bilingual multimedia information center based in Mexico City, devoted to aid in awakening, co-create ascension and empower and unite people. We produce the main free community New Info selection services for the Iberamerican Web of Light (5,500 subscribers).
WELCOME TO PLANET LOVE - Hello! - We're the Iberamerican Web of Light, with more than 25,000 alliances in 90 countries in both spanish and english languajes. We're working too for the planetary mind shift into full consciousness. You may try for free our Community New Info Selection Services at
http://www.yahoogroups.com/community/luxweb with the best materials available in the net on nowadays big transformations. We're a non-profit, ecumenic, universal, non-denominational, non-sectarian, autonomous and independent civil organization, in service of the Others and the Humanity. Since 1983 we're uniting all groups and traditions. Please check our OPERATION PLANET LOVE web site at http://www.laneta.apc.org/redanahuak/opa with a free yearly planetary meditations calendar & program. Our goal is to build critical mass to co-create a new most welcome reality. Ricardo G. Ocampo - Editor & Publisher - Iberamerican Web of Light - luxweb-owner@yahoogroups.com

http://www.yahoogroups.com/community/luxweb (Up to 4 daily messages)
http://www.yahoogroups.com/community/luxwebII (1 daily message)
http://www.yahoogroups.com/community/luxwebIII (1 weekly message)

Ilana Marks - Radio and Internet Radio shows, Boston Massachussets - "On the Mark with Ilana Marks" 95.9 FM WATD... "The G-String Theory" - live on the internet sunday nights 7-8.30PM EST - US. time). Tune in to www.ilanamarks.com and click on 'the show' on the navigation bar.


InspirationalForWomen.com is an inspirational blog for women. Find Inspirational Poems for Women and Inspirational Quotes for Women.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists - Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health Industry. Welcoming 650 + Natural Therapy Modalities Visit: www.iict.com.au


James J. Hurtak -

James Twyman - www.emissaryoflight.com

JA-RIN Starseed, Star-borne - (english)- Information for all lightworkers and starseeds, future of planet Earth and past, extraterrestrial and Sirius infos, and more
JA-RIN Sternensaat Sterngeborene - (German) - Informatives für alle Lichtarbeiter und Sterngeborene, Zukunft der Erde und Vergangenheit, extra terrestrisches, Sirius und mehr

Jasmuheen.com / SelfEmpowermentAcademy.com.au - Are you ... Interested in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?

Author, Celebrant, Spiritual Counsellor, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker Mystic, Designer

Spirit Whisper from the Heart - on line magazine


 Jewelry - BodyJewelry.com - Body Jewelry, Toe Rings and accessories - The Original Online Store For Body Jewelry & Accessories

Joanna Cherry www.amilight.com


Jonathon Goldman www.healingsounds.com

Joshua David Stone - www.drjoshuadavidstone.com

John Hornecker- www.1.minn.net/_cosmic/chakra1


Karen Danrich - www.ascendpress.org

KenPage.com - A site devoted to self-empowerment and the sharing of knowledge from Ken Page who is a gifted empath, futurist, intuitive, and innovator of Multidimensional Cellular Healing (MCH). - http:// www.kenpage-mch.com

Kim Fraser - www.higher-guidance.com.au - Alchemist, Pranic Healer, Spiritual Teacher…

Kim's journal - http://lightbeing.diaryland.com

Kirael channeled by Rev. Fred Sterling - Honolulu Church of Light www.inward.com & http://libertyworksradio.com/greatshift

Kiara Windrider - DoorwaytoEternity.com & EternalDoorway.com

Klienwachter.com - New Age Thought Wisdom - Further along the road less traveled. "Teach a man to fish" - Roy Klienwachter

“The Rise of The Psychic - Inspire-Nurture-Connect your Psychic Ability - This is your Natural Call to Evolution.

KristyV Psychic: Becoming The World’s Most Dynamic, Life Changing, Psychic Coach & Reader”





   Kundalini Ascension Hawaii is THE Resource for Ascension in Hawaii. We are dedicated to expanding the planetary consciousness. Inside you will find everything you've wanted to know about Kundalini Yoga and many more advanced spiritual technologies for spirtual evolution. Come join the Cosmic Party!

~ Kundalini Arts ~ is the shared artistic vision of
Brighton artists Philip Shadbolt and Mandala Bob,
who have been co-creating their inspirational images for over 12 years...


Lady Nada http://world.std.com/~snet/thegrid.htm

Lady Kadjina - www.citiesoflight.net/kadjina.html


Leading Edge Newspaper www.leadingedgenews.com

Lifepathretreats.com - Joseph Dispenza - NewTimeChronicle - Observations about what is happening in the world from a writer who is a former monk and university professor...and co-founder of LifePath Retreats in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Light Mentor - Kent Annergrund - lightmentor.com


Lightworkersunite - http://msn.groups.com/lightworkersunite

Linda Moulton Howe - Earthfiles.com

Lisa J. Smith (Sereta) - http://www.warriorsofpeace.com

Live Your Light Foundation - LiveYourLight.com - Amara Rose <amara@liveyourlight.com>


Lovingcommunication.com - Fred Keyser - San Diego


Love Your Design - Kim's Blog

We all face lives of increasing complexity. Human Design gives you simple personal tools so that you can make a real shift to a life of joy and effortless creation. Because you are as unique as a snowflake, your design is uniquely yours. The keys it reveals to you are your cosmic destiny. Be you. That's why you're here.


Lyssa Royal  http://www.royalpriest.com


Macro Society - Thea Alexander / 2150 A.D. ("the best book ever written"- Z) and http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/macrosocietycanadianchapter

Marianne Weidlein - Turn Up Your Light newsletter - http:www.empoweringvision.com

Maarten van Mook - your spiritual brother - inspirator/ego reflector - Soul connector

Massage Insurance - MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) provides Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Students, and Massage Therapy Schools with Massage Liability Insurance, through various Massage Therapy insurance plans, Massage Marketing Materials, Massage Business Support, Massage News, and Massage Articles..

Masters of the Far East Excerpts - http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/item/item42.html

Matisha - www.songofhome.com - Matisha is an international singer/songwriter/guitarist/humorist, who presents uplifting, transformative events. Ecstatic Group Song & Movement, Ecstasy Breathing, Wild Dolphin Journeys and retreats in Hawai and retreats in Mount Shasta to name a few. His songs are compelling, deeply healing and uplifting...his voice is nurturing and powerful, with an angelic quality, penetrating in its clarity. Matisha's events are deeply moving and life-changing for many. His music is used by authors, teachers, facilitators and groups all over the world. He is called on to bring groups together through group song and movement. Matisha has a montage of comical characters and satires, including Dolphinanda. His presence brings a lightness, a joy and sacred feeling to any event...

