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Water and Food Lovergization
Article By ZaKaiRan

Prill Beads

(Precious Prills)

Prill water is a super hydrator!
It facilitates the transfer of nutrients into cells and toxins out of the cells.

Helps rid the body of heavy metals, toxins and dead protein

Reduces the pH of water

Helps deliver magnesium to the cellular level and induces the level of DHEA and other hormones!

Prill Beads, are magnesium oxide beads infused with Life-Force, which creates "thin water", also known as "Dew". Dew is about half the thickness of common water, (viscosity is reduced by over 40%), which your body is more able to assimilate, thusly hydratng your cells more easily and efficiently.

Prill water is transformed into single molecules of water and the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms are more closely bound together, which causes intracellular hydration, meaning, it hydrates the cells and you do not have to drink as much water to maintain hydration.

One pouch of Prill Beads lasts a lifetime!!!


Precious Prill Beads

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Prill Water

Prill water is transformed into single molecules of water and the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms are more closely bound together. It causes intracellular hydration meaning it hydrates the cells and you do not have to drink as much water to maintain hydration. Prill water is a super hydrator, it facilitates the transfer of nutrients into cells and toxins out of the cells.

Prills have a natural affinity to anything unnatural. This is why they help rid the body of heavy metals, toxins and dead protein. This occurs because the Prills, make thinner water. The viscosity is reduced by over 40%. The Prills also reduce the pH of the water

Prill water helps deliver magnesium to the cellular level and induces the level of DHEA and other hormones. Our bodies are generally so dramatically deficient in magnesium that every bit of magnesium made available to the cells is delivered to address any deficiencies in the body and then any surplus is used to induce the production of DHEA. Any surplus DHEA that may be generated is stored by the body and made available to deal with any stress that may come into our lives.

Twilight products deliver Magnesium through the skin directly to the cellular level. The intestinal and renal systems are bypassed. There are NO contraindications.

Precious Prills are magnesium oxide infused with Life Force. Originally created to clean up nuclear waste, they are from a new technology that allows us to make very fine "vital water" from virtually any source. This water measurably hydrates the body, and has a favorable oxidation reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body)

Precious Prills do not dissolve in the water, but seem to last forever. They contribute no minerals. When Prill Water, which is much like dew, replaces the energy of common water, the new liquid is technically just water, however, these molecules are smaller and do not occupy as much space as other energies. Therefore, this water is far easier for living cells to absorb, and is a much better moisturizer. It works with magnesium to help the body heal itself. Pets, plants and people really love it.

The light energy emitting from the prills and the prill water has been seen as a blue color, for those who can see this, it also travels - it has been seen spreading across the floor and up walls and ceilings, making a blue web-like structure, connected with blue dots. Some of you will recognize this as "fourth seal" energy: LOVE.

As with other Twilight products, this technology has successfully infused objects with the love/life force that quantum physicists have talked about for years. This force and emotions are measurable with special meters, and can be seen in special photographs of water that has been prayed over, cursed, exposed to emotional situations and the like. These results can be viewed in the book: THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Water Crystal from a lake blessed by Buddhist Monk in Meditation


After rinsing in plain water, simply place the net containing the Precious Prills into a GLASS container and fill it with water. Allow it to stand 24 hours before the first use. Pour off three quarters of the water and refill the container with more water. There will be another three quarters ready to use in an hour. This can be done every hour, so large quantities of vitalized Prill Water can be made throughout the day.

Even if a regular city water source is used, this water will be as vital as the best glacial bottled water. A single package of Precious Prills can save the average family about $1,000 a year when compared to purchasing bottled water. If your water has either chlorine or fluorine in it, leave the lid off the jar so these chemicals can escape. Since they are heavier than air, they tend to sit on top of the jar. You may need to stir the water some and blow or fan it off the top. Some people just prefer to use water that has already had these chemicals filtered out.

Prill Water can be stored in plastic containers, but it may eventually corrode plastic and metal.

Prill Water can be used anywhere and anyway that common water is used. Use it for all your cooking. Drink lots of it. Some people notice a thirst for a day or so until enough of the body's water is replaced with this vital, thinner water. It also balances the pH of water to make it more useful for the body.

Placed in a HUMIDIFIER, Prill Water can create a very healthy environment. It repels black mold. It seems to get rid of odors and creosote that can hang in the air from wood burning stoves. A person with any kind of lung or sinus problems may find it helpful to breath in the prill water from the humidifier. You can use it to clean your fruits and vegetables. Carrots, peeled and soaked in Prill Water are enhanced in flavor and make very tasty carrot juice.

Put some in a SPRAY BOTTLE and you could find a hundred uses for it!

1. In the KITCHEN: spray the bottom of fry pan and/or the top of the food cooking to give added moisture when desired. Spray-wash fruits, veggies and your hands. Spray the counter and/or the dishrag before wiping it clean.

2. Spray Prill Water in the air to freshen and purify.

3. In the BATHROOM: Use to spray and wipe counters and sink. Spray hands to clean. Spray in your mouth and on your tooth brush. Spray on your face to wash it. You can also place a bag of Precious Prills in the toilet tank to help clean up the septic or sewer, but be aware that over a long time it may be corrosive to any plastic or metal housing there.

4. In the CAR: Always handy for washing hands before and after snacks. It's great for cleaning baby's bottom for diaper changes.

Prill Water cannot be contaminated. It cleans up contamination. It keeps on working no matter where it is. As we use it, we begin to clean up the water of the world, one person; one septic tank; one sewer system; one lake and river at a time.


PRECIOUS PRILLS are receivers of the physical force of Love. Precious Prills both accumulate the ambient Love of the world and receive this force from designed and enhanced sources. Life began with water and if it is to be restored, good water must surely be the place to begin.

Placing common water in contact with Precious Prills causes a remarkable thinning of that water. The resultant liquid is known in nature as "Dew". Dew is about half the thickness of common water. Skin drinks it where it repels common water and this can be the moist internal skin of the digestive track or the somewhat dryer skin found on the outside of the body.

Living cells that are properly filled have excellent dynamics, while cells that are under inflated or perhaps even worse, over inflated are extremely vulnerable both to absorption of toxic energies and to attack from predators.

Proper liquid stasis tracks directly to cellular longevity and cellular longevity tracks directly to longevity itself.

The water made when you place Precious Prills in contact with common water is far from perfect. It is a wonderful moisturizing liquid and considering that most of the pain in our bodies can easily be tracked to a shortage of moisture, generally called "dehydration" this liquid has the power to reduce pain and thus to reduce the stress cause by it. Precious Prill Water is also supportive of the formation of beneficial compounds that support good "young" chemistry. This liquid doesn't support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi, thus it can be said to be antiseptic.

Even though the alteration of physical characteristic of water by Precious Prills does seem to render this liquid far cleaner that it parent "common water", Precious Prills were never designed to be a water purification device, the world is full of very adequate water purification devices.

Precious Prill Water is made by placing the package of Prills in a glass contain and filling it with about four liters of common water. Obviously the better the quality of the beginning water the better will be the quality of the result. After an initial period of 24 hours three liters can be removed for use and the container refilled. This can be done every hour from this point on. Precious Prill Water should not be made in containers other than glass, ceramic is glass. After it is made it can be stored in good plastic without any ill effects.

Precious Prill water is Dew and Dew is the liquid that plants and people use to produce the more complex materials of life. The cellulose of plants changes common water into dew and this is liquid found in fruits and seeds. It is also the appropriate moisturizer for all living cells and the precursor to the formation of Magic Water.

RESTORING THE DEW OF OUR PLANET IS WITHOUT DOUBT, RESTORING ITS FUTURE. When you make and use Precious Prill Water, you become one of the only active environmentalists on the planet and you doing simply by enjoying life a bit more. Precious Prills, the Twilight Laundry Appliance and now the Shower Converter are all powerful environmentally restorative tools.

1. Precious Prills are used to make and excellent moisturizing water, many times directly from tap supplies. Some waters may require pre-treatment.

2. You can make up to three quarts or three litres an hour from you Prill Water Factory, which is simply a glass or ceramic jar that will hold four quarts or four litres, with one package of Precious Prills.

3. Precious Prills were designed to make water wetter and thus a better moisturising liquid. Even though the effect does have a remarkable cleansing effect on water, Precious Prills were never intended to be a method of cleaning water.

4. When you receive your Precious Prills, simple place them in a clean glass or ceramic jar and fill to four quarts or four litres with your choice of water. The Precious Prills do not require washing and the fine white dust improves their action and is totally safe to ingest.

5. There are many different grades of Precious Prills. The ones sold for the purpose of making drinking water are designed to produce water with a great taste. The version of Precious Prills used in the Laundry Appliance and the Shower Converter produce water that exceeds the comfort zone of taste buds and although this liquid is still quite suitable to drink, it may not taste the way you think water should.

Greetings beloveds,

I believe that these products are truly miraculous. The Prill beads are truly amazing at restructuring/blessing water, even un-filtered chlorinated water, And the other products, whose primary ingredient is magnesium, are also totally amazing. The more I read about magnesium, the more I am convinced that we need massive amounts of it in our bodies. But they must be put directly on the skin, in order to not overload the kidneys, by taking magnesium internally.

I’m sure by now, that you have been made familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, and his crystal pictures of blessed water. Water is alive, and changes it’s molecular structure, depending on how we treat it. Water can be blessed, which re-programs it to it’s natural divine state, which in turn blesses our body, by passing this divine energy/program, on to us at a cellular level.

Water is our most important element, especially since our planet is 75% water, and we something like, 94%, or are at birth and we can use water to heal ourselves.

Many of us buy filters and bottled water to avoid drinking tap water, which is full of chemicals. This can become very expensive over the years. By using Precious Prills, we can transform tap water back to living, vital water very inexpensively, and apparently, Prill Beads last forever, so they are a worth while investment.

