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How to become a
Tesla's Innovational Technologies Consultant

And have your own Tesla's Business

Absolutely FREE of Charge!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a

Tesla's Innovational Technologies Consultant!

And for being part of the solution!

You will receive
FREE Training & Support
on how to use and market the Tesla's Products!

Including: countless videos, training and support, as well as weekly webinars, to help you become an extremely knowledgeable, confident and qualified consultant, all FREE!

With a license to sell all of Tesla's Harmonizing Products at a
20% discount
to sell online, at your shop, healing center, markets, seminars, etc.

You will be taught the many different electrical frequencies and radiation,
as well as geopathic stress energies that are affecting us in negative ways,
and how to use the different Tesla's plates and products
to harmonize those specific frequencies,
to create amazing harmonic environments for people's homes, offices, etc.

Plus, you will learn basic dowsing, kinesiology, and how to use pendulums and other methods
to test the chaotic energy levels in homes and offices,
and show people how these energies and frequencies are negatively affecting their health.

The only financial requirement is to own a complete Tesla's 'House Kit'
which contains all of the basic products that most people need
to create a harmonic environment for themselves at home.

Which is available at a 20% discount!

Contact Me Now to become a Tesla's Consultant!

Or, Whatsapp me at: +61422996731

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How to become a Tesla's Consultant

Step 1) Letter of Intent

Write a letter of intent to the Tesla Office explaining why you would like to become a Tesla Consultant and attach or insert a photo of yourself in your email. Send this letter to me and I will forward it to the Tesla Office.

Step 2) Tesla's House kit

All of the training to become a Certified Tesla's Practitioner is free of charge. The only cost is you need to own a Tesla House kit so that you have a personal experience with the Tesla Products.

If you do not already own a Tesla's House Kit, you may purchase one from the link below.

House kits are priced at a 20% discount.

House Kit Special - 20% discount

The 5G House Kit is designed as a complete set to take care of all your family's bio-energy needs, for your home, car, phones, water and your bodies, at an affordable price. Plus, the Tesla Oyster Plate to harmonize 5G frequencies.

5G Elite House Kit includes: 1 Large Oyster "Farm Plate" Plus: 2 Adult Pendants, 4 Phone Tags, 1 Water Kit, 1 Electron Stabiliser, 1 Car/Travel Plate, 1 Pocket "Travel" Plate, 1 Small Octagonal "Computer" Plate

House Kit Special Japan - 20% discount


Step 3) Complete Basic Training

Complete the basic on-line training using the Practitioner Training Manual, and pass the open book exam.


Step 4) Products available at 20% discount

Once you have completed these steps you may then become a Certified Tesla Consultant and you will then be able to purchase the Tesla Products at a 20% discount, and of course, resell those products at retail cost.

You may pre-purchase the Tesla Products for resale on your website or at your healing practice. You may also solicit orders directly from your customers and then have those orders sent directly from the Tesla Office.

All orders will be processed by me!

Please place all of your orders directly through me, do not contact Tesla's directly regarding your orders!
You may have your order sent to you, or directly from the factor to your customer.

You may send your orders to me via email, but I prefer they be sent via Facebook Messenger.

You may use this order form that contains all of the retail prices.

House Kit Orders

House Kits and other combination kits, are priced at a 10%-20% discount for customers, (depending on the kit).

There are no substitutions allowed with House Kits and other combination kits!

But customers may purchase additional phone tags and pendants at the discount that the specific kit they have purchased is priced. IE. House Kit = 20% off. Additional phone tags and pendants will also receive 20% off!

No other additional products may receive 20% off!

Customers may also order specific plate designs from pictures you send them, or pictures they see on the Tesla's Facebook Page.

If customers do not order specific plates they have picked out, they are sent whatever the shippers decide.
House kits are sent as "Families", where plates are similar in design.

You also get your 20% discount on top of those discounted kits, which means, you may purchase House Kits for your personal stock, and essentially get a 40% discount off of individual items that are contained in those kits, if you sell them individually.


Advanced Tesla Training

You will also then have access to the Advanced Tesla Training and videos, also free of charge, and be invited to attend the weekly Advanced Practitioner Training Webinars.



Tesla does not have a duplicatable website. If you want a Tesla Products website, you must create that yourself or get someone to create that for you. You are welcome to use my website (TeslaProducts.com) and the Tesla website (https://teslas.us) as a blueprint, and use any of the photos.

Note: When creating your website, make sure you use the normal retail prices as per the retail order form, and not the prices that are on the Teslas.us website which has prices that are way above retail in order to dissuade people from purchasing on the Tesla's website rather than purchasing from Tesla Practitioners like yourself.



Tesla's Radiation Harmonizing Products

Energetically Altered Titanium Pendants, Phone Tags & Plates

To Harmonize the Harmful Effects
of 5G
& other Electromagnetic Frequencies & Radiation

* Electricity * Mobile Phones * Cell Phones * Computers * Appliances * TVs
* Overhead Powerlines * TV/Radio/Mobile/Cell Phone Towers

They are also designed to Harmonize Water & Geopathic Stress Energies, such as:
* Leylines * Hartman Lines * Vortexes * Radon * Nuclear Radiation & Underground Water