Mayan Cosmology

Aluna Joy Yaxkin www.1spirit.com/alunajoy

Jose and Lloydine Arguelles - (Valum Votan and Bolon IK) - Foundation for the Law of Time - www.torguga.com - www.earthascending.com -


Maya Messenger Newsletter - www.az.com/~rhicks/index.html

Mayan 13 moon calendar: http://www.art-poster-online.com/mayan_zodiac_animals.html

MerKaBa / Light Body see Sacred Geometry

The Meatrix 2.5 - this is wonderful and funny! - http://www.freerangegraphics.com/

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Michael El-Legion Channel for Archangel Michael and Lord Ashtar


Michael Lightweaver

Global Village News and Resources
A free, internet based newspaper, published every other week, with news from the leading edge of human progress and innovation. This link will take you to the current issue, where you can also subscribe. Published and emailed to subscribers twice a month.

International Institute For Global Leadership The Institute provides a curriculum in consciousness - especially (but not exclusively) for young adults from economically developing countries. It is designed to assist them in becoming consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world.

Mountain Light Sanctuary A small spiritual retreat center I operate in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Lots of photos!

Michael Teal - Canadian Psychic, Spiritual Advisor and Poet



Michigan Psychics - Genuine Michigan Psychics. Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen. Gifted At Birth. 

Mission Possible!

Multidimensions.com - A combination of spirituality, psychology, and science, multidimensions.com offers articles, books, spiritual novels, and meditation CDs for holistic healing and deeper understanding of multidimensional consciousness. Los Angeles

Native American Goodies/Teachings/Teachers/Elders

Black Feet Dance Man - Black Plume's Weasel People, The Last Bastion of Native Ways

Reggie Black Plume is a sacred elder from the Blackfeet "Blood" Reserve (Kainai) in Alberta, Canada. Through a collaboration with his beloved partner, Spirit Dancer Oakley, a unique and empowering book evolved. It is the first of it's kind bringing stories and ancient ways of the indigenous only known by oral tradition in the past. - Lecture Series - Ancient Storytellers, Clans, Treaties, Spirituality & Religion, Societies, Paints, Dreams, Visions, Pipes, Origin of the Sun Dance, Native Dancing, Customs & Traditions, Songs... http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/blackfeetdanceman/index.html


Robert Ghost Wolf - Native American philosophy, prophecy and more!

Spiritscents.com - Native American Postcards, posters and other goodies

Native American News sites at end of page


Naturalbirth.org.au - Lismore (Australia)Training and Research Centre for Natural Birth Inc. (Australia) / Natureschild.com.au - Earth Friendly Parenting Products

Network 2012 - An international communications hub for linking up Light Workers around the world.

Welcome to Network 2012
An international communications hub for linking up Light Workers around the world. http://www.n2012.com/n2012/index.htm

Planetary Awakening Network: A free internet based network of over 1,000 consciousness networks from more than 60 countries. PAN is no longer coordinated by Network 2012. The new coordinator, as of May 1st, 2004, is Maggie Erotokritou, from Cyprus. For more information on PAN or to become a member, contact Maggie at surya@spidernet.com.cy

International Holistic Periodicals Directory & Network: A listing of more than 75 holistic magazines, newspapers, tabloids, directories and newsletters from 12 countries with a brief description and link to each publication. The Publishers Directory and Network are now under the stewardship of Mariam Knight, publisher of New Connexion, Portland, Oregon: editor@newconnexion.net  For more information, click here: www.holisticperiodicalsdirectory.net.


Newageinfo.com - Welcome to the Internet's #1 Rated New Age Resource!
New Age Web Works supports and invites the NewAge Spiritual, Metaphysical, Pagan, and Alternative Healthcare communities to share ideas, products and services to our more than 65,000 Visitors and 1.25 million hits a month !
We believe in honoring all life as important, and all humanity as One.

New Age Religion and Spirituality Directory - A plethora of goodies

NibiruanCouncil.com - Jelaila Starr - channel, speaker, and messenger for the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council.

Dr Norma Milanovich - Athenalctr.com / TrinityFoundation.com

OneFlynAngel.com - Sandy Medine

1spirit.com - 1 Spirit, The International Directory of People, Places, Products, Projects and Services of Spirit, welcomes you into union with other like-minded web pages. 1 Spirit will host your web pages and provide you with many features and services not available elsewhere on the Internet. You will be creating a global network of light, as well as, having the perfect place for your web pages to be seen by lightworkers and spiritual seekers world-wide.


OriginalInnocence.com - Plus - thetemplate.org  Piinthesky.com - Originn.net - http://ceremony.ac/ - Awareliving.info - Reconnecting the Human SOURCE Bio-circuitry through coded Ceremony and Sacred Geometry integrating the energetic nature of consicousness into the Human heart, body, mind and Soul by Juliette and Jiva International Teachers of Alchemical Ceremony and Sacred Geometry.

Orin and DaBen, (aka Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) -

Osho Times International - Osho.org

Patrica Diane Cota-Robles - New Age study of Humanity's Purpose

Peace and Prosperity
Globalpeacefoundation.org / Lightparty.com

"Movement for a Free Earth" IGF - Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit (Institute for Global Peace Work), Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos, - www.tamera.org

NESARA - www.fourwinds10.com - National Economic Security And Reformation Act - HISTORICAL FACTS: A Law secretly passed by U.S. Congress on March 9, 2000, which essentially is designed to create immediate World PEACE, World FREEDOM, and World PROSPERITY. To subscribe to the Dove egroup, send email to: dove of o@fourwinds10.com - with the "Subject: SUBSCRIBE". Also, DAILY Dove Report at http://www.fourwinds10.com - http://www.principalityofcamside.cc/Government/USA/NESARA/NesaraMain.htm - More Nesara links at end of links page

World Peace 2000 International - "Gathering of All Nations 2002" - In excess of 27,000,000 people have now joined UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 -2010 and our Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Non Violence.
For further details: E-mail: world-peace-2000@lycos.com Surface mail: Richard A Fletcher - Founder World Peace 2000/One Day in Peace, PO Box 411, Toorak VIC 3142 Australia.

These two simple Steps will support World Peace 1. Click on our web site http://www.vicnet.net.au/~wp2000au and support us by joining our "World Peace 2000 Angels" your membership your ideas and donations will help our world wide work, now covering 28 countries. World Peace 2000 Angels efforts are helping Multicultural - Multi Faith - Multi National events and are providing "Grass Root Peace Solutions" to create World Peace for the good of the Whole of Humanity regardless of religious or political beliefs! 2. Click on our UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 Messenger logo and add your signature to support Non Violence.
Perelandra-ltd.com - Perelanda Microbe Balancing Essences for the different systems of the body, vibrational essences for overall prevention and strengthening of the body systems by keeping microbes balanced.

Personal-Potential.com - http://www.personal-potential.com/English-/shortcut_to_4D.htm
http://www.martinsol.nl), http://www.cursusspaans.nl/overzicht-/fotos/Sevilla/37.JPG),

Networking knowledge, wisdom and guidance
as we ascended like the Phoenix
to a new reality and spiritual rebirth


Planetary Activation Organization - Sheldon Nidle - Galactic Federation

Planet-Save.com - Get a free E-Mail account with 6 mb of storage, and everytime you use it, it saves the rainforest.