The Magic Water, Magic Oil and Bath Crystals are particularly useful in reversing cellular degeneration, with many applications as a healing tool.

Within these pages are not only information from the founder Jim Carter about Twilight Products, but also numerous testimonials from people who have used them. When I read these testimonials, I wanted to use these products immediately. I use the Dollop of Love every day, and I can feel how it tones my skin and my muscles really soak it up. It is helping immensely with any aches and pains I may be experiencing during my daily processes of ascension.

Infinite blessings!




The Waters Of Life

It is admitted that living cells, whether simple or complex are principally constructed of water.

For the sake of this work, I am going to take an extreme position: I'm going to say that "life is water based, rather than carbon based". I am also going to say that "everything except the appropriate phases of water are extraneous or contaminates". Going on with my extreme position, I will say that "the key to successful life is purification of the WATER OF IT, and that this is best accomplished by replacing contaminated water and poorly formed water, with its appropriate counter part". The quest for long and healthy life is the quest for the knowledge of water.

The idea of understanding the best potential of life and the correct way of living, by studying the healthiest of the species, has obviously failed to deliver the answers to the question assumed in the statement "the mystery of life".

That producing such forms of water is "correct action" is shown both by the fact that living cells drink them up in preference to other liquids and that these substances enhance the vitality of the life receiving them, whether they be man, plant or animal. These forms of water are the active vehicles of my quest. The quest itself is to render living cells in their most dynamic form, with the hope that such cells are the appropriate conduits for the mysterious energy that animates and supports life.

The obvious shortfalls of science in dealing with the multiplicity of negative issues, facing mankind may find resolution in a new "water based" technology, especially if it allows for dynamic handling of this third energy. The fact that all energy handling is dramatized by "little balls bumping into little balls" and that living cells are little balls, may present real hope for the resolution for environmental issues, food shortages as well as the mysterious event called: Destructive Aging."

We all, now know the importance of a high level of charge in rechargeable batteries, and since all life as we know it seems to function by the same galvanic laws, the laws of "little balls bumping into little balls"; perhaps being well charged is the secret to a longer, more enjoyable, and more productive life.

This is the quest and this is the beginning of what will be an evolving discussion of unique potentials.



Presenting: Twilight Products
(Founder: Jim Carter)

Book Synopsis by Russ Michael

HOLY WATER, SACRED OIL-The Fountain of Youth, by C. Norman Sealy, M.D., Ph.D.

This may be one of the most important books you have ever read, especially in terms of keeping or restoring your body to perfect health and ETERNAL YOUTH. From page one you will be astounded and thrilled as you read about the "magic stone" given to modern-day "Ponce De Leon," Jim Carter, known widely as Mr. Wizard.

Jim escaped what Don Miguel Ruiz calls human domestication or being dumped down by conventional study or education, by never reading one book! Instead Jim simply intuited his way through formal school education until he graduated from high school. After graduation, he decided to read one of the Britannica Encyclopedias, and was so drawn by this compilation of worldwide knowledge that he read them all - every single issue of these books published from 1875, finding facts which society had lost in memory. He also studied mining and was able to extract gold with techniques that no one else knew. This earned Jim enough to sponsor years of research: trying to find out HOW and WHY the ancient artefact 'magic stone' gifted to him by a dear friend could purify water and have such a dynamic effect on plants and

In time, he broke some of the stone into little pieces and sent them off to labs around the country. All of them confirmed that the stone was a man-made artefact at least 5,000 years old. Its constitution was a complete duplication of the unique stone, the Casing stone, of the Great Pyramid, which was different stone to the rest of the pyramid.

Later in his research he found the pyramid base, as well as his magic stone, was definitely a genuine solid-state machine manufactured over 5,000 years ago!! Jim used water made from the magic stone to grow tomatoes with an astounding shelf life and perfect nutritional life of six months. They could be frozen with no damage-among many other things!!

Jim set out on his search to find out where the stone came from and tracked it back to a
Federal Judge with the last name of Kearns.

In time, Jim finally tracked it further back to a man named Waltrip. He learned that Waltrip was the railroad engineer who built the tunnel through the mountain for the railroad. By US law, when railroads encountered any natural or man-made tunnels, they are required to seal them immediately, once clear of those tunnels. And so when Waltrip retired, he and his friend Kearns went back and he unsealed the hidden, ancient man-made tunnel and the two of them went on an exciting treasure hunt. Their hunt proved to be an astonishing $UCCE$$!! They found not only a huge supply . of silver and gold, but also carried out some of these strange stones amid the huge treasure cache. Both men soon showed signs of immense wealth, buying Cadillac’s and whatever else they wanted, for they could always go back to their secret bank and get more of the booty. However, their bank literally "went under". They discovered to their dismay on one trip that the entire tunnel was flooded!!

The two men pursued their quest for fortune by teaming up with two other scientific or technical-type partners. The four of them used the solid-state technology in the old stone artefacts to build a water purification plant that would supply a city the size of Detroit all the fresh, pure water it needed!! They also learned how to use ordinary water as a fuel!! On top of this, they built a plant producing four times the amount of energy extracted from coal. And it did not have any adverse environmental impact or pollution, AND THE MAGIC TOUCHSTONE OF ALL THESE AMAZING PRODUCTIONS WAS THE "MAGIC STONES".

They were also able to extract gold and platinum from a Sacramento River plant. Proof of patent number applications is given for the reader in this book, page 43. The story and intrigue is fascinating beyond words. Jim Carter not only found out how and why the magic stone worked, he discovered it in a natural state all around the world, including an entire mountain of it in Colorado. And always in hot pursuit of what could be done with the magic stone and the "altered water" produced from it, Jim isolated the magic water into three different stages or states.

1. THIN water that feeds the cells of all living things.

2. THICK water that helps to build cartilage
and bones, etc. of any living thing...and

3. The 3rd product is a WAX form of the magic water--which is not yet available for purchase and use.

Jim chose a spot near Boulder City, Nevada, where he built a circular "STAR CHAMBER" ring, comprised of well over 250,000 pounds of this unique solid-state material, with a sunken water tub and a dome overhead. He found that an old hipbone injury giving him pain stopped when he placed some of this magic stone on it. This led to his invention of the "Crystal Sleeper." Jim found sleeping on this fine bed of crushed magic stone, distributed equally - 8 pounds to 50 pounds per sleeper mattress - brought not only the deepest sleep ever, but 3-D dreams in vivid colour, which he could remember entirely hours after awakening!!

Over time, Jim created the Prill beads, which create thin water for cells and soft tissue of the body, and gave packets by the thousands to people to try. The feedback about positive health changes, almost overnight in some instances, led Jim to create further products like the Magic Oil, which builds cartilage and bones, etc.. His Laundry bag is a canvas pouch full of the magic stone and can do your laundry without soap, detergent, or softener; with day after day usage - FOR A LIFETIME!!

On another front, "Mr. Wizard" fulfilled the prediction made by RAMTHA over a year ago, stating that not only was MAGNESIUM vital to our health, but that a “wizard" would soon be inventing a way for magnesium to be delivered to the body in massive amounts. Over 70 percent of people worldwide are greatly deficient in magnesium. The DOL (Dollop of Love) created by Jim delivers more absorbed MAGNESIUM in a $35 supply, then 5 years of DAILY use of regular vitamin or mineral tablets!! Is this beneficial? More than you know or can imagine!

In addition, Jim proves that MASSIVE DOSES of MAGNESIUM can bring back the lost DHEA production to a prime level again in weeks and this is the literal FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, as far as human life longevity is concerned. Jim states now instead of living to
75 we can easily double that age to a healthy 150 or more by using the TWILIGHT products he has invented for our pleasurable and inexpensive daily use!!

This is where Dr. C. Norman Shealy, the author of the book and who is certainly a very well-known, respected key Doctor in the alternative health field today, comes into the picture. He states after being introduced to Jim Carter's TWILIGHT products and a few nights of sleeping on the Crystal Sleeper and soaking in the Star Chamber tub, he knew the products were all that Jim Carter claimed, AND MORE!! He soon began to prescribe the use of these products to thousands of his worst and best patients and saw and heard first hand how most of them had been transformed and rejuvenated. It was miraculous. So Norman then teamed up with Jim to help research and develop the now existing line of TWILIGHT products available to anyone today.

Global Light Network is already stocking and making these sensational AGE REVERSING products available to folks worldwide and at, TWILIGHT member price!! Like me, you may be pleased to know that Dr. Shealy covers a great deal of research on magic waters and magic oils of the ancient, and now modern, world in this book. He also speaks about the vital importance of greater intake of water, quoting research data obtained by Dr Batmanghelidj, and reported in his book, Your Body's Many Cries For Water.

Water can take nine unique crystal formations and the Crystal Cupcake, Prill beads and LAUNDRY bag all produce a different, beneficial water for human, animal or plant consumption!! Each has a unique purpose and does a special "job". There are pages and pages of personal testimonials of users of TWILIGHT products in this book. One dear lady who was dying with hosts of dire maladies (aging, obesity, looking over 70 when in her 50s, and always in awful pain) transformed back to a slim, zestful young lady now looking far younger than her 50 + years!! Miraculous!!

This book may well be YOUR door into the exiting new world of ETERNAL YOUTH!! Bless the author_ Bless Jim Carter. Bless you. We are One. - Russ Michael

Book Extracts

The following are extracts from Dr. Shealy's book, HOLY WATER, SACRED OIL, The Fountain of Youth. In the "MIRACLE" extract below Dr. Shealy first describes the utter wrecked health that Rochelle, aged 50 faced.

THE ROCHELLE STORY (page 134) "Rochelle ... went into menopausal symptoms, she felt as if a fire was raging in her, and she felt she would explode from the heat. She began having panic attacks as if she would shake apart. Interestingly, she had no other medical care other than chiropractic for the previous 25 years."

Luckily, she met Jim Carter through an acquaintance in the summer of 1997. Rochelle began using the Magic Oil and Prill water and used the STAR CHAMBER.

