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Welcome to
Earth Ascension Times

Thank You for Coming

to Planet Earth!

We couldn't have done this Job without You!

And it would have been a lot less fun!

You are an Awesome Master
of Divine Creation!

Earth Angel, © Peter Fich Christiansen, available at Divine Light Images

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

I AM a Portal of Empowerment!
Enter Me!

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Tesla's Radiation Harmonizing Products

To harmonize the harmful affects of
Electromagnetic Frequencies & Radiation

from Electricity, Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Computers, Appliances, TVs, Powerlines…












You are an Awesome Master of Love & Light!      You are an Awesome Master of Creation!      You are Perfect just the way you are


Co-Create Heaven on Earth!         Co-Create Heaven on Earth!       Co-Create Heaven on Earth!      Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Thank You for Visiting

Earth Ascension Times

May you never be the same!

To Infinity and Beyond!


Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

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