Pleiadianlight.net - Melchizedek and Pleidian Light Network - The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program - Introduction by Ra. The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program - Introduction by the Mahatma.

Pleiadian Light Body

"Proclamations From The Soul"- plus vibrational Essences- Ann Marie and Rich Work

PortalsofSpirit.com - Gateway To The Soul Ezine - When you provide love and compassion to your brothers and sisters, you, yourself, are manifesting God. When you come to understand that our bodies are nurtured by food and rest, but our spirits and souls are nurtured by experiencing love and compassion, then you come to understand and know God (Nick Bunick, author of IN GOD'S TRUTH).

Michigan Psychics Genuine Michigan Psychics. Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen. Gifted At Birth.  


Qala Sri'ama

Illuminating the Divine You - The Miracle of your Heart

Qala Sri’ama is an international presenter, spiritual teacher and author, and a loving bridge for the illumination of the Divine Presence of your soul. Her divine access to the Enlightened Realms grants her extraordinary gifts to assist people to illuminate their lives with grace and ease.


Quantumknowledge.com.au - Free Australian Magazine and website, who publish my articles.

Rainbow Children by Gae.A.Peterson, AVAILABLE at: www.zeus-publications.com - When you become immersed in the stillness of your Soul. You can understand Everything! Swami Chidvilasananda.

Radio, Internet and TV Stations (Spiritual of course)

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation - television show, Santa Barbara, California.

Internet Radio Shows:
www.bbsradio.com - "A Fireside Chat" with Zany Mystic on Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Spirit-Radio.com - A free streamed on demand internet radio station on air 24/7 - "It is our vision to share information from acknowledged teachers whose focus is world peace and self empowerment. We are building an archive of up to fifty free, streamed on demand programmes which will interest to anyone who wishes to understand more about new spirituality and our evolving reality. Our station is not only free, it is free of dogma and covers a broad range of belief systems." Raym & Chicchan of Global Healing. Interviews on air now include: An exclusive interview with Barry Long, a popular spiritual teacher. A discussion with Neale Donald Walsch international best selling author of the Conversations with God series of books, (a total of 15 books printed in 27 languages.) A meeting with James Twyman, known as the "Peace Troubadour" since his series of concerts in the world's most troubled areas. Presently preparing for a concert in Iraq. An insight into Dr Jani King a trance channel for P'taah (a non physical being) since 1989

Ilana Marks - Radio and Internet Radio shows, Boston Massachussets - "On the Mark with Ilana Marks" 95.9 FM WATD... / www.ilanamarks.com / "The G-String Theory" - live on the internet sunday nights 7-8.30PM EST - US. time). Tune in to www.ilanamarks.com and click on 'the show' on the navigation bar.

Liberty Works Radio

Oasis TV - A premier source for news, information, and entertainment for people embracing the changing lifestyle of the new millennium.

WCBM AM680 - Archives on Real Audio from guest on The Zoh Show Radio Program, Baltimore, MD.

WorldPuja.org - Connecting the peoples of the world through meditation and prayer, live on the internet.

The Rainbow Children is now available at: www.zeus-publications.com

Raym- Global-Healing.com - Crystal Master, boogie buster, and Divine Comedian -
Crystals page - http://www.newage.com.au/crystals/index.html - plus
internet radio shows: Spirit-radio.com - Newage-radio.com

Raymon Grace has written a book, "The Future Is Yours -- Do Something About It', and a manual of advanced dowsing techniques called "Techniques That Work For Me".http://www.LifeEnrichmentSeminars.com/Raymon

Lucidities is your on-line magazine and forum for understanding the nature of personal relationships from spiritual and metaphysical perspectives. www3.Telus.net


Remote Viewing - ProbableFuture.com / DeepAwareness.com

Richard Hoagland - www.enterprisemission.com/images/mars

Robbie the Butterfly - "The Return of the Butterflies"
For the Children of the New Earth!

In a caterpillar world where butterflies no longer exist, Robbie discovers that by living in the NOW, the lost art of transformation is revealed. He also discovers that there was once a time in the caterpillar world where the transformation process was natural, but at some point in history caterpillars lost their way. Now it's time for the return of the butterflies. Robbie shares this knowledge with his friends and then one day something miraculous happens.


RoseofRaphael.com.au - Kalina Raphael Rose - Vibrational Essences - DNA Repatterning






Sacred Geometry / MerKaBa / Light Body / Vaastu etc.


Dan Winter - www.soulinvitation.com - www.heartcoherence.com & http://spirals.eternite.com/ also (www.fengshuiseminars.com, Roger Green, Dans promoter)

Devorian Polyhedra Head! - http://www.acedsl.net.au/~devorion/
Devorians favorite links - http://www.acedsl.net.au/~devorion/links.html

Don Showen Spirit Link Sacred Geometry Coloring Book

Drunvalo Melchizedek's Online Magazine

Drunvalo's Personal Web Page with his schedule and items of interest - www.drunvalo.net

Flower of Life organization

Complete Flower of Life - 3D image of FOL blog - Andrew Monkman

Innerlightsanctuary -http://www.innerlightsanctuary.com

Jainmathemagics.com - Sacred Geometry - Vedic Mathematics - Magic Squares

Ka Gold Jewelry

Totally awesome Sacred Geometry Jewelry









Native American Geometry - http://www.earthmeasure.com

MerKaBah Meditation Websites

Sacred Geometry Yantras by Sherri Silverman, Ph.D. - Yantras are the planet's original, Vedic sacred geometry. Rectify spatial energy with yantras, auspicious sacred energy generators.

The Template   Reconnecting the Human SOURCE Bio-circuitry through coded Ceremony and Sacred Geometry integrating the energetic nature of consicousness into the Human heart, body, mind and Soul by Juliette and Jiva International Teachers of Alchemical Ceremony and Sacred Geometry.


Zakay Glass Creations
The Merkaba & other Sacred Geometry forms re-created in stunning 3D bevelled glass



End of Sacred Geometry Section

S Continued

SacredLifeFoundation.com - Pleiadian - Light Body DNA Activation program. Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program

SacredSites.com - Places of Peace and Power. Anthropologist/photographer Martin Gray has visited and studied nearly 1000 sacred sites and power places in 50 countries around the world.This web site features hundreds of his photographs and detailed writings.


The Science of Getting Rich Did you know there's a SCIENCE to having everything you want in life? Well, there is and it's all explained in an amazing little book from 1910 that you can get FREE.