Almost a year later, Rochelle is 60 pounds lighter and her health and body is truly very greatly TRANSFORMED!!

She developed pains from head to toe and MIGRAINES so severe that she felt her head would explode. She developed diarrhea and vomiting that lasted over the next 14 months. She would have diarrhea 8 to 12 times a day and vomiting at least every morning. Her head felt heavy, especially around the neck and head and shoulders. She walked hunched over, had multiple spasms throughout her body and charley horses. Even if she took a deep breath she would go into spasms.

She ground her teeth together because of pain. Her teeth got out of line and she kept biting her tongue and cheek, but because her husband was getting more and more ill, she did not visit a dentist. She was totally deenergized, at times not able to get out of bed. Having weighed about 150 pounds prior to the event at the bank (where a bank robber terrorized her by holding a 12 inch knife to her throat), she rapidly gained 40 pounds and then stopped weighing herself.

She does not know exactly where she wound up. She felt paranoid. Many people said she was hysterical and out of control. There was no position in which she could lie comfortably. She had great insomnia and some tremendous nightmares. She began to lose hair. She was puffy and had black bags under her eyes. She says she looked as if she was 12 months pregnant. She had no ability to concentrate. Her toenails began to split and her fingernails became thick and ugly. Her feet were cracked and hard. She had black and brown spots all over her skin, and her skin was sagging and leathery.

She looked 70 to 80 years old. She lost her job working as a chiropractic assistant.
From page 133 - DR. SHEALY

"On my first visit to Jim Carter and the STAR CHAMBER in the fall of 1998, I met Rochelle. She was born May 22, 1948 and, at age 50, looked considerably younger than her stated age! When she showed me photographs of herself taken nine months earlier, it was difficult to believe that it was the same person! Her story is perhaps one of the most interesting in the 48 years since I entered medical school."
After getting the full TWIGHLIGHT products treatment, here is what ROCHELLE herself has to say...(page 162)

"I am 50 years old and I look, feel, act and have clinical evidence that shows me to be a very wise "15 year old" with legs and skin to die for." WOW!! Is this a "miraculous" story and an amazing transformation or not?? Isn't our human body magnificent? All we have to do is to provide our body with the "tools" it needs and it can "repair" and totally rejuvenate and reinvigorate itself .. in almost no time!!!! Do not underestimate the power of mass MAGNESIUM dosage and the "delivery system"(of the THIN and THICK) Twilight Prill water and Magic oil.


In Dec. 1999, a 49 year old female entered my office suffering from severe neck pain and muscular spasm due to a recent whiplash. After examination and x-ray, I sprayed her neck with the Magic Oil and the pain was
resolved within one minute.
Between appointments, the patient used the Magic Oil each time he felt pain or stiffness. The irritation resolved each time.

"A professional bowler was unable to fully flex the ring finger of his right-hand. He had injured it 10 years ago and had not been able to fully bend it since that time. After spraying his finger with Magic Oil several times in one afternoon, he was able to fully flex and straighten his finger.

She had developed large growths on her paws and had lost much of her fur and much of her hair. I spent 3 weeks in Nevada during which time Perdi slept on a Crystal Sleeping Bag. By the time I went home she had regenerated new fur, the growth on her paws had disappeared, and she was running around like a pup ....

"A 45 year old female patient was given the Magic Oil to use in a bath. After six baths, she has lost 8 pounds and her cellulite was completely gone." (page 148)
D.A. "My skin has gotten wrinkled over the years and I had terrible problems with bruising. By soaking in the Magic Oil, my whole body smoothed out, became younger, and I no longer get the ugly bruises." (page 150)
S.C. "After having lost 10 pounds, the Magic Oil has helped my skin feel soft and toned. It also detoxed my body. I feel radiant!" (p.150)
C.H. "The Magic Oil is wonderful. I am finally able to move without stiffness immediately after soaking and at last I can relax without pain. The Magic Water has also helped with the fibromyalgia pain I've had for years. It also removed pain from sunburn and other injuries." (page 150)
"My vet told me that "Perdi" would never survive past her fifth birthday, She was in her fourth year, and suffering from some sort of weird disease that the vet could not identify. (page 158)
She just turned 10, so we've doubled the vet's expectation for life. (page 158)

J.P. "My son, Mike, has had psoriasis since before he was a year old, and he is now 40. He bathed in water with Magic Oil added and in just one bath his psoriasis disappeared. I didn't understand at the time just why his skin cleared onial on the "teleclass" and I realized it was the Magic Oil. If you could have seen Ruth like I have, her body covered with psoriasis, you would better understand why Magic Oil was such a miracle worker for her. I think Magic Oil is going to be very good for most skin conditions." (page 176)
"My husband has diabetes. His sugar levels have gone down from 270 to 160. The ulcer on his leg has healed, the first time in 30 years. A large open wound on the bottom of his foot has healed. It was open for a year. It healed after about four weeks. The texture of his skin on his legs has improved, it was thin and scaly. Now it's thicker and much smoother. He has lost weight. He has gone down three pant sizes. He also has a great deal more energy."

(Author's note: A local newspaper also carried an article about this family including a huge carrot grown in seeds soaked in Magic Water. (page 184)

Book Extracts - KRYON 2000, PASSING THE MARKER, Book VIII

...You are going to see more cures arise in these next 12 years than you have ever seen in Human history from "water".

When we were talking about live essences medicines, we can now tell you that we were talking about water. Water is teeming with interdimensional life. The very atmosphere has interdimensional life in it - life forms that live on the planet in the air and in water, that are interdimensional and which you cannot see.

Here's what is happening. Certain kinds of treatments of water, both natural and by using magnetism, chemistry and atomic structure, affects the interdimensional life within it. This therefore changes the very attributes of the life within it. When ingested into the interdimensional Human Being, these attributes of life in water then interact with the water in your body.

By addressing water magnetically, you are actually changing the life within it. This then changes the reactions within your body to the water. You actually touch the interdimensionality of a certain kind of life that lives in the water. Understand this interdimensional life is not like your life. Just like the dirt of the earth, it's there to help balance humanity when the Human gives it recognition! It's so that water will become a healing attribute on the planet. There is interdimensional life in water, which shakes hands with the interdimensional cellular life of your DNA. It will actually change some of the imprints, some of the instruction sets, and some of the ways in which your biology works. I'm talking again about the clock inside you.

Since your body is made mostly of water, the treated water then commingles with the very fluid of life, passing a live-essence healing into the biology at the cellular level.

(Taken from pages 276-279)

Magnesium - The Optimal Way

As I have worked with Jim Carter in the last weeks I have developed a better idea of an optimum, cost-effective way to maximize our magnesium intake. To kind of start at the beginning ... in the book Holy Water, Sacred Oil Dr. Shealy makes many references to people using 4, 8 or even 12 oz. of Magic Oil in a bath and getting amazing results. What is confusing to anyone who has read the book, and is aware of the present Twilight products, is that Twilight now lists a product that is also called Magic Oil. But the Twilight Magic Oil that comes in about a 4 oz. spray bottle has as much magnesium in it as 4.7 gallons of the product Dr. Shealy refers to as Magic Oil or Yinergy Oil.

The explanation that Jim Carter gave me is that the cost of shipping one gallon of Magic Oil was so high that the Post Office was making more profit than Jim Carter or Dr. Shealy. Thus, when Jim Carter formulated the
products for Twilight, the one gallon bottle of Magic Oil was replaced by the bag of Bath Crystals. The bag contains as much magnesium as the one gallon bottle of Magic Oil and yet is much lighter and thus much less expensive to ship. The bag has about 3.5 to 4 cups of crystals and Jim recommends that we use about 1/4 cup in a bath. Thus, a bag will last for about 14 uses depending on how large the flacks are. At the member price of $40 per bag, that is about $2.85 per treatment.

If someone is serious about getting their magnesium level and thus their DHEA level elevated, I recommend that they do as I have and buy a case of 12 bags of Bath Crystals. Then, the cost per bag is $25 and the cost per treatment is just a little over $1.75. Now that is value!!! (If you want to kick it up to the next level, Jim Carter has very recently confirmed that adding 1 teaspoon of the Magic Oil to your bath is equivalent to adding 3/4 cups more of the bath crystals. (Now this is the Fast Track to Age Reversal.) I explained to Jim that I had been steering away from the Bath Crystals because I was concerned that much of the magnesium would just go down the bath drain. Jim assured me that most of us are so seriously magnesium deficient that within 5 minutes, we will have soaked up every bit of magnesium in the bath. He said that if we could see the process that goes on, it would seem like our body was a huge magnet and the magnesium was iron filings.

Once I realized how cost effective it is to use the Bath Crystals, I asked Jim why he even bothered to formulate the Dollop of Love. His response was that he discovered that there were a significant number of people whose life situation or preferences did not permit the time necessary to soak in a bath and they preferred to shower. Thus they have the option of rubbing the Dollop all over their body and in about 10 to 15 minutes they will have soaked up all of the magnesium in the Dollop. Then they can just jump in the shower, wash it off and go about their busy lives. When you consider that you will get about 7 treatments from a bag of the Dollop, at the member price of $35 each treatment will cost about $5. Even if you buy a case and thus get a price of $20 per bag, the cost per treatment is about $3. This is considerably more expensive per treatment than the Bath Crystals but at least people who will only take a shower have a way to get the benefits of large doses of magnesium presented directly through the skin into their cells.

With this background and insight provided by Jim Carter, following is the regimen that I have worked out for myself. Sometimes in the evening but more often in the morning, I spray Magic Oil into my hair and rub it in well. Then I put two gallons of Prill water or use the Laundry Bag in my tub and start fitting up my tub with hot water. While the tub is filling I add 114 cup of the Bath Crystals and 1 teaspoon of the Magic Oil. then I start spreading the Dollop on my face, on my neck and in my hair. In part, I do this because my face and neck are not going to be submerged in the water and in part because it just feels good on my face. I feel very strongly that the combination of the Magic Oil and the Dollop in my hair is what is causing my hair to start coming back to its natural light brown color. I have a way to go with my gray hair but the results are certainly becoming more noticeable.
Update: My barber of 25 years has noticed and commented that my hair color is coming back. Furthermore, my thin, straight hair has much more body.

