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Whales Whales Whales

The Latest Album by The Singing Humpbacks
Whale Fusion 2010 - Playing with the Whales - Dr. Didge and Friends

Recorded live in Hervey Bay

My friends the Humpback Whales and Me in Tonga

Divine Communion

Hervey/Whale Bay Australia

True Openness


Breaching off of Triangle point (or whale point as I like to call it)


Whale Kisses


Peek a boo!






Our Doly buddies riding our bow wave



Me dangling on the bosuns chair from the mast


Hervey Bay Journey 2004

from Beryl

Satori Starship.
Skipper Tim, Rhiannon crew.
Minding light seeking people.

Spinnaker floats out
Lapis blue balloons skyward
Travelling forward

Fraser island sand.
Fine white powder; Awinya creek
Ancient trees speaking.

Clear dawn, pink sunset
Sun, warm air, absolute stillness
Watumba creek is.

Deadwood beach bonfire
Zillion star canopy
Milky Way closeness.

Triangle whale dance
Watumba creek with Richie
Peaceful crystal man.

Early morning stars
Orion, Pleiades shine,
High tide angel team.

Awesome encounter
Whale duo playing with us
Grand gentle energy

Listen for the wind
Unfurl sails, change direction
Life is a Voyage.

- Beryl Birch (August 2004)


Whale Bay and Fraser Island

Being on the water can truly be a spiritual experience.

Granted not every boat tour will be an opportunity to commune with your higher self and nature.

Many people take Statue of Liberty tours in the harbor around NYC,
and although it is an exciting and educational experience, that busy trip is not conducive for spiritual reflection.