Search Engine Eco Search Engine - A greener web search
Hey there fellow Earth-dweller, did you know that rainforest destruction causes more CO2 emissions than all the cars, planes, ships and trains in the world combined. Fact!  Why not switch from Google to Ecosia and help protect the Amazon rainforest with every web search? It's free. It's easy. And you can multiply your impact every time you share it. Search the web. Save the environment. Why not? Yours greenly, The Ecosia Community

Sedona Journal of Emergence

Shamballa - Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing is a complete system of energy used for healing and personal spiritual development Soul

Shanti Village - Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia. Topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more www.shanti.com.au

ShareGuide.com - Wholistic Health Magazine - Focusing on Alternative Medicine, Personal Growth & Environmental Awareness

Siddha Yoga Foundation (Australia)

Sigini Iskisti - Spirit Dancer - http://elaine5.homestead.com/files/when.html - http://www.rlnn.com/ArticlesApr04/LoveBonds.html

Simon Peter Fuller

Sirius - Interesting fable about sirius.

Skin Care Tricks - Organic Natural Skin Care - Information Guide of organic natural skin care, what is it and what it should contain

Spirit Whisper from the Heart - on line magazine


Soul Mates - KaterinAngel Eyes poetry and messages


Soul Journey - Akasha and Asun and The Ascending Hearts Conclave - Mt. Shasta, California www.soul-journey.com

Soulquintessence - Essences - Raeline and Cezary - soulquintessence@interia.pl - Poland


Freedom of the Soul - http://v4.livegate.net/core/sfdl/freedom-of-soul.html
"Who Are We? <"http://exode.net/sfdl/who-are-we>

"Creation of Foundation for Humangelic Society <"http://exode.net/sfdl/humangelic-society>
Lift Up Your Life <"http://exode.net/sfdl/lift-up-your-life> " tips in for remaining upbeat during these challenging changes on Terra.

Spaceship-Earth.com - Spaceship Earth Foundation - a non-profit effort linking all crewmembers and promoting Astronauts' views of a whole-healthy-harmonious planet. Projects include: Planet in every Classroom; Earth in every Church and Camp, Flying the Earth flag & the worlds most accurate globe. P.O. Box 6566 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 719-636-3637

Space & Stars

Space Weather News


Spiritofnature.org - "Trailguides for the Soul." Spiritual journeys in the Southwestern United States and around the world. Creators of Dancing Dolphin Essences. Also offering Earth Sky (sweat) Lodges, Tea in the Casita (a gathering of women), books, workshops, private sessions, a free email newsletter, and other products & services for personal and spiritual transformation. Takara

Spiritual-Encounters.com... is a place that allows you to grow on your spiritual path whether it would be Ascension, Spirit Communication, Psychic abilities, or anything else that would be a spiritual adventure. The site provides information for you in many areas of the spiritual community. The chatroom is open to all people and all beliefs. The site is forever growing from the love of the Spirits and the people that venture into the chatroom. Hope to see you there! Love and Light always :)

Spirit Pathways Magazine has been created to bring together all those working towards changing the world through the healing and evolution of consciousness. We are committed to creating a force of love and light that is able to move through our world without challenge, affecting and initiating change and encouraging the evolution of all of life. 

SpiritualPage - the online source of all things Holistic. This portal has been inspired by the beautiful beings included in this directory. Connect with the Holistic Community. Find Information, Practitioners, Teachers, Centers, Businesses, Products, Workshops & Events with grace and ease. You are at the Gateway to Endless Possibilities.. Spiritualpage.com.au


StarBuilders.org - Gomagicmall.com

StarDoves.com - AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES - AdVice Presidents, The Light Party, www.lightparty.com - Associate Directors, Global Peace Foundation, www.globalpeacefoundation.org - (Day of Contact)...

Star-Esseenia.org - 11:11 Ashtar Command Ascension Network

Stardreaming Ranch - outside of Santa Fe, and just off the Turquoise Trail. You will find this Sacred Site of labyrinths, Temples and Visionary Art to be quite in alignment with your work and philosophies; I invite you to visit Stardreaming when you come to the US. Stardreaming is always shifting and changing, with Creator James Jereb moving stone, painting and sculpting and now writing, raising the energy ever higher. You may find Stardreaming suitable for you to bring an event or seminar, should you be planning one and looking for a location in that area.

StarFlowerEssences.com - Star Essenia


Starwolf Medicine Lodge



Soleira Green SOULsolutions.co.uk

Soluntra King - Evenstarcreations .com - Light Body Awakening - books, mandalas, workshops

Source Books Catalogue


Starbeacon Newsletter

Success Waves - Personal breakthrough… Financial breakthrough…- Sue Stebbins
Are you willing to know that you can create anything you want in your life and work?

Swami-Center.org - Romania - books, poems, photos. The basis of fundamental psychology, the methodology of spiritual development, also healing and causes of diseases - Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. - swami@mail.ru


Tantra Oceana and Icarus


That Crystal Site - Australian online store with 100's of unique, discerningly selected, natural, healing crystals, minerals and jewellery, each clearly photographed and described for you to choose from.


Tiyi Quan Yin aka Rev. Janna Shelley Parker - channeling Lady Master Quan Yin - www.rainstar.com/janna

Treehuggers - Unique Handmade 100 % Recycled Gifts From Treehuggers

Treasure Trove Free magazine / Childrens novel - Mary Jane ‘Yellow Flower’ Bayliss

2012 Unlimited Catalogue


Universal Life Church
UFO RESEARCH ORGANISATION - www.UFOresearch.org - Dan Bright
Uforia-research.com - The UFOria Researcher: Explorations in Contact E-zine - admin@uforia-research.com
UFO Documentary - Out of the Blue - http://www.outoftheblue.tv/index.htm
ADAM Sanders aka Kerem Altunoren www.ufo.4mg.com

UPMART: The spirit of freedom in action - U.P.M.A.R.T. is an association of electors who are united in common causes to uphold, protect, and live their inalienable human rights. U.P.M.A.R.T. members are the spirit of freedom in action. U.P.M.A.R.T. members are active in their political protest upon the association's many causes of action.

The Urantia Book - Contains studies, papers, critiques, and full text of the book.

The Violet Earth Academy - Linda and Michael King

The Violet Lighthouse®
the Temple of the I AM Presence




The Wak Team - www.wakimbo.com - Newsletter


Conscious water & its benefits - Spiritofmaat.com/archive/nov1/cwater.htm & Spiritofmaat.com/archive/aug1/consciouswater.html

http://www.mandalavillage.org/ - Magnesium, Prill Beads - energize and purify water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto - www.hado.netwww.mercola.com/2002/may/8/prayer.htm Products, books: www.beyondword.com

Miraculous Messages from Water - How water reflects our consciousness by Stace Sharp - http://www.wellnessgoods.com/messages.asp

Messagesforyourwater.com    /   Thank-water.net   /   Water-consciousness.com

Water Crystals - www.goods.com/ - water exposed to music, healing, prayer etc., their effects


WaterAlive Vibrakey11 http://www.vibrakeys.com/welcome/visuals/vk11/vk11.html  It makes energized sweet water that the body really

Way of the Heart - Christ Consciousness

Wealthy Mind Waves - Sue Stebbins - Creating Wealth with Heart

WebofLove.org - The Web of Love is an energetic web filled with sacred love which interconnects the hearts of all people on this planet. On this website, wonderful, heart-centered exercises are provided which help to strengthen the love which flows from and to each of us. We are called to remember our divine nature, and to join together in sharing the abundance of love the lies within all of us. Together, we can powerfully strengthen this web by spreading much needed love and support to ourselves, to those around us, and to the whole world. Thanks, and may you have a wonderful day filled with heart-felt love and meaningful connections. My sacred love flows out to you! With sacred love and very best wishes, Fred Burks

Webspirit New Age Resource- New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time.