I soak in this bath about 20 minutes and then jump into the shower to wash the Dollop and the Magic Oil out of my hair. This whole process takes about 40 minutes, but the time investment seems well worth it. In addition to reversing the aging process, I am also finding that my low back pains are almost gone as are the muscle spasms in my center back.

This regimen will not work for everyone, but if their life style and budget will permit, this is a Fast Track way to really get their magnesium levels up in a hurry. Jim Carter says that as soon as you are taking in more magnesium than you are losing, you have stopped the aging process and have started getting younger. If you continue the process, whether you go fast or slow, eventually you will all arrive at the same point as others who are staying with the program and that is looking and feeling like we are about age 23 again. Just go at a pace that works within your time and budget restrains. The bonus for us is that as we start Youthing, we are going to find that the aches and pains and conditions that came with aging will start fading with the wrinkles.... Well, I just wanted to share these new insights with you and the membership. I will continue searching for the best advice I can give people who call in asking for suggestions and guidance. There is no question that these products work but many of our members are living on a limited budget and it is important for us to guide them towards the most economical way to start getting the benefits of the Twilight products and REVERSING AGING. - DAVID DARTEZ

MAGNESIUM & DHEA - David Dartez

I have some questions. My friends mentioned that too much DHEA and Magnesium is not good for women. I want to know if Prill beads produce too much DHEA and Magnesium or what. How many glasses should we drink daily? Limited?

The warnings that you are hearing about DHEA and magnesium are relative to oral supplementation of DHEA and magnesium. Those warnings are probably very valid and should be heeded. Too much oral magnesium will cause massive diarrhea and will probably eventually damage the kidneys. I have definitely heard that men with prostate problems should not take supplemental DHEA at all and I think I have heard of warnings about women taking too much DH EA.

However, the Twilight products deliver magnesium through the skin directly to the cellular level and the intestinal and kidney systems are bypassed. There are no contraindications. Jim Carter has worked with these products for almost ten years and has worked with thousands of volunteers over that time. After years or research together with the clinical findings of Dr. Shealy, Jim was convinced that there is no way that anyone can harm themselves with these products. Only then were the Twilight products introduced to the world and made available on a worldwide basis.

Our bodies are generally so dramatically deficient in magnesium that every bit of magnesium made available to the cells is delivered to address any deficiencies in the body and then any surplus is used to induce the production of DHEA. Any surplus DHEA that may be generated is stored by the body and made available to deal with any stress that may come into our lives_ Dr. Shealy refers to DHEA as the master hormone and as DHEA is produced, the body is then induced to begin the production of all of the other hormones.

When we are able to again achieve the DHEA levels that we had 10, 15 or 20 years ago, we will begin to look and feel like we did 10, 15 or 20 years. Indeed, I would say that is true Age Reversal. It is not legal to say that anything gets cured in the process but, certainly, many people notice that symptoms that crept in over the last 10, 15 or 20 years begin to diminish or even go away.

Addressing your question about Prill beads and more specifically Prill water, although Prill beads have a fairly high content of magnesium, the Prill water itself has only a trivial level of magnesium. Therefore it is not a primary source of magnesium and not a source of DHEA. Because Prill water is a super-hydrator of the cells, a small number of people might experience a bit of a detoxifying reaction after drinking Prill water if too much is consumed initially. This reaction is rare; if you experience it simply start slowly and increase your intake gradually.

The more common experience is that people initially cannot get enough Prill water and are led to drinking very large quantities of the Prill water. However, over time and as people achieve stasis, their desire and consumption of Prill water levels off. Many people find after a while that they are consuming less water because they are getting full benefit of the water they are drinking. As with the magnesium delivery products, there is no way that you can hurt yourself. although you might experience a little unpleasantness from a detox or rejuvenation reaction. If this occurs, you can simply back off a little until your system can catch up with the processes.
I hope this adequately addresses some of your concerns. - DAVID DARTEZ

The Energy Of Twilight Products

This story and information comes to us with permission on Ron and Kay Lacey, Twilight members from Quenemo, Kansas.

Kay Lacey is a very gifted woman with the ability to see energy. For years, Kay has been checking the auric fields (energy fields) given off by the nutritional supplements to determine the life force available. As Kay checks the auric fields, Ron measures the light seen from the object until that light begins to diffuse.

In all of Kay's observations of energy, over 99% of all nutritional supplements or anything with an aura, when ingested, never made any difference in the human aura of the consumer. That is, until the day their box of Twilight products arrived. For those using these products Kay noticed an increase in the human aura that was five to six times greater after using the Twilight products.

As they opened their box of Twilight products, Kay observed and Ron measured the auric field of each product as it was taken from the box. I'm sure you will find these figures most interesting:
1. DOL: Dollop of Love 42" 5. Snow Crystals 20"
2. Sea Snow 30" 6. Golden Seal & St.John's Wort 16"
3. Magic Water & Magic Oil 26” 7. Crystal Cupcake 9'8"
4. Bath Crystals 25"

Next they made some Prill Water and Magic Water as directed. Kay noticed the light from the Prill Water (usually seen as blue) began to travel until it eventually filled the whole house. The Magic Water had the same effect.

She hugged the jar of Prill Water and saw the aura disappear_ It had entered her body. Jim Carter has told us these products know where to go, and they will find you. Kay noticed that the auric field returned around the Prill Water jar in about 15 minutes.

The most exciting thing reported by Kay and Ron is how the Twilight products affect the human aura. They gave half a glass of Prill Water to a very sick grandchild whose aura was only seen to be about three inches out from her body. Almost instantly after drinking the Prill Water, the child's aura measured 30 inches! Kay Lacey's own aura, which could usually be measured to around 18 inches, also went to 30 inches after drinking a glass of Prill Water. With at least two jars of Prill Water and one of Magic Water in their house, Kay sees energy from them 15 feet above the house and 75 feet into the yard. Rainwater draining off the
house had a 17" aura!.

YES! These products do affect our bodies, energy and our WORLD!



Ron Lyons gives us a report on some of the things JIM CARTER mentioned at his Sunday talk at the Tacoma, Washington Twilight members meeting_ Jim Carter reported that all seats were filled and a jammed "standing room only" crowd of over 500 people attended.

"Magnesium chloride and Sea Salt is all that Nature creates from"
"Cupcake is even better than Prill water because it does much more - it penetrates and cleanses the cell membrane".
"Prill replaces the electricity in the molecule H20"
"Prill water is antiseptic - it will kill yeast and herpes infection where Colloidal silver won't" "Cholesterol is inverse to DHEA"
"You don't have to keep the net on the Precious Prills"
"Calcification is ABSENCE OF MAGNESIUM
"Calcification of the brain = Alzheimer's"
"Calcification of the pancreas = Diabetes"
"Calcification of the bones = Arthritis"

(NOTE: We want to EMPHASIZE that the Body "cures" itself - not colloidal silver, or any Twilight products_ Give the body WHAT IT NEEDS and the body always "cures" itself. Do not make any cure claims for products!!!!) - Russ Michael, GLN

Teleconference with Jim Carter, San Francisco, February 5, 2002

One of my clients complained after using the D.O.L. that her skin was dry, and she had to smear a bunch of lotion all over her. Is it drying?

Jim: She may not know the difference between dryness and tightness. As we age, we grow accustomed to having our skin sag more rather than tighten, so it may be registering in her brain as dryness. No, you are actually moisturizing the skin. You don't really even need to put creams on. What they're usually doing is just filling in the cracks so it feels smooth, anyway.

Q: I noticed the book says something about people with kidney problems. If I've had some kidney problems, should I avoid taking the products?

Jim: If you had kidney failure, you wouldn't be talking on the phone and therefore you should not use these products. Well, actually, they worked extremely well even in people with severe kidney conditions. What happens, the kidneys will strip out the excess magnesium in the bloodstream, because too much magnesium in the blood serum will cause the heart to malfunction. So if the kidneys didn't take care of that balancing, you could have heart problems from it. It has never happened and even with people who come in with complete renal failure - kidneys completely shut down - and have been given a bath with the bath crystals, have responded to it just dynamically and very positively. I don't think you could hurt yourself with it. It is helpful for every condition known to man except acute alcoholism which seems to respond very well to magnesium on a cellular level. You really can't supplement magnesium any other way. In other words, if you take oral supplements, they will do no good at all because your kidneys will always be removing the magnesium faster that it can get into the cellular structure.

Q: Is it possible to split a bag of Prill and make two batches of water of two quarts each, one with regular water and one with really polluted water to do an experiment?
Jim: Of course you can do that. We have used those Prills to clean the water from nuclear power plants and the result was a reduction of stuff in the water to parts per trillion; not even parts per billion - I mean virtually nothing!

Q: That's nuclear residue, right?
Jim: Well, the water that's used in nuclear power plants which is highly radioactive and full of all kinds of contaminated things. They were originally designed for that purpose - that's what I made them for.

Q: So if we split a bag in two, we could put it in two different containers?
Jim: Yeah, you could do that. Personally, I wouldn't bother. It's only been done 5,000 times! Chlorine, for instance, will sometimes come out of the water and float on top; it's heavier than air, and sometimes people will say they taste chlorine in the water when actually what they are doing is tasting the gas that's trying to leave the water. So my position with anyone who is extremely skeptical is let them age another ten years and then talk to them again!

Q: I'm 74 yrs old and have had atrial fibrillation for about 20 years. I am using medication that is controlling that. I also just had a stroke. I don't like having to use medication.

