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HI Zai, am Jackie. Greetings from up here. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA) Nice to find kindred spirit. A friend sent you to me and Im glad she did. Great whale tales, I long to join you.

Am dolphin connected,am a seeker, finder & player, also have Reiki and Reconnection Certs. Thank you for putting it all into words. I asked my way higher self why i was here and the response was: To Be. Dont think it can get any simpler than that. Namaste.
May the blessings be great Zakairan, My Name is John I live in the Land of Promise Philippines Your website helps alot more power to you! Thanks

Nothing Happens by chance maybe somewhere or somehow I am connected to your teachings,I realy need some of your work, to see other great ideas

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Merlin,Hocus Pocus,Buddhas Magic Palm,The craft,Practical Magic, Flat liner,Monkey King, The 4 Lesson of Lou Pan,Astrology, Cabalah,Feng Shui Animal:Black Cat

Life is all about Lessons and Experience the more you go out you gain more lessons. It makes our life more meaningful, bless you all!!! John Merlin

Hi Im Kate, found your site in a round-a-bout way, glad I did, I am new with my spiritual groweth or awakening. Since re-awakening just over 2 years ago, I have learned I am a medium, I now give spiritual readings. Also I have become a Usui traditional Re

I am 40 years old, married with 2 daughters, I live in Glasgow Scotland, sometime I feel like a fish out of water as no one I know understand what I do, or who I am. I cant comment much on your

My favourite book:The reconnection, Dr Eric Pearl
My favourite movie: Saving Grace My favourite animal: cat


Umm, ok im writing stuff. Zakairan, i really like what you have to say and the way you say it, the world needs more like you!


Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Book : Kryon, Stark (Ben Elton), Momo, Life Is So Good, Many others! Movie : Aliens, Fight Club, Whale Rided, LOTR. Animal : Black Panther

Greetings Zakairan. My name is Axel, 33 years old, located in France.

I look for similar people on Earth.

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Well... Book: Dune-serie F. Herbert - Movie: Matrix-I (not II) - Animal: any blue-blood being. Limule. Puppies. Dragonfly. Firefly. Music: powerful pipe-organ pieces. Mathematics, astronomy, chemistry.

Well... I am just opening a little door for future greetings from my Celestial family. I am just sending/receiving echoes and triggers.
Hi,I am Efva and i am from Sweden. I like your articles,some of them really touches my soul.

Had another sesion on your webside this morning and am feeling better if that is posible as I feel good most of the time Thank you for your love etc.Love and light Jack van Raders

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Most spiritual books if written ineasy language. Films I believe they have Talkies now , must go some time,Animals Dolfins,I have been at sea most of my working life

My name is Brenda Knutson, I meet you at your garage sale on Saturday the 26th of July. I have told you a lot about myself already but would love the chance to tell you more via email while you are in Austraila. I live in Arvada Colorado, I love your web

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : BOOK: The Art of Loving and being loved.

MOVIE: Bridges of Madison County ANIMALS; My dog Kisha Maria and all mammals.

Your articles generally bring me down to a more grounded outlook on life - it gives me an "earthy" spiritual perspective which I find refreshing. I have just finished my first book "The Search for Columba" (my Guide St. Columba of Iona - Scotland) and the book is currently being professionally edited with a view to being published. Up this way there are more than a few of us who enjoy your articles - keep up the good work. Where do you live? In the Byron Bay area? If ever you are up this way there are quite a few pilgrims who would love to meet you in person. Blessings Brother, Malcolm (Seneca)

Zakairan, thank you for all that articles...
We intend to translate some of your articles in our free newspaper: www.pozitivke.net

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : dont have one favorite, but at this moment , book, Hitchike guide threw zhe galaxy/Douglas Adams, movie is Matrix, and animal is dplphin, horse, tiger and rino...and even some more...and of course my 2 pet dogs...
I would love to join your email list... With love@light, Petra

Great Stuff! Thanks for making it available to small bugjeted people. It answers a lot of questions at the same time creating more questions.

Sickness or mutation was well worth chasing. Thanks it arrived while i was in ICU Atherton Hospital.

Malanda, Nth Queensland

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Movie: On a clear day you can see forever. Book - Books too many to specify one. The criteria reqired is that the book feels to my hands like my most precious posession.
Write more stuff here : Never feel that your time is wasted, your words are devoured by a hungy soul that yearns for her own direct truth. In LVX joan

Great playful energy Hmmmmmm
Alot of information! Truth is spoken and it feels good
Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Hmmmmm too many to narrow down to just one
Thanks for walking in Thanks for sharing and shining your light with such wonderful energy!!!! Smiles In Light Sheimala

Thank you, Enjoyed

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Live and teachings of the masters of the far east. By Spalding
Gday from far north Queensland

Hello, Susie Breeze visiting yet again. Have nearly devoured all your articles. Wonderful, bless you, thank you.