Destination Wedding

Weeklyworldnews.com - The only Reliable Newspaper in the World! And certainly the funniest!

Wendy Munroe www.spirt-of-life.com.au


Wesak Festival Germany / Wesak Festival U.S.


White Buffalos

Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo - http://www.homestead.com/WhiteBuffaloMiracle/index.html

Miracle Moon - http://www.sacredwhitebuffalo.org/

 Support Wikipedia

Wingmakers.com - Nearly a thousand pages of thought-provoking multimedia content that introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein.

Wings of Glory - www.einsoph.com / www.alchemicalmage.com see also Angelic Outreach


Whole Presence - Quantum Soul Retrieval

WorldLightWorkerDirectory - Connect with others of like mind and heart. Databases of online and offline gathering places and World Events. Visit my/our Garden of Light.


WonderShop - Genuine leather Handbags, Purses, Bags & Men’s belts largest selection on the net. Toss pillows, Sheet sets, Women apparels & gift items.

World Transformation web space! - Worldtrans.org - Here you will find a cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us. May your life be magical and adventurous!

World Harmony Network - Co-Creating a New Society
This is your link to building a New Society - a new harmonious way of living!


Worldviewz.net Global Cultural Exchange - World Viewz, LLC Global Cultural Exchange is an organization dedicated to creating connections around the world through: ~ Home Shares, ~ Adventure Travel, ~ Sacred Jouneys, and ~Cultural Events. In order to stimulate Global Community while exploring the Final Frontier. "Inner space"! By connecting creative people we can Be the Change we want to see. We can Re-CREATE, Re-NEW and Re-SOURCE the planet we live on by sharing our life and passion with like-minded people - Robert Dakota

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is a Natural Health & Healing Center, for thosewho want better health, and a better world. Free Tai Chi & Qigong Lessons,Directory of Tai Chi & Qigong teachers worldwide, Medical Research on Tai Chi & Qigong, Free RelaxationTherapy Online Audio, and more, at:http://www.worldtaichiday.org


ZetaTalk.com - ZetaTalk leads you through the vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas in answer to questions posed to their emissary, Nancy.

Various Recommended Sites that people have sent me


www.TerrAscension.com www.pullupacloud.com www.hiddenmeanings.com

http://www.reach.net/~wbarton http://www.reach.net/~star1


Hozuhni* *Enlightenment Dance* The Dance of Eternal Bliss - http://www.enlightenmentdance.net>



Confederation of Light List conflight-l@spiritweb.org http://spiritweb.org/Spirit/conflight-l.html

GANJI CHRIST - http://www.cybermesaa.com/~nmd/ganji-christ

www.nuevahumanidad07.miarroba.com www.earthportals.com/Portal_Ship/cosmo.html

http://www.omniwp.com http://www.gibran-ahmed.com

http://www.cageso.com/freedomain.htm http://www.mybrightstar.com/id=?13

"New Civilization Network" at www.newciv.org


Weblinks to good sites - http://www.lightmentor.com/links/offsite_links.htm

Others Sites that I’ve heard about but don’t know their address

Anna Hayes, Yada, see Gerardus’ site
David Hiller – Arcturian group
Laurie Gilmore
Mether Nitha Community

Links from Flower of Life/Drunvalo Melchizedek's Website

Home of Ezekiel and other non-physical channeled entities - http:// www.ejamagic.com

Source Books Gift Store (Now Sacred Spaces) - A complete online store featuring a large selection of books, music, videos and unique gifts. http://www.sacredspaces.org

Robert Ghost Wolf - Native American philosophy, prophecy and more! http://www.wolflodge.org

Lyssa Royal & Royal Priest Research- Material channeled from internationally known channel and author Lyssa Royal. Information on Lyssa's extraterrestrial contact research in the field, articles on metaphysics, personal transformation, and more. http:// www.royalpriest.com

CSETI - The page for the Center for the Studies of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. http://www.cseti.org

Art Bell's Page - The official web site of the ever-popular radio talk show host. Features interesting news, photos and access to the radio program. http://www.artbell.com

Institute For New Energy - devoted to alternative energy and new science. http://www.padrak.com

Bob Dratch's Web Site - The inventor of the sound technology referred to as the Livingness Process, as used in the Swept Clear and Cetacean Luminescence audio tapes as well as in the Environmental Clearing projects of Slim Spurling. http://members.aol.com/bdelphin

The Monroe Institute - dedicated to the teachings of Robert Monroe including out-of-body & astral travel training.

Whitley Strieber's Home Page - Author of "Communion" and activist in the abductee paradigm.

KeelyNet - Info on new energy, paranormal and much more! http:// www.keelynet.com/

Richard Hoagland's Page - featuring the latest info on Richard's research on Mars, the Moon and more.

The official NASA page - Some great photos from the Hubble and Voyager crafts. http://www.nasa.gov

A collection of spiritually inspired texts, channeled material, and more. http://www.worldtrans.org

Dream Weaver - A web site featuring a new healing protocol that combines music and sacred geometry for personal development and consciousness evolution. http://www.dreamweaving.com

Of Quasars & Quanta - A fascinating tour of the Universe with emphasis on the convergence of modern science and ancient mysticism. http://www.cosmiclight.com/tour/

Blue Water Publishing and the Contact Forum Home Page - The Old Ones say there are 7 worlds and we are about to enter the fifth world, beyond the end of time. http:// www.5thworld.com

Ayurvedic Medicines - The first manufacturers of Traditional Classic Herbal Formulas outside of India.

AmVeto's Mystic Journey - Articles and techniques for individuals to resolve personal issues through the raising of consciousness. http://members.aol.com/AmVeto/mystic_journey.html

Sai Baba inspired Higher-Truth Health has been established to explore the extreme longevity and health issue with a new vision. (This site is from Australia) http://www.highertruthhealth.com.au

Providing ideas and resources to help others find self-awareness through numerology, astrology, alternative spirituality, Earth honoring, and natural healing methods. http://www.thedreamtime.com

An extensive source for all things metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric. http://www.globalpsychics.com

Unlock the hidden secrets of the brain and begin the inner journey that leads to alchemical transmutation. http://www.galaxymall.com/health/thebrain

Universal Way - An educational effort that proposes a new and different way of life - empowerment - through the exposure to leading edge information about government, law, conspiracies, and true freedom. http://www.universalway.org

Spirit Way - A new body, mind, and spirit internet resource and support center. Calendar of events, and more. http://www.Spiritway.com

The Jesusonian Foundation - An organization devoted to promoting the teachings of Jesus as they are expressed by the Urantia Book. http://www.jesusonian.org

Hopi Theory of Creation - The Hopi indians of N. Arizona creation myths are explored, incorporating Egypt and the pyramids. Great links section. http://www.geocities.com/athens/agora/8306

Planetary Activation Organization - This is an international non-sectarian organization dedicated to encourage Earth guardianship and to prepare the planet for a major shift in consciousness.