Jim: Sounds to me like you are having anxiety attacks. You may be worrying too much. Try taking a bath with the bath crystals at night. Concerning the medication, the important thing is, if you are regenerating faster that you are degenerating, you'll be able to survive the medication all right. It won't really do a lot of harm and I wouldn't even worry about it. I'd just go ahead and take it.

Q: Some of the medication bothers my eyes because it creates deposits there.

Jim: Spray them with Prill water. They just need hydrating. Most of those medications will dehydrate you, so put some Prill water in a little spray bottle and spray your eyes whenever they are dry. Magic Water would work just as well. Put a drop of the Goldenseal in it and in a little while you will get to where you won't have to do it but just occasionally, or maybe not at all. Our Goldenseal extract has 14 things in it that you don't find in any other Goldenseal extract. It is very complete. I can't tell you what the 14 things do because I don't know what Goldenseal does, except it prevents all manner of infections and staph and strep and stuff like that, so I would just treat the symptoms and enjoy life as much as possible - that's what we all should be doing anyway.

Q: When you take a trip, how do you turn regular water into Prill water?

Jim: Take a bottle of the Prill water with you and just add a little bit, like an ounce to a quart of bottled water and you should be fine. It has a lot more power in it that what we've told everybody to this point. Even putting 3 or 4 ounces in a bath would have a good effect on the whole bath, instantaneously. You are not turning the larger water into Prill water; you will just smooth it all out, making it good for drinking (or bathing) from a moisturization standpoint.

Natural Calm was recommended as the one supplement of powdered magnesium that you can take. I haven t been taking it since l started these products because l didn't want to OD on magnesium - and I've had trouble sleeping a couple of times and a lot of muscle aches.

Jim: You really can't OD on it. You wouldn't get enough magnesium into your cells by taking it orally anyway., I don't think an oral magnesium supplement is viable at all. I think that is why we are all magnesium deficient. Magnesium in the blood serum is critical to the function of the heart. If you put too much into the digestive tract, the kidneys will simply strip it out. If they didn't you would have all kinds of problems. You may just behaving some kind of discomfort in the beginning from doing the baths because your cells are coming back to life.

Q: How do you feel about vitamin supplements?

Jim: Well, they're like food. I enjoy eating - it sedates my appetite. But I haven't taken an oral vitamin in 2.5 yrs. A lot of things you can assimilate through the digestive tract, magnesium is just one that you can't get that way. Silica is another essential mineral that you can't get through the digestive system.
Q: May I ask if you are a vegetarian or a raw-fooder by any chance?
Jim: I eat to sedate my appetite. I eat whatever I want to whenever I want to. I did the vegetarian thing; I've done all of those things and they were just a lot of work; and I never really felt any better. I love raw carrots; soak them in your Prill water and you'll make twice as much juice out of the same amount of carrots.

Q: Have you had any trouble with the American Medical Association?

Jim: You know, I really don't care. This world doesn't have enough time to follow our bureaucracies much further anyway. We really need to solve our problems right now.

Q: 1 have a 5-year-old daughter. How often do you recommend giving children a bath in the products?

Jim: Every day. No problem with babies either. No problem with pregnant women. Put her in a tub with the bath crystals two or three times before she delivers and the delivery will be much easier and will restore the flexibility to all that tissue that is going to have to do some remarkable things, and she just won't have the discomfort. Add Y% teaspoonful to the baby's bath and the baby will probably sleep through the night on the first or second night and probably be just real happy from then on. Put a little of it in the bath every time you get her in there and you will find that they are just so much happier.

Q: 1 just started a commercial anti-depressant, and would like to try the St. John's drops. Would they be incompatible?

Jim: Start off with the St John's drops slowly and see if they make you feel even better. We have found no counter indications to the drops and any medication that anybody's been on. Your anti-depressants are going into the bloodstream and the St. John's drops are going into your cellular structure; they don't really ever come in contact with each other.

Q. How much Prill water should we give an asthmatic child?

Jim: Don't worry about the water he's drinking. Spray the Magic Water into his face and have him breathe it in, or the Prill water if you don't have Magic Water. Moisturize the lungs and the asthma will go away. The problem with emphysema, asthma, those things, is just dry lungs; they get dry and the more you breathe, the drier they get. Moisten them a little bit and they will start functioning again. Spray it in his mouth and have him breathe in at the same time, or just spray it in his face while he's
breathing in.

Q: Some people are feeling tired or achy after starting the products. Is that normal?

Jim: It ranges from peacefulness, painlessness, almost euphoria, to a real need to rest. A common denominator in every healing modality that f know of is a need for rest. We are all sleep deprived. Our batteries are run down and after you get so exhausted you can't rest.
Q: How long does this tend to last
Jim: It depends on how deprived and how long the sleep deprivation has been going on. In most people if they would just take a week off and sleep when they felt like they should sleep, that would probably recharge the battery up to an acceptable level.

Q: / have a cataract surgery scheduled for the end of the month. Any advice?

Jim: Couple of drops of Goldenseal extract in about an ounce of Prill water. Spray it in your eyes as often as you can and the cataracts will melt. Cataracts are just hardening of the tissue of the lens of the eyes. Kind of like arthritis of the eyes.

Q: I have been spraying the Magic Oil on the projection of organs and internal scar tissue that / have wanted to heal. Is there an advantage to doing this right over the organs or is it just going into the skin and spreading around?

Jim: The Magic Oil is designed to be sprayed over specific areas like that. The tissue will absorb it long before it gets into your digestive tract. The point is if you have a specific area of concern, put it on two or three times a day. Just keep putting it on the area - load up the tissue.

Q: I have scar tissue from an operation this is not on top of my skin. It's puckered.

Jim: Take the Magic Oil - like a 4 oz Bottle - and put a drop of frankincense and myrrh essential oils in it and it will cause the scar tissue to reshape itself as it regenerates into nice round normal tissue again.

Q: Can you do that with deep internal scarring like where the ovaries were from a hysterectomy? Jim: Yes.

Q: Do these products help in menopause?

Jim: Menopause is purely an issue of magnesium deficiency. Norman Shealy treated menopause successfully for over fifteen years before the other doctors admitted that you girls had it, and he treated it with very slow, very dilute drops of magnesium chloride intravenously twice a week_ His patients didn't have menopause within a week or two. My wife had 7 yrs of the most remarkable menopause I think you could possibly imagine, and it just causes me to think of the difference between a wolf and a menopausal woman - You can deal with the wolf!. When Dr. Shealy was out here he tried to get Becky to go back to Missouri to do the intravenous thing and she wouldn't do it so he said to soak her feet in what is now called the bath crystals, and within a month all the symptoms were gone.

You can put a tablespoonful of the bath crystals into a pan of warm water and soak your feet if that is easier than putting them in the bathtub. I prefer the bathtub because you're getting it through all your skin. Do it every day for a while. Seems to take about a month to get enough magnesium into the system to have the whole chain of events that occur when you get magnesium back into the system. Amino acids forming, hormones switch on, all kinds of other things, it just goes on and on. But they all line up in the right order when you have enough magnesium into your system. You become very pleasant.

Twilight Testimonials

From: audreycraftdavisCa)juno.com To: russ.michael(awpn.at Date: 22 February 2002 20:19
Subject: Twilight #53 testimonials CUT FLOWERS... NOW GROWING, Meridians, etc, etc.

AUDREY CRAFT DAVIS WRITES: David, I have another testimonial since I sent those last ones. My husband and I had to go for our annual check-up this past Tuesday. Wow! Our doctor couldn't believe it. When we saw her (our doctor) previously just before Christmas, she told me that she and my spine doctor had given up on me---that I would have to learn to live with being in constant pain, being able to walk only a few steps at a time and not being able to stand more than three minutes and all that goes with unsuccessful, extremely painful spine surgery. I told her that I could not settle for that. She just shook her head and said, "I'm sorry." So I had to use a wheel chair to qet on and off the ship for our Christmas cruise.

We began using the Twilight products the day before Christmas_ Now back to our annual check-up of last week. After checking my blood pressure and pulse, weighing me and checking everything she could possibly check, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do you know that your blood pressure is perfect, and you have lost twelve pounds and I can't find anything wrong with you? I can't believe it. I know you have never been able to lose weight. You look like a youngster--what. is going on?"

I told her that I had not even tried to lose weight and furthermore I had not been hungry. I feel like I am about thirty and have no pain. I sleep like a baby and life is the best it has been since I was very young. I never want to slump, I can feel strength coming back into my body. I feel like a normal human being for the first time in many years. I continued to tell her it was because of the incredible Twilight products I had been using every day. She checked my husband very carefully and announced that she could not find anything wrong with him, either.

Of course I had to take her some material and loaned her my book, "HOLY WATER, SACRED OILS, the Fountain of Youth."
Love & Light, Audrey *** ( AudreyCraftdvis(c~juno.com )
P.S. Yes, David, you may use my testimonials. My whole reason for living is to help others. I hope this will get some precious ones off the fence

Incredible HOT TUB RESULTS-using Laundry Bags & Prill beads From: SCOTT BILLS [scottbills@worldnet.att.net] Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 7:59 AM r To: David Dartez

DAVID WRITES: Outstanding report.. .Scott. Lots of people will benefit from this one. Thanks!!! May we use it for the email list and the website? Can we use your name and your email address so that people can contact you...some may want to sign up with you and we would encourage that. Blessings David

From: SCOTT BILLS [mailtoacottbills@worldnet.att.net] Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 7:52 PM To: DAVID DARTEZ - Subject: Hot tub results

Hi Dave. After much testing and trial and error I have some info on my hot tub results ...This is what I have found so far. After my first two weeks I was having a couple problems, so I drained my water and started fresh... My water is now a full two weeks old _..I have not added chemical of any kind... I am using a Laundry bag and two Prill bags... My water is sparkling clear... My ph and alkaline test right on the money... The pool and spa people in my area told me I might want to do a chlorine check on occasion for bacteria... For now I'm just playing a kind of wait and see game... My results so far are way exciting... I use my spa nightly for about thirty minutes ...On weekends my wife and daughter join me usually Friday night and Saturday_ With this amount of use, I'm still sparkling clear, no haze or cloudiness at this point... My friend Shauna is doing the same with hers...It gets less usage... She uses hers, on average, three nights a week for forty minutes to an hour ...Her water has been chemical free for over three weeks now, using a Laundry Bag and one Prill bag... Both of us can report clear water and the ph and alkaline tests are holding right where they should be... I have had my hot tub for four years now and I'm very fussy about my water. I've been through a lot of trial and error working out problems and always wanted a chemical free hot tub...Well seems to me I've found it! I'm very excited and my skin is really responding to the difference... My wife reports soft skin on her legs and feet and t have to agree they are really nice to touch. If any one would like to discuss this, my email is open to questions... I would love to hear any comments, or any advice on how to test, maintain, or whatever on water maintenance...

