Who is ZaKaiRan?

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Products for Your Health, Wealth & Empowerment


Radiation Harmonizing Products

To Harmonize the Harmful Effects
of 5G
& other Electromagnetic Frequencies & Radiation

from Electricity, Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers, Appliances, TVs, Powerlines, TV/Radio/Mobile/Cell Phone Towers, etc. And to Harmonize Water, Geopathic Stress Energies, such as: Leylines & Underground Water including Nuclear Radiation.

Adult Pendants

To Energize your Immune system
& harmonize Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Mobile/Cell Phone Harmonizer

Harmonizing the negative effects
of phone Radiation

Computer Plates

Harmonizing the EMR from your computer

Pocket Travel Plate

Personal Travel Harmonizer

For radar, EMF & Sun Radiation while flying

Electricity Harmonizers

Harmonizing the Electricity and all appliances in your home or office

Water Harmonizers
Harmonizing the water
coming into your home

House Plates

& Farm Plates

Harmonizing the EMR from Radio/TV & Geopathic Stress in your home, property or high rise building

Car Field Harmonizer

Harmonizing the effects
of EMR from your car

It's Time for Freedom!

How to Earn 5% on your money,
every week, to ensure your financial security!

Are You Concerned About Your Financial Security?

What if you could earn an average of 5% on your money, every single week,
regardless of what the economy is doing?

You would want to know how right?!

It's Time for Freedom!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, these are accelerated times!
And great contrast of what we don't like and don't want, creates great clarity about what we DO like and DO want!

And Covid has made it quite clear that you can no longer rely upon the world to provide your financial security for you,
especially in any old-school traditional ways, because there is no such thing as job security anymore!

And the smart ones have wised up and started ensuring their financial security by getting into on-line businesses!

Because, working for someone else, you really don't know how long your job will last, Covid or not,
no matter how indispensable you may believe you are!

And the only way to ensure your financial security and freedom, is to take control of it yourself!
With something you have direct control over - and that is your own side-business!

It is time to follow success speaker Jim Rohn's advice, and start building your fortune part-time, while you make a living full time!

And I would like to show you how to do that completely free of charge!

Let me show you a way to start building your financial freedom machine today,
so that you can fire your boss and have complete control over your financial security!

and let's get together to find out what best suits you and the lifestyle you want to live,
and if what I have to offer is not for you, no worries!

Regardless if you join my quest to help 10,000 people become financially free or not,
I'll still give you a free consultation session, to help you get focused and clear on what is right for you,
to help you ensure you and your family's financial security!


I look forward to meeting you, and working with you, and playing with you!

And I look forward to building a legacy with you! Or, at the very least, make a new friend!

My name is ZaKaiRan and I help success-minded people achieve the happy abundant lifestyle you love!

And remember to MAKE LIFE A HOLIDAY!


Divine Light Images
Ascended Master Pictures, Angels & other
Amazing Divine Images

from Peter Fich Christiansen
& Birgitte Fich

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Lady Nada

Djwhal Khul

El Morya

Mary Magdalene

(Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen

NACLO2 is a powerful detoxifier!

And can assist you greatly
to boost your
immune system
by ridding yourself of pathogens
that are putting a strain on your health

Colloidal Ocean Minerals,
Colloidal Silver & Copper

Sacred Geometry Pendants & Jewelry

Connecting you
to the Heart of Divine Creation

To Enhance your Physical, Mental,
Emotional and Spiritual Health

Sacred Geometry connects you to the building blocks of the natural and super natural world