Short, hourly meditation dedicated to planetary peace, health, joy, and love. http://earthbreath.com

This is the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy of Dr. Joshua Stone, who runs the Wesak at Mt. Shasta and has written about a dozen books on ascension spirituality. http://www.drjoshuadavidstone.com/

www.sirianrevelations.net - Dedicated to the teachings of the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, ascension, and the empowerment of the human race.

Click through a series of pictures that show the process of creation -- from the beginning through the five platonic solids. www.klogw.com

Current news and views within ufology. www.ufowatchdog.com
A journey into the unseen and a comprehensive hands-on course in metaphysics. www.i-am-a-i.org

Light News Web Site - www.lightnews.org

Inner Garden Art: Learn about intuitive art, sacred geometry and meditation. www.innergardenart.com

Empirical data of the quantum interactions at the "real world" level. M. Sue Benford's research. www.homestead.com/newvistas

Leading Edge Research - A huge page with numerous articles, interviews, editorials covering all types of controversial & esoteric subjects.

Sacred Geometry - Friend Bruce Rawles' page on sacred geometry and the New Frontiers Organization including some great drawings.

Light Technology Publishing and the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Global Meditations Web Site - from Barbara Wolf.
http:// www.globalmeditations.com

The Philosopher's Stone - web site of Jon Locke and Voltron. http://www.voy.net./~voltron/

The Millenium Community Village http://www. members.aol.com/Feliceanna/condo.htm

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways- vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness including, on-line books, Meditation manuals and exercises, Insights into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alchemy, Astrology, an awesome 'Page of Links' to most interesting places and more. http://www.home.earthlink.net

Spirit Web - A large site with lots of information on esoteric studies as well as a great Event Calendar for spiritual events. http://www.spiritweb.org


Devorion's Favourite Links

Sacred Geometry

www.peda.com/poly/ - this has the best visual site - Go to Download then the third column - I think it's 1.1MB takes about 7 minutes - after completion it comes up as poly32 on your desktop and a blue line with % runs through it - first page - I just click on next then next again - the next one is to instal poly - then finish - anyway the first picture is of a triangle - click on the small square at top of screen on left to enlarge - then put arrow on with hand on mouse - run the mouse quickly over the pad to get it to spin - there are 143 polyhedra to look at - you can change just by clicking your spacebar or backspace/delete keys - You can build it into form then see at as a flat polyhedra net. Even change colour while its spinning. The top list has the main headings like Platonics - Archimedians - Catalans etc. then each has a list like Rhombicosidodecahedron!!! I have nets for them all

http://gratrix.net/polyhedra/2001/ Here's a great polyhedron program - go into Downloads - also check out all those links there - comes as spinning polyhedra that can be played around with - also a bit like poly solar system - worth the download if you have about 6 minutes...I suggest putting it in a file separate from others - 'Program File' is okay.

http://home.connexus.net.au/~robandfi/Stella.html Lots of actual pictures of polyhedra - Download the Great Stella program -

www.intent.com/sg/index.html - More info on sacred Geometry by Bruce Rawles

www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/5901/index.html - Polyhedra nets to print cut fold and glue - from The Netherlands

www.employees.csbsju.edu/mwenninger/index.html - a retired Catholic priest who spend his time making polyhedra - even has books available available through amazon.com - check out his 5 Polyhedra construction sets.

www.mathconsult.ch/showroom/unipoly/index.html - 80 Colourful images to spin

http://www.georgehart.com/virtual-polyhedra/vp.html - Go to the List bottom right of page - click on List of Models - Then pick a models - Click on 'fit' - 'study' - then use your 4 arrows on your keyboard to get it to spin on the screen.

www.georgehart.com/pavilion.html - Great links to other polyedra - hours of fun

www.georgehart.com/virtual-polyhedra/kepler-poinsot-info.html - info on the stellated doecahedron


www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/symmetry/symmetry.htm - Steve Dutch's Polyhedra - Very colourful

Net to make a very complicated polyhedra

Eric Weisstein small nets with coloured pictures - slow download.

List with links to complicated colour pics of polyhedra - http://mathworld.wolfram.com/JohnsonSolid.html

92 Nets and pics of all Johnson solids(no tabs) - http://mathworld.wolfram.com/UniformPolyhedra.html

More pictures of Uniform Polyhedra - if doesn't come up try linking from other pages.
Pictures of Antiprisms - small nets - These applets can be spun

Lots of coloured polyhedra - click on his list - this is my Favorite at present!!!!

www.queenhill.demon.co.uk/stardust/catalog.htm - Seedtech web page - polyhedron blocks

More of Devorian's Favorite Links


http://the-essence.tripod.com/Devorion.htm - Devorion's Photos

http://www.moodflow.com/ http://www.bolu214.com/3D.html

http://www.bolu214.com/FantasyI.html http://www.bolu214.com/Zodiac.html





Native American Sites for News: IndianCountry.com / NativeWeb.com / NativeVoice.org / Indianz.com / NativeNewsOnline.org / Canadian News: Aboriginal, Native and First Nations News
http://www.gatheringplacefirstnationscanews.com / Metis Women's Council (Women for Justice):
http://www.nativemetiswomenscouncil.com/archives.html / Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/pfii/index.html / Canku Ota (Many Paths) - Native American Youth: http://www.turtletrack.org / PowWows.com / FreeLeonardPeltier.org / American Indian Movement - Grand Governing Council: http://www.aimovement.org / Sherman Alexie - (His articles always contain humor): http://www.fallsapart.com / Tax Exempt/Non-Profit 501(c)3 Groups: Tree of Peace Society - Jake Swamp: http://www.treeofpeace.org / Wambli Ho - Voice of the Eagles: Protection of Ceremonies Info Here: http://www.wambliho.homestead.com / Seven Fires Project - "Spirit Walk" and "Lakota Project": http://www.7fires.org / Related Information to Above: Seven Fires Prophecy of the Anishnabe People: http://www.gnostic.ca/prophecy.htm / Lakota Fund - Kyle, S.D.: http://www.lakotafund.org / Nanish Shontie: www.nanish.org / Dreamkeepers: (books about Native American Elders) Harvey Arden and
Steve Wall: http://www.dreamkeepers.net /

HiddenMeanings.com: (Scale down to "eye in the sky")

Astronomy Picture of the Day: (Today's, May 30, "Ring of Fire" is beautiful)