Also I have to tell you my sister in law is having improvement in her ringing ear problem. And her mother, who just three days ago received her Prill beads and Bath Crystals and Magic Oil, felt so good, after two days she was tap dancing in her kitchen, before going to work, and she is 78... Also my wife had a nasty sinus infection coming on, and drank lots of Prill water for two days, and it knocked it dead! Last night she felt great and slept well. The night before, she was going to get a doctor appointment because she was so miserable ...So much more to tell, so many little things, but I'll leave it at this, for now... Scott scottbill@worldnet.att.net
From: ui powers [mailto:desertginger@hotmail.com] Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 2:47 AM Subject: THE POND EXPERIMENT

MARILYN WRITES: Dear David, I told you about the extremely polluted pond here that was so bad it was just green slime_ You couldn't even see one inch below the surface. The water was so terrible, that it didn't even look like water. It was almost a solid green and thick, almost like you could walk on it. You wouldn't dare put your hand in it The Pond is located across the street from the county sewage plant and at the other end are the gasoline storage tanks. Until about 4-5 years ago this pond-was very clear, and it is a wildlife refuge. I heard that is was in the newspaper a couple of years ago that they found hundreds of birds and ducks dead about the pond. No wonder. Also there was botulism in the pond. I don't think a body of water could be any worse that this sad Pond. The county must be wondering what is happening to the Pond ... I am so excited that these amazing solutions are available to us.

This pond is called a wildlife refuge, but nothing lives there anymore. The pond is about one mile across and 2 miles long. Just as an experiment I decided to pour some Prill water in it when I went over to that side of the island (which has only been 4 times in 2 1/2 months). Since I go over there so rarely and only less than a gallon each time, I really didn't expect much would happen. The first time, where I put the water in, bubbles came to the surface. The second time I could see into the water about three inches down, and this time each bubble that came up formed two circles about two feet out from the bubble. The third time the water in one area was actually clear out about 30 feet and in the muck on the bottom were many sets of two circles and grey slime all along the edges.

I went over yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes! The water as far as I could see was crystal clear and there were fish swimming around and the birds were back. I had only put in a total of about 2 gallons of Prill Water. It is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in helping the environment, and it was so easy and didn't cost the county or me anything.
If Prill Water can clean up radical pollution, just think of how much good it is doing in our bodies?

I thank God and all the people who have worked so diligently to make these incredible products available. I am so excited that these amazing solutions are available to us.
Thank you. Sincerely, Marilyn Powers

Remember, folks. This is a "two mile or so" LARGE pond-that got completely "restored" or REJUVENATED...within a few months, from two gallons of Prill water ADDED to it!!!! Hopefully a local news reporter will "catch wind" of this and "write THE TWILIGHT STORY (smile). If so, Marylin, we all want a copy!!


"Dear B., If you don't care how your water tastes, you can make Prill water in plastic or anything you want! During the process of making Prill water, the Prill beads will draw out of the plastic and will eventually deteriorate the plastic. If instead, you make the Prill water in a glass container, and THEN pour it into plastic, after it is made, the water will taste very good and NOT have a foul taste and smell! Your choice. David

From: "Russ MICHAEL" <russ.michael(kvpn.at>


I have two interesting things to report to you about Prill water. I have been taking Prill water almost a month now, drinking as much as I like which is at least 52 oz. a day usually more. One of the first things I noticed is the change in my'appetite: I no longer having a desire to overeat or binge eat. Has anyone else reported having that kind of effect? And the other thing which is pretty good I think is that my blood pressure has considerably lowered. Like the top number went down 30 points and the bottom number down 15 points. Its still high, but quite possibly as I continue to drink Prill water it could normalize. Worth a try (I don't like being a slave to the pharmaceutical companies so I had resisted going to be put on blood pressure medication. Stupid I know, but it was my choice.) Also, I put some Prill water in a spray bottle and mist my face occasionally throughout the day. From the first week I noticed an increase in skin tone. I haven't been able to afford any other products yet, but am intending to try my first product next week when I get paid. I'm excited. Appreciating you, Jane

LESLIE BEHRMANN WRITES: Of course you may post my testimonial on your website! I have even more to tell you regarding the Magic Oil and Bath Crystals. I fell on the stairs one night after doing too much work, entertaining and enjoying life! I rubbed in the Magic Oil and then took a bath with the Bath Crystals and some Magic Oil. I was relieved immediately of a bad pain in my lower back and around my waist! I had to do this for several days; however, I am so grateful that I was able to continue my life "as usual." I can feel the freedom from pain anytime I use the Magic Oil, and when I drink the Prill water! Our dog and cat are much friskier and I use the Prill water for our AM coffee and my husband benefits - he would not admit it though LOL! Many thanks to you, all of you! I purchased the book much later in my progress and am glad I did.

DAVID DARTEZ WRITES: (veggies and simple sugars converted) Subject: Re: Prill Beads

David, You are a gem. I called Billy and he will be calling you. For being such a dear, I'm going to send you another testimonial and you have my permission to use it if you like. I have found that if you will spray all fresh vegetables and fruits with Prill water, they will last three times longer. My procedure: When I return from the market I dump them into a container of Prill water and wash them thoroughly. I do not dry them. Instead I wrap each variety in paper towels and then place them in a plastic bag. I give them another spray of Prill water while in the bag. The main work is done when you are ready to use them. If I cut a vegetable or fruit and don't use it all, I spray that cut end with Prill water and it doesn't dry out. I had a special problem with lettuce as we eat a lot of salads. I have bought all kind of special containers and even a machine to seal the air out of the package trying to preserve the lettuce but I always ended up having to discard about three fourths of it. No more! I, now wash it in Prill water, and while wet I wrap it in paper towels and put it into a plastic bag. I use it down to the last leaf. No more waste.

My husband and I have both noted since using Twilight products, a very much-reduced appetite, yet food tastes even better. Our weight automatically moved to normal without any effort. My doctor was flabbergasted because she had seen me stay that (pleasingly plump) in spite of starving myself and her help to lose weight. One other thing: We used to purchase a lot of products for indigestion. We have not had to do that since becoming Twilight users.

I'd like to add something else. I keep a spray bottle of Prill water on my kitchen counter and spray a little Prill water on things like "leftovers." They will taste fresh cooked and especially cottage cheese. I usually couldn't keep cottage cheese more than 4 days. Now, each time I dip some out I give it a spray of Prill water. I can now keep it two weeks as fresh as when I purchased it!

I do this with anything that I have left over and it keeps it fresh three times longer. No more waste! Love & Light to you, David. Audrey

Audrey: Thank you sooo much!!! I knew the Prill could help with vegetables and fruits but I didn't have a strategy for actually doing it. You have answered that. Now, I can pass a little Jewel from Jim Carter back to you and the email list.... Jim has told me that the Prill water has the ability to convert simple sugars back to the complex sugars that they derived from. How to use this information??? As an example, if you got a can of cheap frozen orange juice, and made it with Prill water, the juice will taste like it was made from oranges picked ripe off the tree this morning. If you juice fruits or vegetables, marinate them in Prill water first and the juice will also taste like fresh picked fruits or vegetables. Thus the ability of Prill to super-hydrate foods, as well as people, together with the ability to re-constitute simple sugars into complex sugars leads to wonderful enhancements of eating experiences!!! David

MELODEE WRITES: Dear Russ, I want to share my experience with my cat who will be 17 years old in June and has arthritis. She has always been a frisky cat until 6 mos. months ago when the ligaments in her left paw separated when she jumped off the sofa. This is when I discovered she had arthritis. Since then she continued to the point where she slept all day and night, only moving to go to her box.

On Jan 14th I began giving her Prill water and I cannot believe the difference in her now. She sleeps less than I ever remember her sleeping (at least in years). She's frisky again, playing with her toys, and with me, her coat has smoothed back out and she even limps less! Amazing!

I have repetitive strain injury in my left wrist and all I have to do is spray Magic Oil (diluted 50% with Phil water) on it and within literally seconds the pain is GONE! ,

Please share my distributor information with anyone you wish. These are great products.

The Star Chamber Experience

by Jim Carter

The subject of this document is physical restoration, by means of subtraction or addition of phases of water, and essential elements.

The Star Chamber is a room that contains three devices. Its construction and design are and have been the apex of my hobby for the last five or so years. My hobby is "the quest for youth and the restoration of the character of youth."

It is called a star chamber because of a starscape affect that gives the user the feeling that he or she is floating in a starry night sky or better said "floating in space."

The first such system was brought into use on February 20, 1998 and has provided experiences to hundreds of people since this time, the most notable of which is Dr. C. Norman Shealy. Because of the three effects that were involved, it became also known as two naps and a bath that reversed the aging process.

The experience goes like this: A person rests on a bed made of a particular "black crystal". The time is established by the kinetic response of the individual. The second part of this experience is the bath. Again the question is kinetically posed and for the desired period of time, a person soaks in truly unique water and "floats in space". Finally the third aspect is another nap. This time on a bed made of a remarkable laminar crystal that can be found in melting snow from very high elevations.