Hello Brother, I love your articles which cause me to go inside and see how it feels when i evaluate your writings from the heart. In all truth there are some things that you have written that i grapple with however, i doubt nothing and question some thi

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Book= Magnificent Obsession Movie= Dances With Wolves Animal= Female of the species; ha, ha,ha. No really its the Horse - im a horseman - yep, i heal horses and other animals too.

My name is Alan Moore and I live in the San Francisco Bay area. The butterfly could be the key to what we call the paradigm shift. My favorite quote is..It is said that a butterfly can, with a flap of its wings, change the world and that the ripple
There is nothing in the single frame caterpillar that tells you its going to be a butterfly. There is nothing in one single frame butterfly that tells you a butterfly could fly. You have to have a whole lot of frames of butterfly and interrelationship of
Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Butterfly & The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshoppers Feast Patch Adams

We may . . . come to see them as embodying all the beauty and complexity of nature itself. It is said that a butterfly can, with a flap of its wings, change the world . . . that the ripple it sends out can spawn a hurricane. National Geographic Dec. 93)

I did not find your picture... I too studied with MAFU in the 80s prior and after the ASHRAMs at Eagle Poiny. I may knoe you.
Much Love Arianna

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : My Life

The Breezes, Susie, Nigel, William and Noel currently living on the most southerly tip of UK. Thank you and bless you for your diligent work. It was lucky that we found it!!

I received your email this morning and resonated immediately with who you are and message of Love you are. I havent yet been through your website, but I knew instantly I wanted to be on your email list! I look forward to meeting you one day...

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Favourite book - mmm - I love many books of different vibes, fairy tale types to informative..I just love books Favourite movies - same applies to movies...although I am not very keen on horror films. Favourite animals - I love all animals, I just um, k
Am looking forward to surfing this site, and I will be on the lookout now for your books etc..again, with the intent one day to meet with you.......

when i appealed for help you came I could not have asked for more.
i send you my love and blessings every night and morning that you may make good use of them in helping others like me
nanna yazty A.K.A the Earthwatcher

Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : i have a bible and holy book collection wich i started in the 60s i have re read them to find the bits of truth hidden there
i believe that as we are all made from atoms and as all things on earth have been made and remade over the years we have within us everythuing that there is so we are The All

i love you divine godbeing!

Hello ZaKaiRan, Marvelous website you have here, great information all together! Keep it going! Greetz, Lia Om Namaha Shivaya Power, Peace, Wisdom, Love & Light
I linked your website at my websites, club and group......


Whats your favorite book, movie, animal...? : Animal....all three my pets.... Book.... Mists of Avalon Movie....Ghost, Merlin and Mists of Avalon - Well it is nice to meet you!

Hi ZAK,I was visiting and enjoying some of the tasty treats. I love this website.Cheers no fears.love and truth...Ashiva...

Got my new fix yesterday, five new ZaKaiRan articles. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (happy heart tone) 4/17/03
Tsalagi Spirit Dancer http:www//angelfire.com/stars3/spiritdancer/MedicinePuma.html
Whats your favorite bookBook: Seth Material /
Movie: Defending Your Life Animal: Puma
Wado! (thanks!)

Name : Hilda
Where do you live? : New Zealand
Email Address : www.geocities.com/bogaertsh
Comments : In short: Awesome I specialy like the publication of your articles. Thanks for sharing freely..keep it that way

Name : maggie blue o'hara
Where do you live? : vancouver, b.c canada

Comments : hello i am a dedicated lightworker, lover of life... i plan on travelling to austrailia and new zealand, asia etc..this fall and winter could you please suggest any healing centres, good meditation centres, dance communities and like minded kin to get in t

Where do you live? : BRASIL, BRASÍLIA, DF SQN 216 BLOCO 'H' APTO 107 - CEP: 70.875.080 - PHONE : 55 61 347 81 07

Name : Viktoria Gentileschi
Where do you live? : north island,newzealand
Comments : Hello,im a friend of Xenethar,and the grateful recipient of solar ring dialogues and very appreciative,talk to me when u can,namaste,VG.

Where do you live? : SAN JOSE, CALIF.
Comments : I was so glad I ran into your sight and I don't know how I did it, but I like what your writing especially about abundance .

Comments : Great web page, you have! Forbidden Knowledge revealed to Seekers of truth concerning: Holy Sex, Sacred Geometry, Angels, the Essenes, paranormal ufology, conspiracies, Hidden Torah codes, Enoch, Holy Secrets, Yahweh Elohim, Yahshua, Gematria, Anti-Chris

Name : Gelajimah
Where do you live? : US
Comments : I have read thousands of articles in the past few years, but yours is the most honest, straight-forward, easy to understand, cut through the crap articles I have read yet. Thank you for sharing and providing this wonderful information to all of us Starsee

Name: (Nansi) Ann Forte`
Where do you live? : Deer Park Vic. 3023
Comments : Thanks heaps !!!

Name : Owen
Where do you live? : uk
Comments : Nothing I`ve previously read (on related topics) made much sense or logic to me which I used to find both strange and frustrating. Many thanks for your words I sense a divinty in them,and thanks to the cosmic forces that led me to this site.

