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Pranic Manifestation





This is a very powerful and very tangibly felt, alchemical practice of manifestation. It uses prana (divine-life-force energy) to energize and create the process of manifestation. You channel and utilize this Divine Life-Force (creation) energy to manifest your vision.

All true manifestation is done in this way, from nothing, from God/Goddess/Elohim Grace. Gone are the days where in order to get what you wanted, you had to sell your soul to get it. Gone are the days when you had to manipulate yourself and others to get what you wanted. You are a sovereign creator of life, it is merely a matter of accepting and embodying this birthright. Utilize this and other techniques of manifestation from the power of your God Presence and your Divine Connection to All Life and All Creation. Channel and direct this divine life-force energy to manifest your vision and clear any limitations to its manifestation that may be in your energy bodies or emanating from other sources.

Embodying and channeling Prana energizes the vision as well as you to do what is needed to manifest this vision. It empowers you to accept your creative powers to manifest what you need for your spiritual growth and mission. It is self supportive, as well as cooperatively supportive as you are calling upon high forces to assist you to manifest anything into form, including your own God Presence, Divine abilities (such as clairvoyance…) or things that you need that support your Divine Mission, such as cars, houses, computer, toilet paper…

To manifest energies, awarenesses and things into form (into this reality), you must be very grounded. This means your chakras must be balanced and operational all the way down to your base chakra (the manifestation chakra), and down to your Earth Star chakra below your feet. You must be able to bring down and in, these energies into you, and through you into the 3D Matrix.

Many spiritually awakening masters have small root chakras from pretty much solely concentrating on opening their higher chakras, and often wanting to surpass the “lower” chakras, which they have determined to be lesser than the higher centers. Of course they have been judged in this manner because humanity primarily operates from these lower chakras, negating the higher centers. This is the root of the problem, (pun intended). You do not need to deny, surpass or suppress these “personal will/survival/procreative” chakras, they do not limit you in any way, in fact without them, you cannot make anything real. And these descriptions of their function are no longer valid in the new body of Light, in the new civilization of Love and cooperation. A new perception is in order. Personal will becomes Divine Will; survive becomes thrive; and procreation becomes Co-Creation. And you would be wise to let go of all of your programs and vows of poverty, such as “it is better to give then to receive”, that are tying you to lack un-consciousness.

Dominating forces would like spiritually oriented people to have all their attention on their upper chakras, this serves their agenda because without the lower chakras, you cannot manifest anything. The carrot just dangles in front of your face. All the changes you desire to occur on planet earth will not manifest without cleared and energized and open lower chakras, especially the base/root chakra. This is the alchemical chakra, the grounding earth/blood chakra. It is the chakra of manifestation. Naturally, as it is the lowest of the primary 7, and the last on e to receive the etheric energies. It makes them real. It formalizes the spiritual energies. In tune with the sexual chakras, our sex glands, and our personal will/power/psychic centers.

We are able to create in the world of form, with Divine energies, with Spirit, in tune with Creation and the Divine Plan, without the distortion of these chakras, when all upper heart and divine mind chakras are neglected and denied, and the lower ones have to steer the whole ship. So your lower chakras and synonymous energy field, must be really big and strong. Super Hero strong. This is what you are becoming, champions!

Corporate “fat cats” have big base chakras. They are able to manifest wealth easy because of their sole/soul fascination in this area. Clairvoyantly, they look like bowling pins as all their upper chakras, especially the heart) are relatively non-existent. With no heart, they are zombies, disconnected from their soul, living out basic power/sex/survival & territorial imperatives. These corporados (corporate desperados), are no different to most people who have sold their soul to something that will “prove their worth”, in this case “the Great God Money”. They just happen to have manifested more than most due to various factors, but ultimately for their spiritual growth and awakening to true prosperity.

There are many pathways to this Divine Realization, including poverty or wealth. Both are operating from a basis of lack (and unworthiness, which is the same thing). You now operate from abundance (or that is at least your intention), and utilizing Divine Alchemical practices and making sure you are balanced, activated and open, you live within and from unconditional love/prosperity, where you know there is no lack and everyone gets what they truly want now, and have the divine creative abilities to manifest what they (as higher self) truly want.

You can utilize various techniques to make sure your chakras are open clear, balanced and activated. They are contained within this book. First and foremost, you should develop a relationship with your chakras and use various techniques regularly to keep them clear, open, spinning and imploding with the violet flame, pranic healing, channeling prana into your chakras, unified chakra meditation, MerKaBa meditation…

Your goal is the complete unification of your chakras, as a Unified Field of Light. The Antakarana activation and MerKaBa meditations, and anything that activates your Light-Body creates this. We need all our chakras so big and activated and working in unison, that we are solid columns of light.

Happy manifesting Light-Being!

Pranic Manifestation Technique

Step 1 - Envisioning

Rub your hands together and place them in front of you in your lap. Envision what it is you wish to manifest in all its aspects with as much detail as possible, while at the same time including possibilities even greater than you can imagine, but concentrate on what you need right now.

When you feel you have created the vision as best as you can move onto the next step.