DailyZen.com: (The daily message is always short and beautifully simple)

News on a Hodge-Podge of Topics - Yahoo Group, Posting only, no discussion:


Castor Oil Information and Links:

1. Castor Oil Packs work like acupuncture: Improve blood flow: description/information on castor oil. http://www.curezone.com/cures/castoroil.html
2. What is Castor Oil used for: and Direct Applications: http://www.racingsmarter.com/castor_oil.htm
3. Good STORIES Castor Oil uses for saving threatened miscarriage; face rash; mole removal. http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20000615.htm
4. Link to the book on Castor oil: "The Oil That Heals": http://members.tripod.com/~arescott/bookOTH.html
5. This Palma Christi Skin Lotion sounds great! Check out the ingredients: http://www.baar.com/palmskln.htm
6. More on castor oil as a REMEDY: http://www.egregore.com/herbs/OilPlant.htm#Legends
7. Article includes varicose veins, peyer's patches and much more.: http://www.holistic-nutrition.com/Castoroil.htm
8. blebaritis: eye problems - castor oil use:
9. Castor oil pack STORIES of success: chronic diarrhea, ovary cyst: http://oak.cc.conncoll.edu/~rjcha/wells/articles/castroil.htm
10. Castor oil packs for non-cancerous fibroids, inflamed joints. http://www.drkaslow.com/html/castor_oil_pack_detoxification.html
11. Natural protection from deadly viruses.....use of castor oil. http://www.industryinet.com/~ruby/castoroil.html
12. Castor Oil Packs How To / Information: http://www.angelhealingcenter.com/CastorOil.html
13. Castor oil against Allergy: http://www.areclinic.org/html/allergies3.htm
14.Castor Oil for Stretch-Marks particularly after giving birth:

Castor oil has a long history of use as a topical healing agent. One common name, Palma Christi (meaning the "hand of Christ") gives you an idea about the extent to which this substance has been revered. Castor oil has a wide range of topical applications including arthritis, constipation, sprained joints, sluggish liver function, sinus headache cure, lymphedema (swelling in the limbs due to poor lymphatic drainage), wart removal, and wound healing.

Cosmetically, Castor oil has shown good effect in preventing and treating wrinkles, and lightening "age spots." It can certainly help prevent stretch marks (applied regularly to breast, thighs and belly during pregnancy, for example) and may also reduce the prominence of stretch marks after the fact.
Place a substantial layer of the thick oil onto the treatment area, cover with saran wrap and apply heat (hot water bottle or heating pad work well) for at least 20 minutes daily for a week. Continue with the treatment several times a week (leaving the heat on for up to 45 minutes if time is available) until you are satisfied with the result. LINK = http://www.dremilykane.com/stretch_treatment.html
15. Healing balm: an interesting combination including castor oil http://www.rubberducky.vu/badgerhealingbalm.html
16. Marigold cream with ingredient of castor oil. An interesting combination all up. http://www.unclezacks.com/cgi-bin/shop.pl/SID=1054900815.21771/page=hs_mcream.html
17. Poultice with castor oil:
18. A castor oil STORY: (his Landlord had a Stroke, Hight Blood Pressure and a large Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm:) http://www.areclinic.org/html/aortaneur.htm
19. Interesting: Castor and Other Oils benefits: http://www.si.edu/maroon/foodways/medicinals_and_tonics.htm
20. a good short description soaps lipsticks etc., using castor oil: http://www.cleanandbright.ca/descriptions.html
21. Biblical texts referring to Castor oil: http://www.christianwebsite.com/bible/kjv/easton/east1533.htm
22. A personal story by Jan Walker: I jammed my little finger in a sliding door really hard: the pain took my breath away. I poured some Castor Oil into a small cup and soaked my finger in it for about 20 minutes. It took the pain away and I didn't lose the finger nail as expected. There was only a small pink mark in the centre. I know it would have turned black and a nail loss had I not acted promptly with "the Palm of Christ" Castor Oil soak treatment. bazzajan@iprimus.com.au


True NESARA Websites

Site Name: Main NESARA site now
Site Description: A good NESARA site dedicated only to NESARA information. Has copies of the daily Dove Reports, NESARA interviews, Voice Reports, History and more.
Category: NESARA

Site Name: The Four Winds
Site Description: Alternate hosts NESARA information, The Dove Reports, Jennifer Lee Reports, Bellringer writings and updates. Also has channelings from Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, Admiral Sananda and more. Has many alternative news and information articles on various topics.
Category: All Categories

Site Name: Alternate NESARA Domain
Site Description: This is an alternate domain name that was set up to point to this site at www.fourwinds10.com. When you visit this domain name, it forwards you to our site.
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Site Name: Principality Of Cameside, Australia NESARA Section
Site Description: Alternate Australian site hosting copies of the daily Dove Reports, Australian Radio Interviews and other NESARA related information, including a good overview.
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Site Name: White Knights911
Site Description: Website hosting information on NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act), Archive of all Dove of Oneness Reports, History of NESARA, Issues (government cover-ups i.e. GWEN system, microwave ovens, etc.; Live interviews, etc.
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Site Name: Announce NESARA Now!
Site Description: Online NESARA Petition Site, Sign the Petition to U.N., World Court, U.S. Government, U.S. and International Media and World Governments. Gives benefits of NESARA: (National Economic Security And Reformation Act)
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Site Name: Alternative Technology Library -- NESARA Support page
Site Description: Various NESARA buttons, Logos and pictures publicly available for download on this NESARA Support page of the Alternative Technology Library
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Site Name: German NESARA Site
Site Description: A new NESARA site in German made by Volkmar Eckardt. This nice site has the Dove Reports translated in to German. Just click on the NESARA logo.
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Site Name: Wielding a Sword of Truth in a World of Lies
Site Description: Another good site with many articles about the truth of 911, government fraud, Federal Reserve Banking fraud, and NESARA and much more.
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Site Name: NESARA Flyer
Site Description: This page from http://www.thedoorway.org shows a NESARA flyer that can be printed out and distributed. Good information.
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Site Name: NESARA Now
Site Description: This site tells all the benefits of NESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act). Links to the Dove Reports, to Fourwinds, althrough not connected to either. Online peition for the announcement of NESARA.
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False nesara "Dark Force" Controled Websites

There are unfortunately many Dark Force Controlled web sites that a person will find if they do a general search for a NESARA site.

The www.quatloos.com website is an FBI/CIA DISinformation website which has been confirmed as "disinformation" by numerous people with intelligence agency connections.

The granddaddy of DISinformation websites regarding NESARA is the one owned by Bush Senior: www.nesara.ORG - please note the end of the URL address is .ORG. Also the www.nesara.COM website address has been taken over by Bush Senior and is now directed to this dark agenda "nesara.ORG" website. The information on nesara.ORG are CLASSIC CIA disinformation activities done out of this very dark agenda website continually. This www.nesara.ORG is meant to confuse people and try to discredit the TRUE NESARA law.