Where do you live? : NELSON BAY
Comments : If ZAKAIRAN'S teachings were read by every single person on this planet then the world would be a much wiser, kinder and better place.

Name : Brenda Hauglum
Where do you live? : Hilton Head, Sc
Comments : Hiya MR. KEVIN CRUMP!!! Well, that was your birth name correct? I used to go to your high school in Colorado. Remember Lutheran? Anyway, glad that you found your way in life and that you are happy. I wish you many success. Brenda

Name : Beth Poppell (Pover)
Where do you live? : Bloomington, IL
Comments : Hey there. I don't know if you remember me at all. I was in the class of 1981 with you. Cool website. Let me know if you remember me. I had red hair if that doesn't clue you in!

Name : Ken Tyson
Where do you live? : Prescott, AZ USA
Comments : Thanks for your gifts

Name : Gae Anandamah Peterson.
Where do you live? : Lancefield Vic.
Comments : Love your website, and am very interested in learning more. Gae.xx

Name : Martyn Lindsay
Where do you live? : Glen Waverley, Vic. 3150
Comments : I was guided to your site and found beautiful writings. Thankyou for sharing. Peace to All. Hugs all round to all who read this. Namaste.

Name : Marcela Fillol
Where do you live? : Argentina
Comments : You are great! Thank you!

Name : Mary & Roberta
Where do you live? : Melbourne
Comments : Hi, Please keep us updated with all the latest. Mary Karas received a phone call from Gilbert at your request, Mary is uncertain of what is next? Looking foward to hearing from you, regards your planetary transition mates. M&R

Name : Marcela Fillol
Where do you live? : Argentina
Comments : Your words express the most profound things that I have always believed in, but never before found anyone who thought the way I do, in spite of belonging to Church Universal and Triunphant where you can find some of the highest souls... and yet... the con

Name : Gae Anandamah Peterson.
Comments : Love your website, and am very interested in learning more. Gae.xx

Name : Martyn Lindsay
Where do you live? : Glen Waverley, Vic. 3150
Comments : I was guided to your site and found beautiful writings. Thankyou for sharing. Peace to All. Hugs all round to all who read this. Namaste.

Name : ADAM
Where do you live? : ST.ALBANS/VIC.

Name : gilbert chaillet
Where do you live? : Noble Park Victoria
Comments : Hello Zakairan, At last I bought a computer.Every thing is fine.Thank you so much for all your assistance and help.I am so grateful.Please send me your goodies when you can.It is always a great joy to read your articles.All my love and blessings to you al

Name : amitesh prabhu
Where do you live? : mumbai-india
Comments : its wonderful to know about one more ascended being and pray that i learn from him more on the subjects of lightwork ascension and healing

Name : Darren J Steele
Where do you live? : Melbourne
Comments : What do you say to one that know's so much? Much love to you Zakairan. Due to stuck spirits and lower energies (thought of as just "ghosts" a couple of days ago) in an old house I've just moved into with the timing of being by myself for the first time in

Name : Michael Padmaom Sanandana Kumara
Comments : bitchin dude! remember choir practice on fridays and PRACTICE! or mahakala will come and get you .........failing that , i will tickle you until you say uncle , or dissolve into a pool of poo ......

Name : dave oshana
Where do you live? : london
Comments : I am the master. I am enlightened. at least enough to have found your great site

Name : Zolanda
Where do you live? : Vancouver Island, British Columbia-Canada
Comments : Hello ZaKaiRan - thankyou. I would like to order your two books on ascension. I have known since a child that this was the course of my life...so far not as joyous a journey as I would prefer it to be. I appreciate that your site provides such extensive i

Name : bahrul ulum
Where do you live? : indonesia
Comments : i am very interesting with this program bicause i have famaly that needed to help. how cant i do following this program and how too registrasion?

Where do you live? : SINGAPORE
Comments : Greetings, Your webpage is beautiful. I have always felt that I do not belong on this planet, but couldn't put my finger on the reason. In 1999, i read a book by Bob Frisell, amongst other things mentioning sacred geometry, alien visitation, which then s

Name : Carolyn DeAngelis
Where do you live? : Uniontown, Ohio
Comments : Thanks for putting yourself out there for all who can benefit!

Name : jacintha
Where do you live? : bali
Comments : I don't know what to say. I am at your feet with gratitude for this wonderful website. All that I asked was answered. Thank you.

Name : Ron Watkins, R.N.
Where do you live? : Philadelphia
Comments : Truly a site worth bookmarking, I printed every article. Resonates with a truth that I wish I could have put into words.

Name: danny doxton
Where do you live?: gardena california
Comments: thanks for the joy of finding your site. You managed to bust my awareness in such a pleasant way. Speed me up Scotty! Heaven is Here ..hope the money disapear.

Thérèse Lépine - Montréal, Canada
Comments : Very very good site