The results vary, but generally the person receiving the experience shows measurable physical changes that dynamically exceed any other beneficial experience on earth.

As you wander, or perhaps wonder through my document you will encounter some unique concepts and phraseologies. These are simply my way of attempting to explain, what I believe to be a lost science. Please bear with me. If it looks like I live in the twilight zone, this was probably how the information looked regarding the theory of fire some time back.

The Mystery of Life

One thing should be clear to anyone questing for the return or maintenance of youth is that, "man does not live by bread alone." In our daily activities we use a massive amount of energy, far more than can be accounted for from our food or drink. Accounting for this differential has historically been done with the statement "the mystery of life." This is not the theological mystery that is perhaps impossible to answer, it is simply accounting for the source of the energy required to allow us to live.

Even if we accept that the human body is electrically driven, or perhaps especially if we take this stand; the potential of our food, if it were totally consumed, which obviously isn't the case, can only be shown to produce about seven percent of the electrical energy needed to run a human for a day. The mystery that has been with mankind forever is where does the balance come from?

Since this is my document and since I am not trying to prove anything, I am simply going to state that "there is an additional source". I will further state that "the fact that this shortfall exists is not a mystery except to those who profit from mysteries". Now, I will try to paint you my word picture that in an elementary way, explains my position.

Since the beginning, which we will just say "was a long time ago" man has known that there was an energy that animated and sustained him. He loosely and in many different words has recognized and presented this truth. "Life Force" is just one of the more recent phrases, but there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of such names, for this mysterious energy.

Again I will state that although the Life Force may be the breath of God, I am not seeking to explain the Creator, simply to define a single aspect, somewhat like food is "of the Creator". All that is, is obviously part of God.

Our little biosphere rotates around the Sun and on its axis. From the Sun we get an energy, and we call this "light". Contrary to consensus, I will state that "light is a distinct energy". It never becomes heat or electricity. It is always light. From the rotation of the planet we get electricity. Electricity is another distinct energy. It comes in many different mixtures of speed and volume, commonly called, voltage and amperage. Depending upon the character of the mixture of these two aspects, we have effects: .Magnetism, gravity, heat or cold, and probably many more phenomena that we have yet to discover or name. Electricity is still recognized as a vague science.

This is a three dimensional world and in order to have a three dimensional physical reality, there must be three distinct energies at work. My next statement will be a huge over simplification, but I will simply say that "the third energy is spatial". The rotation of our planet, having a slight wobble, generates a vortex and sucks in the "matter of space". This matter is as real as the light of the Sun. It has specific characteristics. It is heavier than air and lighter than earth or water. It is pulled in by a vortex effect at the South Pole, flows on the surface of the earth or water and exits as an opposite vortex and the North Pole.

This energy is not unknown to science, in electrical engineering we call it "earth ground potential". As the name would imply that we know of it, we simply have yet to figure out how to use it to generate force, or "foot pounds of pressure, or horsepower, so it is only a potential. It is this third, distinct energy, that I believe to be responsible for the animation of life. The accumulation of this energy is the essence of my quest. The alterations that occur in various forms of matter, when they are placed in enhanced fields of this energy, fields that dynamically exceed the ambient of the earth normal, is my proof that it exists. The effects of these altered forms of matter, principally water, have on people, animals and plants, is my proof that this energy is the previously unknown aspect of nature that accounts for and explains, at least to some degree, the mystery.


Phase Formed Water

We all accept that a molecule of water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and that these little atomic balls are held together in this molecule by electrical bonds or charges.

In order to make any sense of what I am going to offer next, the preconceived notion that "water comes in only one form" will have to be replaced by an open mind. In the first place, there are many known and scientifically reported forms of water, "many waters" if you like. Science tells us that "common water" is the best solvent for all manner of things, including energies. Science also tells us that "the absorption or addition of other substances changes the character of water. In fact the entire subject of "chemistry" can be defined as, "the study of the affects of substances on the character or water". The truly phenomenal thing is that there is not, nor has there ever been a valid scientific understanding of the subject of water itself. The substances are the trees and water is the forest, and since we commonly cannot see the forest for the trees, here we are.

Briefly, and since this work is not about what everyone else already knows: The surface tension, or the effect of the weight of the atmosphere on water, is altered by surfactants, which are materials that when added to water appear to make it thinner. The two best examples are arsenic and aluminum based soaps. Water containing these substances are actually "forms of water." There are some 300,000 known "forms of water" that are made by the addition of various mixtures of carbon, sulfur, etc, called hydrocarbons. There are tens of thousands of inorganic waters, waters that don't contain carbon, and a multitude of waters that are or can be formed by supersaturating water with electricity in one of its forms or another. A good example is the affect produced by a single pole of a magnet. This work is about what happens when the electricity of the water molecule is replaced by a non-electric energy.

When water is placed in contact with the energy that I use, some truly remarkable changes take place. I see this as the result of replacing, by natural preference, the electricity that is either part of the bonding or absorbed in the atomic structure, with the unique third energy. First the water becomes thinner, about half the thickness of its precursor. With continued contact, it then begins to thicken. As the field affect is increased the thickening continues, resulting in an "oil like" liquid, then a wax and eventually a waxy dry laminar, crystal. All of these forms are produced by the impact of this spatial flow in nature.

It is this affect that accounts for the crystals that are seen in melting snow at high elevation, and the brown that everyone assumes to be dirt in snow water from lower elevations. The passing of this energy over seawater produces the oil-like water, and its impact on fresh water, gives a continual thinning affect_ Last but not least, its impact on water vapor, or the water in the air, over "dry land" produces both the phenomenon of dew and a very fine white powder that is too fine to see This white powder coats the entire dry land surface, and provides the conduit for the flow of energy that is loosely called "Life Force."

These phases of water are the keys to the technology, and appear to be totally unique to my work, even though they are likely the most common substances on earth, these substances appear to be the primal aspect of life.

The Waters Of Life

It is admitted that living cells, whether simple or complex are principally constructed of water.

For the sake of this work, I am going to take an extreme position: I'm going to say that "life is water based, rather than carbon based". I am also going to say that "everything except the appropriate phases of water are extraneous or contaminates". Going on with my extreme position, I will say that "the key to successful life is purification of the WATER OF IT, and that this is best accomplished by replacing contaminated water and poorly formed water, with its appropriate counter part". The quest for long and healthy life is the quest for the knowledge of water.

The idea of understanding the best potential of life and the correct way of living, by studying the healthiest of the species, has obviously failed to deliver the answers to the question assumed in the statement "the mystery of life".

That producing such forms of water is "correct action" is shown both by the fact that living cells drink them up in preference to other liquids and that these substances enhance the vitality of the life receiving them, whether they be man, plant or animal. These forms of water are the active vehicles of my quest. The quest itself is to render living cells in their most dynamic form, with the hope that such cells are the appropriate conduits for the mysterious energy that animates and supports life.

The obvious shortfalls of science in dealing with the multiplicity of negative issues, facing mankind may find resolution in a new "water based" technology, especially if it allows for dynamic handling of this third energy. The fact that all energy handling is dramatized by "little balls bumping into little balls" and that living cells are little balls, may present real hope for the resolution for environmental issues, food shortages as well as the mysterious event called: Destructive Aging."

We all, now know the importance of a high level of charge in rechargeable batteries, and since all life as we know it seems to function by the same galvanic laws, the laws of "little balls bumping into little balls"; perhaps being well charged is the secret to a longer, more enjoyable, and more productive life.

This is the quest and this is the beginning of what will be an evolving discussion of unique potentials.

Details Of The Experience

Returning to the Star Chamber event; like I said, "this is two naps and a bath", that are designed to .restore the character of youth. Youth is a subjective term that I take to represent the time of your life when you were physically your best. You were strong. You were vital. You were full of life. At least this is the way it was for me and I assume it was so for most everyone else. How could two naps and a bath return you to this character?

Perhaps it is best to begin by telling you the intent of the aspects of this system: The theory, although impossible according to known science, is still very valid according to the same science. Life is generally accepted as a "complex association of simple units or cells"... each cell having its own life and the combination of cells producing the life form. If every cell is in proper working order, then there is no particular reason not to expect the cumulative being to be in the same condition_ As I stated earlier in this work, the dynamics of handling energy, is dramatized by the example of "little dynamic balls, bumping into each other", the same effect appears to be true in the cells of a living system, and we call this "cellular communication. If this is in fact the case, if these cells respond to the same laws of
dynamics as other energy handling systems, then the key to restoring and maintaining the character of youth, lies in perfecting or re-perfecting the single cell to its best, most dynamic condition.

Since there is no real understanding of what is required to produce and maintain perfect cellular dynamics, it is perhaps time for innovation, which I will define as "simply making it up and trying it out". Wasn't everything simply made up in the beginning?

The first nap is designed to soften, absorbed positive electricity by resting in a massive negative electrical field. The little black crystals that I mentioned earlier are negative ion generators and when millions of these little natural generators are for the mattress of a bed, the negative field affect has a tremendous volume potential. This aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is an aspect of balance, where the other two aspects are far more exotic. Ponce de Leon probably would not have needed this negative ion affect, but considering the industrial revolution and the environmental changes brought on by it, particularly the electrical buildup, it seems that our modern Fountain of Youth, probably does.

The term "free radical" is defined by most authorities as "positively charged particles" and
the extreme of this view, is that "when these particles group up, their physical form changes, resulting in the formation of solids. Rather than going further with this line, I will just say that logic dictates that if this happens, then before there is a hope of removing these substances from a living system, the substances must be brought back into the liquids of the system. They must be, again made soluble in the liquids of the body and this seems to only be possible after they are balanced by an opposing force, an antioxidant, if you like. So a rest in a strong negative field is designed to soften these materials and put them into the water of the body.