Because these False Disinformation sites have a NESARA on them that makes it look as though NESARA isn't law yet, the Dove often refers to the True NESARA to differentiate between the two.

Thank goodness there are also many strongly backed web sites in support of NESARA too. Please see following for True NESARA info. National Economic Security and Reformation Act is the Real meaning of the Acronym, N.E.S.A.R.A.




Toxic Ingredient Directory - How safe are the ingredients in your brand of skin care products? How certain are you that they do not contain chemicals that could be harmful to you and/or your children?

If you are not sure, use this toxic ingredient directory and find out for yourself. This information has been sourced from Material Safety Data Sheets (or MSDS), which is recognised as the international standard for providing safety information about chemical ingredients used by humans.

Ethical & Organic Shopping Australia

Ethical Super Market Shopping Guide:
Free PDF: http://www.ethical.org.au/downloads/2009/ECG_Guide2009.pdf

Ethical Paper: http://www.ethical.org.au/guide/search/


Where does the chocolate that you love so much come from? Unless it is certified organic and fair trade, there is no guarantee that the cocoa beans are not sourced from sweat shop/child labor plantations in west Africa, which is where most of the chocolate that people eat is sourced from.

Chocolate, Healthy, Fair Trade and Organic: http://www.ethical.org.au/guide/browse/guide/?type=126

Sustainable Seafood Guide: www.marineconservation.org.au

Ethical & Organic Shopping USA

Organic Consumers Association: http://www.OrganicConsumers.org
The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics

Ethical Consumer: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org

Recycled paper: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/FreeBuyersGuides/miscellaneous/Recycledpaper.aspx

Toilet Paper: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/FreeBuyersGuides/householdconsumables/Toiletpaper.aspx

Chocolate, Healthy, Fair Trade and Organic:

Genetically Modified Foods

GM Foods Australia: www.TrueFood.org.au
Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods (Australia)
Shoppers Pocket Guide: http://www.truefood.org.au/documents/TrueFoodGuide2009.pdf

Shoppers Guide, Full List: http://www.truefood.org.au/documents/TrueFoodGuide20090325.pdf

GM Foods USA: www.truefoodnow.org
Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods

Fair Trade Organizations

www.Oxfam.org.au/fairtrade - Make Trade Fair
www.FTA.org.au - Fair Trade Association Australia and New Zealand
www.fairtrade.asn.au - People for Fair Trade - A better deal for third world producers

Fair Trade Shop - Siham Craftlink Pty. Ltd. is an australian importer, wholesaler and retailer of unique, handmade and high quality craft items sourced from Fair Trade Organizations ...www.sihamcraftlink.com/index.html
USA and Other Countries

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) -

The Fairtrade Foundation - www.fairtrade.org.uk

Fair Trade Federation - www.fairtradefederation.org=


Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia
Borneo Orangutan Survival, primates helping primates. ... Forest - Home of the Orangutans. About Palm Oil. Wanariset. Nyaru Menteng. Mawas Reserve ... www.orangutans.com.au

Orangutan Hospital

Palm oil

The single greatest threat facing orangutans today is the rapidly expanding palm oil trade. Rainforests are being cleared at the rate of 300 football fields per hour to make way for oil palm plantations.

While there are millions of hectares of degraded land that could be used for plantations, many oil palm companies choose to instead use rainforest land to gain additional profits by logging the timber first. Palm oil companies also frequently use uncontrolled burning to clear the land, resulting in thousands of orangutans being burned to death. Those that survive have nowhere to live and nothing left to eat.

Many everyday products contain palm oil. It is found in ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, crackers, chips, margarine, fruit juice, batters, soap, toothpaste, laundry powders, detergents, cosmetics and pet food to name but a few. It is also found in a wide array of products sold in natural food stores.

Palm Oil Free Products: http://www.orangutans.com.au/Orangutans-Survival-Information/Helping-you-buy-responsibly-Palm-oil-free-alternatives.aspx

Notes: Companies are not required to specifically state “palm oil” in their products. Palm oil is usually listed as “vegetable oil”, and sometimes “palmolene”.

Green Living
Care2.com - The Largest on-line community for healthy and green living, human rights and animals welfare - http://www.care2.com/

Planet Ark - Your Daily Guide to Helping the Planet - www.planetark.com

Clean Up Australia: www.cleanup.com.au - Recycle your Computer…
Climate Change Australia: www.greenhouse.gov.au
Global Garden - your FREE gardening magazine on the internet. (Australia) - www.global-garden.com.au

Donate Your Glasses
Give the gift of sight. You can help someone else see clearly by donating your old glasses.

Mobile Phone Recycling - http://www.mobilemuster.com.au/

Recycle your Book - www.bookcrossing.com

www.WeAreWhatWeDo.org - Small Actions X Lots of People = Big Change
131 Small Actions to Change the World

Landcare Australia - www.LandCareAustralia.com.au
Landcare is a uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to 'do something practical' about protecting and repairing our environment. More than 4,000 volunteer community landcare groups - including bushcare and urban landcare, rivercare, coastcare and sustainable agriculture groups - are tackling land degradation in every corner of Australia.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

"Australia and New Zealand's Guaranteed Lowest Price for Membership
and the Largest Modality List dedicated to the Natural Therapy Industry."

The IICT is Australia and New Zealand's largest modality membership base now with 650 modalities welcomed. We offer the most modalities under one banner in the world and provide our members with several membership options to suit their professional needs.

The IICT was founded in 2003 in order to offer professional standards and membership for all practitioners in the natural health industry.

With well over 3000 members within Australia and New Zealand the IICT is one of the fastest growing professional bodies.

Unlike some Associations, the IICT tailors to natural health practitioners who practice several modalities and wish to have the benefits of membership without the necessity of joining several associations for each modality practiced.

The IICT is also instrumental in providing membership for new modalities which are presently not covered by existing Associations [more].

Some of these modalities include: TFT, EFT, Hypnotherapy, The Journey, Reconnective Healing to name a few, we also cover products and devices such as ENAR Therapy, TENS Machine and the Scenar Professional Device.

Whether you are a practitioner of one or more modalities the IICT can provide you membership for as little as $55* P.A. (*Australian Dollars)

If you current association does not cover some of your practiced modalities take a look at extensive list by clicking here

The IICT adheres to maintaining a professional standard of practice across the diverse fields of natural therapies however we do not require members to maintain PME points to keep your membership eligible. We acknowledge the importance of continued education and encourage our members to do so but our memberships are granted on your existing qualifications. This means you are not required to attend on-going classes in your fields of study to maintain IICT membership.

The IICT is also one of the few professional bodies to recognise International qualifications.
For example if you have learned Thai Massage in Thailand; Beauty Therapy in the UK; Yoga in India; or NLP in the States, is all okay with us. If you have studied overseas and are qualified to practice, please forward these qualifications when you join us.

The IICT also recognises ITEC qualifications for a variety of modalities from overseas practitioners.