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Self Empowerment Products

Products & Services that support your
physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health & wealth


Divine Light Images
Ascended Master Pictures, Angels & other
Amazing Divine Images

from Peter Fich Christiansen
& Birgitte Fich

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Lady Nada

Djwhal Khul

El Morya

Mary Magdalene

Radiation Harmonizing Products

To Harmonize the negative Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies & Radiation

From: * Electricity  * Mobile Phones
* Cell Phones  * Computers  * Appliances
* TVs  * Overhead Powerlines
* TV/Radio/Mobile/Cell Phone Towers

Adult Pendants

To Energize your
Immune system
& harmonize
Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Mobile/Cell Phone Harmonizer

Harmonizing the negative effects
of phone radiation

Computer Plates

Harmonizing the EMR
from your computer

Tesla's Pendants also Energize your Immune System

Sacred Geometry Pendants & Jewelry

Connecting you
to the Heart of Divine Creation

To Enhance your Physical, Mental,
Emotional and Spiritual Health

Sacred Geometry connects you to the building blocks of the natural and super natural world

Teen Pendants

Child Pendants
For your baby & teeny bopper

Pocket Travel Plate

Personal Travel Harmonizer

For radar, EMF & Sun radiation
while flying (shorter flights)

Electricity Harmonizers

Harmonizing the Electricity and all appliances in your home or office

Water Harmonizers
Harmonizing the water
coming into your home

House Plates

& Farm Plates

Harmonizing the EMR from Radio/TV & Geopathic Stress in your home, property or high rise building

Car Field Harmonizer

Harmonizing the effects
of EMR from your car

(Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen

NACLO2 is a powerful detoxifier!

And can assist you greatly to boost your immune system by ridding yourself of pathogens that are putting a strain on your health

Colloidal Ocean Minerals,
Colloidal Silver & Copper


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