The second aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is called the pool. The objective of a bath in the liquid of this pool, is loosely called "good water in - bad water out", at least by the person who has had the most experiences, some 390 events over more than two years. The liquid or water of this pool is phase formed "thin water" and as it is absorbed through the skin, the system expels an equal amount of common water, containing all manner of impurities, including positive electricity, as perspiration. In the time of the experience a person will absorb and expel some five to seven gallons of liquid, and the time of this exchange is roughly twenty minutes. Obviously, if such an exchange takes place, there are going to be huge physical ramifications, if on no other level than that of cellular moisturizing.

This is a cellular laundering effect made possible by the unique properties of the thin water that is generated when its bonding and occluded electricity is replaced by the third energy. This liquid replaces the water in the cells with a liquid that appears to perfectly fill cells to their most dynamic character, without bloating. This is not a surfacted or electrically altered water.

In addition to this restoration of "liquid stasis" and cleaning, we add an appropriate amount of magnesium in the form that would be generated by a young digestive system. It is accepted by most authorities that, as high as, 90 percent of the population, at least in the United States, are magnesium deficient and that magnesium is a necessary aspect of restoring the integrity of cell membrane. This translates into magnesium supplementation being a necessary aspect in any quest for youth. The liquid of the supplement is a thicker phase of water.
Obviously, you cannot achieve perfect liquid stasis in a ball that has a defective shell or a cell that has a weak membrane. This "thick liquid" addition is far more than simply, magnesium replacement, the liquid used also supplies phase formed water in the correct thickness to correspond to the thicker materials of this cellular scenario.

Now we have softened the free radicals that are found in cells and replace the common water of these cells with all its absorbed chemicals and energies, with a liquid that is not a good chelator. In other words "a very pure liquid" that is full of the energy that animates life.

The third aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is another nap. This time it is in a field of the unique third energy, itself. The bed that is used for this purpose is made of thousands of pounds of the laminar crystal that I mentioned earlier, as coming from snow at high elevations. This crystal is configured to concentrate this energy into the area that is used for the nap. The intent is to bring the living biological battery, the living system, of the subject having the experience, to its highest level of energy or said another way to full charge.

In recent times the use of rechargeable batteries has become far more common than the primary example of the battery used to start an automobile. The success of such batteries is well established as being dependant upon maintaining them in their fully charged state. This affect is also well established in the "galvanic law" of electrical engineering. Accepting that living systems are rechargeable batteries, we endeavor to return such a system to its most perfect potential with the energies of its design. Theoretically, returning such a battery to full charge and keeping it fully charged, would be all that was required in order to gain total restructuring of such a system to its best function. In people this is called "the character of youth".

Perhaps, to be a bit more clear: Perfecting an inflatable ball requires repairing the shell and then filling it with the appropriate amount of the inflating material that it was designed to hold. A basketball uses air and if under inflated has little resilience, while if over inflated, it is uncontrollable. Perfectly inflated, on the other hand, it has beautiful energy handling capability. The same thing happens with a living cell, the difference being in the substance of its construction and the material used to fill it.

Once the energy handling capabilities of the individual units has been corrected, such a system must be returned to its highest level of efficiency, i.e. full charge. In the case of the Star Chamber Experience, this obviously happens in stages requiring time for the various aspects of this restructuring or restoration to be assimilated by the subject. For reference in the work, we will call this "Vital Fluid".

The second is the thicker "phase formed" water with a magnesium addition. This liquid can be used as a bath addition, topically applied all over the body or as a foot or hand soak. Since our tests show that the use of this liquid increases cellular magnesium, the beneficial ramifications of this liquid are as vast as the negative ramifications of magnesium deficiency. We will call this "Vital Oil", because of its oil-like consistency.

Generally, remarkable physical alterations are seen after the first experience. Improved skin color and texture, removal of wrinkles, restored flexibility, measurable alterations in form - the loss of inches in the waist and hips and measurable reductions in the percentage of body fat, are just few of the changes that are commonly experienced. Even with a single experience, , these changes will continue to assimilate for months following, with many people stating that they are seeing a younger person in the mirror, or even more dramatic "that they don't know the younger person, that they are seeing".

Since living systems are capable of very rapid restructuring; an example we all know is the healing of wounds. It is possible to run three experiences over three consecutive days, and then expect the individual to continue seeing restoration for weeks or months with the proper support materials, at home.

The recovery from years of destructive aging is not spontaneous. It requires time and a little effort. Considering that only a few of the people who have had the Star Chamber Experience, lived conveniently close and since it was impossible to take the experience to them, we designed five substances for home use. The intent of these materials was to support and enhance the restoration that began with the experience.

The first is the thin water, a similar version of what is used in the pool, including appliances to generate this liquid for bathing, for drinking and for virtually every other application for which common water is used.

The third support substance, we will call "Vital Drops" and we will explain them and. their use as: A homeopathic cleaner for the Medulla Oblongata or the third brain. We will say that a few drops under the tongue have the potential of cleaning and restoring "this all important little organ" and that the reason for this is that "this organ is accepted as being the control for the involuntary systems of the body". Restoring function of this organ could be the most important thing that a person can accomplish. This organ plays much the same role as does the voltage regulator in rechargeable batteries and failure on this level, at least in rechargeable batteries is devastating. Vital drops are used a few drops at a time, either as a symptomatic or as a tonic.

The fourth substance is the marvelous white powder that I referred to earlier as coming from the impact of the third energy on water vapors. It is used as a topical cellular cleaner for the purpose of removing congestion in specific areas of the body. It is mixed with the Vital Fluid, applied to the area of concern and when totally dry, it is washed off carrying the contaminants that it absorbs. It was only a few years ago, that most discomfort was related to congestion or congestive conditions, this is an aid in such circumstances. We will call this "Vital Snow" because it is pure white and looks like pristine snow.

The fifth home aid is the fine powder that comes from melting snow and it is used as a coating for the skin to enhance access to the animating energy. This powder is mixed with Vital Fluid or Vital Oil and applied to the skin, ideally over as large a portion of the body as possible and on a regular, if not daily basis. We call this substance "Snow Crystals".

NOTE: The results of the Star Chamber Experience and the follow up substances has been remarkable restoration for everyone who has had the experience and used the follow up materials.

David Dartez <davdart (cusatx.iT.con>> Datum: 18 March 2002 01:04 Betreff: RE: Star Chamber experience

DAVID WRITES: I went to Boulder City without any particular expectations. I just had no idea what it was going to be like. By the time I arrived there, I was in pretty severe pain in my neck area, centre back, lower back and was having pains shooting down my legs from a pinched nerve in my hip area.

After the first soak on Saturday, Jim asked how my back felt and I reported, honestly, that I could not tell that there was any improvement. Even though it was a very pleasant experience, and I felt very relaxed afterward, I was not aware of any particular differences in my physical condition. Jim said that he would pull out the stops the next day and assured me that there would be improvements.

On Sunday afternoon Jim added a gallon of the Magic Oil to the pool and also added several bags of the Sea Snow. He may have added other things but that is all that I was aware of. I was in the Star Chamber for about two hours. I would soak for a while and then get up on the laminar crystal mattress then back into the pool and again on the crystal pad. I did three cycles in those two hours. When I came out of there that time I was definitely relaxed, in an altered state of consciousness and the pain was starting to ease in my back and neck.

About nine in the evening, I went back to the Star Chamber and did another three cycles over about a three-hour period until midnight. When I came out after that round of soaks, I was almost wiped out and my knees were wobbly. I'm not sure how I managed to get back to my hotel. I was not feeling any pain anywhere.

The feeling on Monday was almost euphoric and continued for probably ten days. There was almost no pain, my energy was incredibly high and I was going all engines with only four or five hours of sleep each night. After about three weeks now, the sensations are beginning to ease but the level of pain is still greatly reduced.

I think there is a new level of focus and clarity to what I perceive as my mission with GLN and with Twilight. I think, as Jim Carter predicted, that there has been a permanent consciousness shift that will enable me to participate in the Twilight missions that are so far beyond Age Reversal and making money. Twilight is much more about survival of Mother Earth and developing a consciousness among the Twilight members that will enable us to survive the major shifts that are coming. It might be a stretch for some to accept that underlying Mission of Twilight but that is the truth of the matter. I hope that I have adequately addressed your questions. Blessings David

Official GLN Company and MLE Distributor Prayer)...

To the Great I Am, I am pledged this day to carry forward the Plan of Light Descending Upon the Earth Planes. To the Master of ALL, the Creator of ALL within and beyond my human perception, I am Thy Servant. In the Name of Love, in the Pursuit of Oneness, I give my Self over to this Mission ---for Light and Love to Descend Unto the Human Planes of Existence - illuminating and cleansing for release that which must be purged before the return of the Christ in consciousness and form. I am a Member of Legion of Light. I AM a Lotus in Heart Center of ALL. I AM a fragrant petal of Living Light. I AM a servant, a teacher, a student. 1 dedicate myself this day to bringing Light and Love to ALL things - material or translucent, invisible, or not. I AM a Child of Light. I AM Love.

The Great Armies of God, the Great I AM are with me as l walk the way of humanity. The Light of God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit blesses me in each breath at each moment. The Angels of Light and Mercy follow me, protect me and hold me as l move in the Great Being of ALL. I am protected.

I see no evil - for it cannot exist in the I AM's radiant Light. I feel no error of purpose for I am anchored in the Will of the Great I AM. I sense no threat for there can be no detour to the Lighted Way of the One. I am housed in God's Great Heart. My abundance is beyond all things imaginable. My health is God's Health. My strength is God's Strength. My Love is God's Love. I AM resident in the /AM. I am that which has no name. 1 am that which has no home. I am that which walks the earth spreading Light and Joy and Laughter. I am God for God lives in and through me. My Heart is God's Heart. My Mind is God's Mind. I am directed in ALL things. I am at One with God's Will for Humanity, for Planet Earth, for This Universe in this place and in this time.


This Prayer was received telepathically by Sandra Byrd in January-2001
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