Step 2 - Scanning

Hold you hands and arms out stretched to the sides of your body as though you were flying and ask:

“How much energy do I have to manifest this thing”?

From 1 to 10, 10 being wider and bigger. 10 indicates 100% energy to manifest, Level 1 with hands together, being zero energy to manifest.

Allow your hands to move towards each other naturally, until you come to a point that feels intuitively correct, and note the number.

Step 3 - Energizing the Vision (Pranic Channeling)

Now relax your hands. Re-envision the vision. Now ask for the energy of Prana to come down through the crown of your head, through your pineal gland, and throat. Ask your throat to tinge the prana slightly green. And energize the vision with this green prana, and let your higher self do whatever movements are needed with your hands to energize the vision. They may wave around wildly or softly, whatever, just let your body be guided. Also empower the vision with Golden Light Prana from your Divine Presence. You may also energize the vision with Toning/Singing/Light-Language. Also channel Earth Prana from Earth Core (crystalline), to energize you and help you have sufficient energy to manifest. You may also see yourself completely energized and able to manifest easily, and be able to do whatever is necessary – channeling prana to this vision of you.

Send out 80% of this prana down through your arms and out your hands to energize the manifestation. Keep 20% of this energy within your body for yourself until the energizing is complete.

As the Prana energizes the manifestation and energizes you to fulfil this manifestation, you will notice your hands start to move out to be wide apart again possibly even to Level 10, meaning you now have 100% energy to manifest this vision.

Step 4 – Limitation Scan
(Scanning for Limitations in your Energy Bodies and Soul that might hinder its manifestation)

Place you arms and hands wide apart again and ask:

“How much limitation do I have for this manifestation”?

Again, allow your hands to move towards each other in front of your body. Allow them to stop wherever it intuitively feels right.

Level 10 is wide apart and the highest level of limitations.
Level 1 is with hands together which is no limitation.

To remove any limitation that might be there, you now Om into the space between your hands, into the limitations, Oming them away.

As you continue to Om you will feel the limitations being released and your hands will move towards each other, hopefully together. Om over and over again until you have zero limitations.

Additionally, you can also use the vow/agreement technique or other invocations, including, asking to be put in a Light Chamber and getting assistance from Archangel Michael for the removal of any contracts, vows or agreements of limitation that you have made that may limit the manifestation of this vision. And you can ask for any implants, attachments or entities to be removed for the same reason. And you can ask to be placed in the “MIRC chamber” by the Arcturians to remove any implants. Send love and forgiveness to any beings that may have been inhibiting your manifestation and ask for any energy that has been removed or you have given away to be returned to you or the most divine place.

Step 5 - Karma Scan

Place you arms and hands wide apart again and ask:

“How much positive karma (positive energy) do I have for this manifestation”?

(You are asking how much abundance you have in your karmic bank account that you can use to assist its manifestation.

Then begin to move your hands towards each other in front of you until you come to a point that feels intuitively correct.

Level 10 is wide apart, indicates the highest level of energy to manifest, down to Level 1 with hands together which is zero energy to manifest.

“I call upon the karmic board for karmic absolution and I ask the Karmic board to relocate any extra positive karma from my karmic bank accounts from any areas where I have overflowing positive karma, and pour this positive energy into this vision for its manifestation”.

This will inflate the vision with positive energy, and you will feel your hands and arms begin to move wide apart again and bring your arms to 10.

Step 6- Completion:

To complete this ceremony, you may now feel like doing some very joyous alchemical sound work such as toning, light language, Maori chanting, clapping…, whatever comes to mind and body to do, to welcome these energies to you and thank everyone who is assisting with their manifestation.

You may now repeat Step 1 to see that your energy level has changed to create this vision into manifestation.

Step 7- Faith

Now you surrender your persona will and let the manifesting forces do the rest of the work. You’ve taken care of all that you have the creative ability to take care of and now you leave the rest up to your Divine Spirit and all of your Divine Friends to do whatever is necessary to manifest this for you or to manifest something even better, something far beyond what you could imagine. You rely on Grace and have faith that it will manifest, or not. If it does not, then you didn’t need it, or you already have it.

You may repeat this exercise in future days if necessary to additionally energize the manifestation and check on any newly arisen limitations. But bear in mind that this is not a positive affirmation technique whereby you are trying to alter your ego to become more supportive to divinity. This is an alchemical ceremony, and if done with full intention and commitment, will absolutely manifest by doing this only once, if its manifestation is in Divine Will and is supported by your Spirit.

Definitions: Karma - Love - energy

Positive Karma is generated from past lifetimes on earth, other planets and dimensions through our Unconditional Loving expression towards the goodness of all beings.

Negative Karma - Lifetimes of expression solely for separation, personal gain, ego, etc. Parts of our Soul where we still have lessons to learn, and there is a need for the release of those aspects that are still in separation in our consciousness. Aspects that are still resistant to Oneness and Love….

Reference: I have added much of my own flavor to this manifestation technique. The basic format was given to me from Pranic Healer Kim Fraser (www.higher-guidance.com.au), and is originally from Master Choa Kok Sui and Pranic Healing.

Happy Manifesting,


This is an excerpt from
“The Ascension Masters Toolkit”

Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!


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